STAR WARS Emanicipation Super Bonus Special Edition [Now with more Indiana Jones!]






Yes, exactly like George Lucas did with Star Wars, I’m gonna annoy the hell out of everybody by throwing out a Special Edition [Including adding “bonus footage” to each of the three posts with further relevant material – just look for the “Star Wars” in the title of each:  If it’s all capital letters, stuff has been added.]

While writing these posts, I was reminded of George Lucas’ other cinematic influence on children (and slave girls) by two bloggers who both have interesting and insightful writings:

Alex from Too Long in This Place and

Marty from The Significance of R

Since Lucas was the writer for the Indiana Jones films, I thought it appropriate to throw them into the mix which would be a nice segue to my planned next series of posts (investigations) about prehistory and today. [Star Wars was designed to give you a distorted view of space and aliens, while Indiana Jones was designed to give you a distorted view of prehistory.] And Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is most relevant to what I’ve been discussing: The mind control programming of children by the elite. And the twisted, insane, inbred, satanic, pedophile, evil, serial killer/rapist elite of this planet, aside from wanting to control your lives from birth to death (and beyond), couldn’t really care less about you or your children.

I’m sure you heard about several suicides of children in the past month due to the homosexual mind control programming. These days, any trend or pattern always has a sinister purpose behind it. I feel these suicides were influenced or triggered by some calculated means, especially when they were so heavily focused on in the media.  [Much like the rescued Chilean miners which have a very odd Masonic numerical connection, which is detailed on the site of “Vigilant Citizen”.]

However, there was another death of a child the media brushed under the rug, probably because they know they are guilty accessories…..

Well, not simply another death, but quite possibly the most tragic thing I have ever heard happening to a twelve year old girl.

It is also a gigantic red flag the Creator is waving in our faces as a species, telling us something is terribly, terribly wrong with humanity…..

Holly Stuckey of Maesteg, England

How did this sweet girl die?

Lack of kindness and acceptance from her peers.

Yes, you read that correctly. A week ago this girl collapsed and died in her father’s arms due to the fact that no one other than her mother and father loved her or was kind to her. Her father didn’t know – he said she was always joyfully singing and dancing after school at home (gee, I wonder why?). It was only until after her death that he read her diary and realized her torment. She was teased and bullied at school for (among other things) not knowing about sex, and called a lesbian. Did I mention she was TWELVE YEARS OLD? The father has supplied the names of 13 (Thirteen!) children who were bullying her.

Now some of you may be thinking I’m seriously over-exaggerating this particular tragedy, especially since there are twelve year old girls on this planet who are murdered, raped, tortured, abused, enslaved, and exploited EVERY DAY. Yes, but those girls (if they haven’t been killed or mind-controlled to forget what they just experienced) are still alive because they still have hope, however dismal, that the reality they’re experiencing is not the true one and they may escape their torment. Holly Stuckey lost ALL hope so much, she didn’t commit suicide, her heart just…

gave up.

Even abused women feel that they are “loved”, because although that guy is punching them in the face, he’s paying attention to them. This girl had no one. A TWELVE YEAR OLD GIRL. That’s the first warning signal to us as an evolving (or more accurately, de-evolving species): When it comes to species survival, the LAST human being to die of loneliness and despair should be a twelve year old girl. They’re now going first.

There’s also a second warning signal: This young girl didn’t lose all hope in a place like Iraq, or North Korea, or Haiti (where millions of people are now living on the precipice of savagery), she lost all hope in Maesteg, England. That’s like a twelve year old girl losing all hope in Osaka, Japan, or Winnipeg, Canada or Perth, Australia. Every resident of Maesteg should be ashamed at what they let happen to this beautiful girl. They should be a town, a village, a community – instead they’ve become a clone microcosm of Los Angeles. I’m no parent, but are parents these days even paying attention to and getting involved in their children’s lives anymore? A simple question may have saved this girl’s life:

“How was school today?”

I have true and sincere heartfelt sympathy for Holly’s parents due to their loss, but something’s terribly wrong when her body is carried out at the funeral in a Hannah Montana coffin (even in death she can’t escape the mind control programming that ultimately killed her.) For the official news report, click here.

Rest in peace, Holly.


