Where There’s Smoke There’s Feces


Just merely pondering existence (albeit over two decades) has taught me to see the smoke indicative that there’s something wrong with this reality. Synchromysticism taught me that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And with any given situation or person showing the smoke, the fire is usually ten times worse than what you thought.

But it took a certain bloke by the moniker Celtic Rebel to teach me that the fire is only consuming a paper bag, yet a paper bag filled with a lot of shit and set ablaze on your doorstep just before the doorbell rang and just after you put on your brand new Bruno Magli’s. [Click on name above for link to Celtic Rebel’s blog]

Back in the late eighties, my roommate (a cult movie fan) told me he had acquired a film called “Pink Flamingos” by (then) underground director John Waters.

“Dude, it’s awesome… this transvestite eats dog shit!”

“No way.”

“Seriously. Immediately after the dog takes a dump, this guy named Divine comes along and starts eating it! It’s so gross!”

“Ugh. Who would do that? That is the peak of disgusting. Yuck! Why would you even want to watch that?”

“Do you want to watch it?”


This was my first introduction to fecalphilia (and transexuals, transvestites, transgenders, transhumans), one I hoped would stay confined to back alley porn shops and cult film catalogs. Sadly, it’s gone mainstream. With a little help from South Park and Family Guy, we’ve gone from Divine being the poo fetish poster child to the sweetly forlorn anime cutie at top, tempting you with her tootsie rolls. How the hell did this happen? A human rebel will show you how and why, because it’s being done with purpose and is integral to understanding this reality. I highly recommend you view his documentary “DON’T GO WEST”.

To all those you might read this and say, “Um, I doubt I need to see a documentary about poop. I think I would be aware of any fecalphilia or anal references and influences in my life”: Heh. Look again, it’s in a lot of what you’re buying for your children.

From where exactly is the bowl of little brown bits coming?

You see, the same anally-fixated shapers of your reality are also pederasts (that means child-rapers to be more specific than the kid friendly “pedophiles“).

Oh, that Barney! Get your own “Pebbles”! (tee hee!)



Humor seems to be my only defense mechanism when confronting such information about my reality. It’s that small bit of hope that someone just jokingly tossed a Baby Ruth into the community pool. Never the case though, once you bring the cleaning net out of the water………….dude! WTF?!

Allow me to provide a random, but related example:

Albert Einstein (cherished lovable scampy scientist):

The Smoke: Ashkenazi Jew (yeah, that’s smoke). Went from patent file clerk to founder of modern physics (huh?)

The Fire: Married first cousin. And may have plagiarized most, if not all, his “discoveries”.

The Feces: YouTube the video “Kay Griggs Interview”. She’s the former wife of a U.S. Army Special Forces Colonel. She will tell you how most all of the top brass of our nation’s military are homosexual, and held various secret parties in the 50’s to engage in such behavior. One attendee of these events was Albert, who liked to sodomize young men.

Was he a pederast? It doesn’t matter (warrant further investigation) because (1) He’s dead and (2) Hopefully I’ve demonstrated that you can stop the investigation when you reach fecal matter. Just know he’s intimately involved.

age of volcanoes fun fact: Gene Simmons’ real name is Chaim Witz. He later changed it to Eugene Klein, then Gene Simmons, when he came to America from Israel. His KISS makeup reflects a persona he is known by as “The Demon.” (OMG, but he is sooooooo sweet in person!)



Did I mention the fire is usually ten times worse? I haven’t even gone into the Celtic Rebel’s insights about the homosexual engineering to this mASS mind control, although I thought these picture stills from my (once) most favorite television show should give you a taste :

I can’t wait for Spock to get here.

Damn it, there’s that guy I hooked up with from the club last night. Wow, this is going to be awkward.

Wait…. one more picture to emphasize how this social engineering of reality didn’t start with the medium of popular culture, it’s actually already firmly established. They’re just bringing everyone else up to speed.

“The Apotheosis of Lincoln and Washington”

This is a real painting hanging in the U.S. Capitol Building (You gotta love the conehead “senso ring”). Now you understand why a U.S. Senator was busted trolling for action in the Minneapolis airport men’s room. “No, I’m not Gay! I just have a really wide stance! Really!”

Synchromystic homework assignment:

John Waters  directed a film in 1988 called Hairspray, which also starred Divine. In 2007, Hairspray was remade by director Adam Shankman (are you kidding me, that’s his real name?) and starred John Travolta in the role played by Divine.

Now, go watch any movie John Travolta has made. Start counting all the references to feces, butts, anal sex, homosexuality and cross dressing. When the tally gets past ten, stop the movie, destroy the DVD and go watch “DON’T GO WEST”.



~ by the living tiki on August 7, 2010.

5 Responses to “Where There’s Smoke There’s Feces”

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  2. This from a piece called “The Cereal Box Conspiracy Against the Developing Mind’ – Michelle Handelman & Monte Cazzana –

    “Cereal boxes are designed to hold young ones in thrall as they progress through the normal transitory stages of orality and anality. The symbol of consumption – the open mouth – is found on nearly every box. More subliminally , symbols of the act of excretion on such products as Cookie Crisps, Corn Pops, and the aptly named Cocoa Pebbles. Cookie Crisp gives us a lip0smacking bandit with a tongue sticking out of a stretching mouth, Cocoa Pebbles is even less subtle. Barney and Fred are placed on opposite sides of a large bowl containing the chocolate cocoa pebbles. The first perversion comes with the concept of Barney and Fred engaging in a menage-a-trois in oral consumption of Pebbles [ the name of Fred’s daughter]. The clincher is in the giant cereal bowl before them with a hole bored out in the center with the aid of Barney’s “drill”. From that sphincterish hole, large brown blobs are shitted out.”

    It describes a different designed box , I included it in SWEET HEART OF THE CORN at my blof Aferrismoon. Also a selection of perverse and vaguely demonic Cereal boxes


    • Aferrismoon – thanks for the quote! I really need to take the time to post thank you comments on other people’s blogs for the hard work they do in making my reality simpler. I read both your cereal post and the ZIONOIZ one. Both were excellent and appreciated! I could never figure out why Michelle Obama’s inauguration dress looked so boldly odd, but not in a fashion statement way until I read your blog. I was also able to catch your recent appearance on the Rebel Path. I can only humbly hope that I may someday provide information that will be greatly helpful to you. Until then, I recommend everybody else reading this to check out: http://aferrismoon.blogspot.com


  3. Your blog is awesome dude, ill be waiting for the next post. By the way “Overstanding this reality im experiencing” = brilliant slogan

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