PLANET OF THE LOST (1): A routine expedition


When I look

All around

I can’t believe the things I’ve found

Now I need to find my way

I’m lost! I’m lost!

Find me

Living in the Land of the Lost


End Credits Theme

Land of the Lost TV series  (1974-1976)


Okay, just to alleviate you of any concerns, this series of posts will have a framework focusing on the Land of the Lost television show, NOT the suck-fest that was the 2009 movie (although I really enjoyed the conceptualized geography in the film, such as the scene at the very top.)

Why Land of the Lost? And why should you care? And do you have to watch a campy kid’s [baby goat’s] show to get any of this? Well, if you’ve read any of my stuff you’ll understand this isn’t going to be entirely about Land of the Lost. But I do need some sort of framework in order to convey many different concepts and ideas easily (and to keep the drunken sailor that is my brain from meandering too far off). I will be using Land of the Lost as an allegory for the de-evolution/ degeneration of humanity and it’s current existence because the show is, um… an allegory for the de-evolution/ degeneration of humanity and it’s current existence. Seems the shapers of my reality decided to let one slip through. And no, you don’t need to have seen it: I like pictures that are worth ten thousand words (well, and ones with dinosaurs.)

Oddly, LOTL gives a variety of hints and clues as to the true history of humanity, and I will be addressing at least five of them with these series of posts:

  1. We as human beings were at one time more advanced spiritually, intellectually, and technologically than we are today.
  2. What caused us to de-evolve/degenerate into what we are today?
  3. Why are we degenerating into what we are today? And why have we forgotten what we were before?
  4. OK, once and for all, what the hell is up with aliens and UFOs? [I’m looking at you, Reptilians.]
  5. And the rest… you know ’em and love ’em: Bigfoot, Nessie, Yeti, Mothman, Jersey devil, Lizard man, et al. What’s up?

Land of the Lost,

A Sid and Marty Krofft television production [There’s that pesky Jewish connection to the shapers of my reality again!], was a Saturday morning live-action half-hour children’s show which ran for three seasons, 1974-1976.  The Kroffts had produced a few shows prior to this one, all of which seemed to have been inspired by LSD (Just kidding… but I wonder how many smoke shops have the name “Puff-n-stuff”? I know of at least one!)

Saturn’s morning was made for stoners.

However, LOTL is one of only a few productions that didn’t have a laugh track. Actually it was quite serious, with subjects such as alternate dimensions, time travel, and interaction with alien beings. Pretty heavy stuff when the target audience is ten years old. The drama was heavy as well, with the youngest actor crying and being afraid very convincingly at times.

Even stranger still is that the creators and writers for the show were some fairly prominent names in the sci-fi genre, such as Larry Niven, David Gerrold, and Walter Koenig [Lt. Chekov from Star Trek, and, if you remember, had a son who recently “went crazy” and traveled to Canada to commit suicide in some random park. Very strange]. There were a number of former Star Trek people involved with LOTL. Why all this for a children’s show? The creators even gave LOTL a complex and unique history (which explains all the weirdness of the show, but was never explained on the show):

What is the Land of the Lost?

The Land of the Lost is not another dimension, but rather an artificial “pocket” of time and space purposely created to be an interdimensional travel station or rest stop.  In other words, travelers would start out in this “pocket” which was simply called “The Land”, and choose whatever dimension or time they wished to travel to via large pylons (obelisks) which housed dimensional gateways [connecting to Earth more often than not] and the crystal control panels to them. The Land was created to be a tranquil “Garden of Eden” type place, which would serve as a nice rest stop and central location for travelers (as well as provide them geography for cover, in case something bad slipped through behind them.) The Land was built long ago by an advanced alien reptilian race known as the Altrusians, who had also built a megalithic city there as well.

How did “The Land” become the “Land of the Lost”?