Children waiting for the day they feel good

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday

Made to feel the way that every child should

Sit and listen, sit and listen


Went to school and I was very nervous

No one knew me, no one knew me

Hello teacher tell me what’s my lesson

Look right through me, look right through me


And I find it kind of funny

I find it kind of sad

The dreams in which I’m dying

are the best I’ve ever had


And I find it hard to tell you

‘Cos I find it hard to take

When people run in circles

It’s a very, very

Mad world


“Mad World”

Tears For Fears


But wait… I’m not done yet. I want to further emphasize the significance of this tragedy with one last poignant statement illustrating where we’re at as an “advanced” and “intelligent” race of beings:

Had this girl been abandoned in the woods as a baby and raised by wolves, she would have received more love and attention from those around her and would still be alive today.



Perhaps Disney was actually trying to tell us something with Princess Mononoke:

and The Jungle Book:

No! Not by bears! NOT RAISED BY BEARS!!!


However, I extremely doubt it. This is how the high priests of Holy Wood want you to view 12 year old girls:

And of course this will affect how 12 year old girls view themselves.

Why the hell would they make a Kick-Ass costume for a girl so young? Why would they even make a child’s costume which has the word “ass” in the name? Complete with spear-tipped lance! It’s fun to stab boys!



It’s a sad affair

When there’s no one there

He calls out in the night


And it’s so unfair

At least it seems that way

When you gave him his life


And all this time he’s been getting you down

You ought to pick him up when there’s no one around

And convince him

Just talk to him


‘Cos he knows in his heart you won’t be home soon

And he’s an only child in an only room

And he’s dependent on you

Oh, he’s dependent on you


“Suffer the Children”

Tears for Fears


Suffer the children, indeed. And that takes us right back to the “tag-team” of Lucas and Spielberg and how they could possibly hate your kids when they seem to delight the little tykes [and YOU] so much with their magic and whimsy….. well, I’ll make it simple (it’s how I like it):

They want your children to play in refrigerators.

Any questions?

Did you also ever notice how Indy is frequently depicted like a savage slave master?


Hmm… lots of focus on that tight pants wide-stanced crotch area.

And have you seen anyone, at anytime, in any situation, using a bullwhip while smiling?

“Trust him”





Please don’t rape me again Doctor Jones, I’ll be good!


Is this Indiana Jones, or Deliverance?


An odd poster synch from this movie which also starred Kate Capshaw.


This is disturbing. It’s from a child’s perspective. And seriously, if you’re gonna have his holster that subliminally close… just go ahead and draw his penis hanging out.


Indy is occulting the light.


No, this isn’t the freakiest toy in the universe.

Wait, yes it is.

Why don’t you give your kid an Ouija board and paint a glow-in-the-dark pentagram on his bedroom ceiling while you’re at it? Are you fucking kidding me?

Wait, yes, they are….

age of volcanoes fun fact: “Kid” (which Indy uses frequently) used to mean baby goat. Now it mostly means child (but still baby goat). Why did it make that transition? Just think of it Satanically: What is the most sacrificed animal in Satanic, occult, and religious ceremonies? Hey you lousy Satanic sacrifices, get off my lawn!

Indy sure loves the kids young boys….

That wink looks painful. Why would Indy nickname this “kid” after a piece of meat?

Shia looks very uncomfortable. (Note the devil horns)

And as for the Satanic influence of Indiana Jones, do you remember this scene?

No, this had absolutely no impact on me as a seventeen year old boy. None whatsoever. Nope. I see cult ceremonies where still-beating hearts are ripped out of people all the time.

Well, actually, back then, I did…

First with Disney’s very subliminally Satanic The Black Hole, where Anthony Perkins gets his heart shredded by the demonic robot Maximillian…

His blades had the creepiest whirring sound ever.

I was twelve years old watching this.

Then came Spielberg’s Young Sherlock Holmes with an ancient Egyptian cult sacrifice:

And Legend, starring the beautiful Mia Sara and, um, Satan:

….who is so not gay. Well, technically I suppose you could label him as “flaming”. And he did co-star with Tom Cruise… but Tom Cruise isn’t gay, is he?