Something (unexplained) happened to the Altrusians that caused their race to degenerate and de-evolve into what became known as the Sleestak: Dim-witted, slow-moving primitive reptilians living in caves underneath the now abandoned city. Despite this, and the fact that Sleestak are sensitive to the light, they are still dangerous and would snack on a human or sacrifice it to their underground god. Since the technology of the Altrusians was no longer being tended to, it fell into disrepair and started malfunctioning, letting all manner of creatures and aliens wander into The Land, including a race of primate-humans known as Pakuni. But the dinosaurs quickly dominated, being the largest predators. It is through one of these malfunctioning dimensional portals which the Marshall family fell into the “Land of the Lost”.

Enik, the Altrusian

age of volcanoes fun fact: The Star Trek involvement in LOTL was so much that the original name for this character was “Eneg” – as in “Gene” spelled backwards – as in “Gene Roddenberry”.

The Sleestak

Holly, Will, and Rick Marshall

Well, Holly, I would guess Chaka’s leg tastes just like chicken.

Did all that sound subconsciously familiar?

Altrusian kind of sounds similar to Atlantian, doesn’t it?

The Altrusian city in The Land

What happened to the city after the fall of the Altrusian race.

Why is it that we see Atlantis references everywhere, but nobody takes Atlantis seriously (well, except for this one really crazy guy named Plato)?

Fucking Disney!

Here’s the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai (if you were wondering what the wealthy elite are doing with all your money):

Nice penis arch.

Whoops, that’s not where all your money is going….

Let’s  zoom out a bit….



Just a little bit more…

There we go. That’s where all your money went.

For crying out loud, NASA even named a space shuttle Atlantis:

age of volcanoes note: NASA is less a space agency and more a movie studio [And, like most movie studios, they are into the occult.] Their job is to lie to you about our planet, space, and the solar system.

But heaven forbid YOU should actually take an interest in what THEY are doing with billions of your dollars. You might actually stumble upon the truth of what’s really going on (and what has been, as well). Here’s what happened when the public’s interest in space became way too uncomfortable for NASA….

First, they gave an opportunity for an average person to go into space. Like a well loved, young and pretty schoolteacher:

Then they made her trip into space a groundbreaking media event…

….where everybody would be watching the launch….

….family, friends, schoolkids….

the world.

And then they blew her up.

Yeah. That’s right. The biggest public relations event for NASA ever, and they didn’t check, re-check, and check again everything on that ship. You know, ’cause something going wrong – like it blowing up – would not be good PR.


Some might think I’m reading into this disaster a little too much. Well, I’ll tell you one thing – there hasn’t been a civilian in space since [Unless you have a pile of money, but even then NASA won’t take you. You have to go to the Russians.] NASA doesn’t like average shmoes seeing how they’re lying. But at least take comfort in that you’re not an astronaut and you don’t have to cover for their lies. I’m sure it would drive at least one of them crazy – or at least make her drive across the country non-stop (wearing a diaper to make it official) with the intention of kidnapping and/or possibly killing the rival of her lover’s affections.  Yeah, a United States astronaut did that.

Hmm… NASA’s master is the lord of the rings…

Can’t let a good sacrifice go to waste – let’s name some masonic structure after her!

And let’s not forget Israel [Wait…what?] who had something to do with the Challenger enough for them to erect a memorial of a giant earth hand clutching a flying saucer [Wait… what?]

Israel sure likes to memorialize U.S. disasters, such as the JFK assassination:

Does this remind anybody else of the MCP from Tron?

Maybe I should bring macaroni pictures if I visit.

Sorry, I got a bit sidetracked there. I did warn you my brain is prone to synchromystic inebriation.

NASA and the shapers of our reality want us to believe Atlantis was a myth, or at the very least an archaeological misinterpretation of some ancient civilization. But Plato talked about Atlantis. He also talked about another civilization known as Mu, which pre-dated Atlantis. Plato stated he obtained this knowledge from ancient manuscripts, which he read in the Library of Alexandria, Egypt. But where’s the library today? Awww…. it burned down in 48 BC! What rotten luck!