Whoops, let’s not forget the movie Dragnet, a remake of a 1960s cop show. Apparently the cops in L.A. had a lot of problems with Satanists in the 60s.

[Truth be told, they probably did. But I’m certain it was never the plot of a single episode of Dragnet.] They included a bit of the Virgin Mary programming as well, with the attempted sacrifice of this virgin, which they kept referring to as “the virgin” every time they spoke her name. Dan Ackroyd’s character was made extremely nerdy and sexless, but wanting to rescue the virgin princess bride so, so badly….

Here’s a clever little Spielberg trick: Make children love the clever little monkey in Raiders of the Lost Ark

(Oh boy, I sure hope they have a cute little monkey in the sequel!)

And then bring him back for an encore…..

Nope. This scene had no effect on me either. None at all. At least that I can remember….

living tiki personal note: Around this time [1984], I remember (through one of my weird friends in high school – doesn’t everybody have one?) being introduced to a certain film called “Faces of Death”. It is basically a collection of real accidental deaths caught on film. A snuff film, to be more blunt. I  can only recall very brief images from it, which makes me question if I even saw it?…. part of it?…. or did my friend describe it to me in graphic detail? It’s the same amnesia thing with The Black Hole, which I definitely saw, but completely forgot [which is extremely odd, considering Disney made The Black Hole in response to Star Wars, which I remember absolutely everything about.] Perhaps my young mind was unable to handle the connection that Faces of Death had a scene (again, if I can remember) very much like the picture above, except that the monkey was alive. Yeah. This is how you make a child’s mind ripe for mind control: You traumatize them and then they compartmentalize their minds to “lock away” memories they don’t want to recall. It’s called disassociation. I suggest you watch Temple of Doom again – you may have forgotten just how horrific Spielberg made this PG rated film. And many of his other films.

Part of my ancestry is German. This is how Spielberg introduced a fourteen year old boy to the stereotype of what Germans used to be like. And Egyptians. And Indians. And Tibetans. And Chinese. And South American natives.

Spielberg has taken the opportunity to (mis)shape your view of the past and make it fact by making it widely known and hence, believed as fact. I feel we as a human race will never know what really happened during World War II. Was he also turning the very real worldwide child slave market/trafficking into a thrill-ride cinematic fairy tale?

There is one scene from Star Wars where Lucas wasn’t as graphic towards children as Spielberg is, but I believe it is the worst for a child to witness…

In Revenge of the Sith, Lucas didn’t have to have Anakin be the one to kill all the younglings (children) in the Jedi temple during the transformation to Darth Vader, but he did [even though he made the actual killing implied and not shown]. And he made a point of it by having one of the younglings pleading for help, only to be answered with Anakin’s light saber firing up. The bewildered “flinch” of the scared child is extremely disturbing. These bastards love child sacrifice.

Has Lucas imparted to his current young audience (e.g., my nephew) the conscious connection that the cute padawan learner of Master Skywalker in Star Wars: Clone Wars is also destined to be killed by clone troopers, or possibly sliced up by Anakin himself?

Naaah… plenty of time for that later. Lucas still has to make this young child a sexy slave girl to confuse the young boys and be a dream to the pedophiles:

PARENTS: This image is actually from the official Clone Wars comic book, but whatever the hell you do, don’t let your child Google Images the name of this character, Ahsoka Tano. There’s a lot of perverts out there that know how to draw and post their drawings, which Google seems to have no problem in letting them pop up almost first. I would estimate this female alien character’s age to be twelve to thirteen years old. [You know, like the girl in Kick-Ass, or the real life girl Holly Stuckey from the top of this post.]



I started off this post wanting to address the recent suicides due to the homosexual programming that has permeated our society, but got sidetracked seeing the candy coated evil being fed to me as a child, and of course the children today. But some readers might feel that I have something against gays, or homosexuality….

living tiki personal fun fact: the living tiki is not gay (hopefully I’ve made that obvious.) However, fate has me living right next door to one of the largest gay communities in the United States. My next door neighbor is gay. My former downstairs neighbor was gay. I have a current coworker who is gay (and who oversees a gaming website on his lunch break which you might be playing right now – oh, the horror!). I had a former coworker who was gay (and whom I took care of his dogs for while he and his gay sugar daddy went on a gay party boat cruise). I had another former coworker who was gay and showed me his artwork which consisted of beads woven into various pictures (which were usually gay men doing gay things with gratuitous use of the pearl colored beads). There used to be a gay “bear” bar four blocks from my apartment. And there is still a gay “S&M” bar two blocks away from my apartment.

Any questions?

Actually, I have one: How did the “image” of the gay man living in the year 1967 (in other words, nobody knew they were gay except other gays) like George Takei for example…

….who only revealed his “gayness” by being effeminate (and relishing excuses to be shirtless)….

….but otherwise being “normal” and mostly classy….

…turn into this “image” of the gay man living in 2007?

Now, you may think that gays were predisposed to be this way, but couldn’t reveal it openly because homosexuality was (sometimes violently) repressed. My current gay coworker? You would have no clue in meeting him that he was gay. In other words, except for his sexual preference, he is just like everyone else. Gay people now have their own style, language, culture, identity, symbols, flags, parades, organizations, political action groups, and legislation. Where did all this come from? And why? Homosexuality in human beings, which happens in certain animal groups (mainly due to species survival), should only be somewhere around 2 to 5 percent of the populace. Does all the homosexuality around you seem like 2 to 5 percent? (Wow, as a heterosexual single man, I really gotta move.)

George Takei also supplied the voice of a Clone Wars character:

And here’s what Indiana Jones was telling a seventeen year old me:

If an attractive woman is standing right next to you (even if it’s the annoying yet busty Kate Capshaw) wearing silky, silky pajamas pleading with you to touch her silky, silky breasts… do not touch her breasts!

“Hey….. I’m right here!”

This reminds me of another film that came out a little later with that exact theme as the plot:

Ahhh! Trapped inside a Wal-Mart all night with the massively wonderful breasts of Jennifer Connelly! Mustn’t even look at them! Must be gay! MUST BE GAY!

As a matter of fact, though he was portrayed as a heartbreaker, Indy rarely scored with the ladies onscreen.

Even his dad scored with the überhot German spy girl.

As with almost all movies and entertainment media, the disinformation, the programming and subliminal imagery is all there folks…

Don’t be lulled into it with the siren song of magic and adventure, fortune and glory….

Identify it as cinematic smoke and mirrors created to mind control you, socially engineer you into a person you normally wouldn’t be, and keep you oblivious to how reality truly is (and was).

When you do that, you start to see reality in a very different way. Like viewing the country of Iraq as a twelve year old girl who still hasn’t lost all hope…


~ by the living tiki on October 17, 2010.

6 Responses to “STAR WARS Emanicipation Super Bonus Special Edition [Now with more Indiana Jones!]”

  1. Whoah, there is some weird sychronicity in the air (is that the correct way of saying it, I’m not sure?) On Tuesday night one of our main TV channels showed an episode of ‘Hollywood Profiles’ from the early 90s, which featured Harrison Ford. He talked about Star Wars/Indian Jones, but not once mentioned Spielberg or Lucas. There was a strange synch when he said his first ‘speaking part’ in a movie was over a hospital pager system saying ‘Mr Jones, paging Mr Jones’…which I thought was rather freaky.
    I think you are on the right track with “Star Wars was designed to give you a distorted view of space and aliens, while Indiana Jones was designed to give you a distorted view of prehistory.” Because I know thats exactly what they did for me back then. Looking forward to reading the new posts.

    As a side note: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull brings all the great mystery and paranormal stories that we’ve been ‘fed’ in the past together, fitting them into one ‘narrative’, which I think was its purpose (not sure if I’m making any sense) Something I’ve noticed over the recent few years, there seems to be an effort to tie-up a lot of anomalous phenomena into one category and then tag ‘Aliens’ on the end…for instance…bringing in the Mayan prophesy and ancient astronauts, with the Reptilians and the Dogon tribe ‘myth’, ancient astronomy, secret archaeology, people having visions and visitations with so-called aliens giving ‘warnings’ about mankinds environmental catastrophic future, the Roswell incident, etc etc. and now lights in the sky and ‘disclosure’ which never seems to be disclosed! It all seems to be designed to fit a particular aim (agenda), but what that is, I can’t quite tell yet.


    P.S. Humbled and honoured for the name check! Thank you living tiki

    • Apologies for the lateness… blogging is work (but I’m finding oh so necessary!)

      Yes, yes I’ve been seeing more of Mr. Ford lately too (never catch what he’s promoting, if anything). Weird “Jones” synch! Made me think of the whole story about the “We named the dog Indiana!” line. Did Lucas have a dog named Indiana, or a (temple) “dog”? Hmmm…

      It’s also synchromystic that you should pick up on Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, because that will feature prominently. There is an agenda to deceive, and Spielberg became king with Close Encounters. Thanks for reminding me of the lights in the sky – everything seems just so… coordinated. Hopefully I will be offering a unique and insightful viewpoint. Watch out Steve, I’m in familiar territory now… and probably know more than what you’ve been briefed!

  2. Excellent as always.

    We were ‘told’ that Indy was manly, & that’s what we saw – even now when the symbols are known, the doors to the past stay firmly locked until one person is willing to let go & ‘re-see’.

    Thanks for re-seeing.

    D’accord with above comment “blogging is work (but I’m finding oh so necessary!)

  3. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for insulting me not only for liking Star Wars and Indiana Jones, but also for being bisexual, feminist and preferring womyn. What will you be saying next? That we ladies should sit at home and knit and sew and cook and clean and wear nothing but dumpy dresses/no makeup/waist length hair in a bun and spread our legs every damn night for my abusive husband instead of seeking my OWN happiness? I thought UFO believers were supposed to be more openminded and tolerant due to the nasty nature of their experiences, not fundamentalist Jesus freaks in a new guise. What next? Racism? BTW hate to say it but the larger proportion of German-descent males I have known (who were not Jewish or gay of course) HAVE been like Toht and Dietrich, nasty misogynist bigots who have no respect for life.

    • Hmm… I thought I made my viewpoints clear, but I blame myself since my mental musings do tend to wander down strange side paths. Therefore, since you’ve made many comments, I’ll break down my reply into post references:

      1. If I’m insulting you for liking Star Wars and Indiana Jones, then I’m insulting myself as well (Did I mention I can recite the entire movie of Star Wars by memory from start to finish?) [Reference any Star Wars posting]

      2. As for me insulting you for being bisexual, feminist, and preferring females… um, did you even read this post? [Reference this post… again. Please.]

      3. Cooking, cleaning, dumpy dresses… wait, what? Where did this come from? Now I know you’ve barely read my blog because I’ve been expecting an angry “Womyn have other clothing besides bikinis, you know” kind of reply, but instead I’m getting a response like I’m a Quaker or something. Confusing. However, I don’t judge you for turning to women due to the actions of men. Men are being programmed into being something other than men. [Reference EPISODE II: ATTACK OF THE SLAVE GIRLS for the three programmed types of men and my thoughts on abuse]

      4. I’m not a UFO believer. I’m a UFO knower. Nasty nature of UFO experiences? Did you read my post where a contactee actually got laid? [Reference PLANET OF THE LOST (2)]

      5. Are you sure those nasty misogynist bigots were of German descent? Just saying, ’cause nasty misogynist bigots can be found in EVERY race and EVERY country (and can be Jewish or gay of course). Nonetheless, heritage does not absolve men from acting this way. But if you want racism, I suggest taking a trip to Israel. Last October a family from Kansas City converted to Judaism and tried to immigrate to Israel. I say tried because their case is still pending, and ever since they got there they have been subjected to verbal and physical abuse (the father was actually handcuffed and detained). Why did this family get such a cold reception? The biggest clue is a derogatory name they were called: “Kushim.” Look it up.

      Your comment sounds programmed. Are you sure those were your thoughts?

  4. awkward really i had just clicked on to the article as the image of holly stucky was displayed on my monitor,when my 5 year old granddaughter asked me who the kid was…..oh, just some kid i mumble…then the next question floors me….is she dead? she asks….yes i say bewildered…why? she asks..there is no good answer to that question sweetie {answering these questions is a real struggle}……i don’t understand she says…when you are more big you will darling…. ok she says and goes back to playing…she starts kindergarden in a couple of weeks and i can see that for the next 13 years or so i will have to remain over involved in her life.

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