If you do any sort of investigation into the burning of the Library of Alexandria, you’ll realize that history can’t get it’s story straight. The burning (or burnings) seem to have taken place anywhere between 48 BC and 600 AD and may or may not have involved more than one location. The reason for the burning has been blamed on everything from nearby sea battles…

…to religious zealots:

Here… I’ll help you out with history because it’s real simple: Some Bullshit Story. Whenever you hear the word “History” think the words, “Some Bullshit Story.” Here’s what really happened:

The shapers of our reality, controlling the BC reality back then just as much as the AD reality now, realized that the masses had all this true knowledge of pre-history written down on scrolls, tablets, and papyrus and decided they needed to obtain them all or else somebody would eventually read them and say, “What the fuck?” Already some of this ancient knowledge was being RE-learned by people like the Roman Ptolemy:

Anthony Hopkins playing Ptolemy at the Library of Alexandria in some movie I didn’t see.

You know, the guy who already knew the Earth was round and calculated the positions and distances of the planets. He also talked about Harmonics – how music can be translated into mathematical equations – which relates to the field of cymatics discussed in my Star Wars posts. [There is definitely something going on with the sound of music.]

Ancient knowledge was also getting out in the form of maps, showing areas that hadn’t been ‘discovered’ yet, like Antarctica (some showing it free of ice.) In 1513, an Ottoman Captain named Piri Reis drew up a map of the east coast of the Americas (and a strip of Antarctica) which he claimed he based on an older map saved from the Library of Alexandria:

With all this truth lying around in people’s attics, the evil powers that be told the world, “Hey, bring all your ancient knowledge to Alexandria ’cause we’re building this really, really cool library that’s going to contain all the world’s knowledge in one place and where people can access it easily. Isn’t that cool?” And that’s what the world did.

Then the fuckers burned it down. We made their job of destroying ancient knowledge and truth much, much easier. What was this knowledge they didn’t want you to know about? The living tiki will help you out with that too:

(Earth, photographed from 31 million miles away)

What is the Planet of the Lost?

Before modern times, before Atlantis, there existed a mother civilization which spawned all other civilizations. It has been referred to as Mu, and originated from a continent in the South Pacific which no longer exists due to undetermined catastrophe(s). Mu had many colonies: The Maya in Central America,  the Inca in South America, the Nagas in India, the Naacals in Southeast Asia, the Hellenics (Greeks), and, of course, Atlantis in the mid-Atlantic. Earth at that time, anywhere between 13,000 years ago and 100,000 years ago, was quite different than today. Animals (and humans) were much larger (with people being ten feet tall or taller). Knowledge and technology included anti-gravity and harnessing power from crystals. The geography included a canal linking the Pacific Ocean to the Amazonian Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, as well as an island in the Caribbean called Poseidia, which could be considered the Hawaii of Atlantis. Planet Earth even vibrated at a different (more harmonious) frequency and we had open contact with aliens who sometimes walked among us.

How did this planet become the Planet of the Lost?

After the destruction of Mu (and a number of other catastrophes which affected the colonies around the Pacific), Atlantis became the dominant colony having been relatively unaffected. However, due to the fear and savagery created by the disasters, the vibration of the Earth lowered and became denser, and all this attracted the evil gods and demons from the dimensional planes to Earth in which they started to possess the powerful elite of Atlantis. Technology advanced greatly (the Atlantians went to the moon before us), but changed into a more destructive form. Humanity was infected by evil, and was being reshaped by the elite who were themselves controlled from the spiritual plane. The (friendly) aliens who once contacted us no longer did due to this  change in humanity. Earth, in a manner of speaking, became quarantined. After another disaster (a global one this time) which we know as the biblical flood, most all of the global Atlantian Empire was destroyed (along with Atlantis, of course, which may have been destroyed prior to this event, quite possibly at the hands of the twisted and corrupt priest-scientists of Atlantis themselves.) The rich, powerful, evil elite survived with their knowledge and technology intact, and after everything calmed down on planet Earth, they came back from wherever they were hiding and told the uneducated people they encountered trying to survive,

“Hi. We’re gods. Worship us.”

And, um, things pretty much haven’t changed since then.

To be continued….


~ by the living tiki on November 3, 2010.

7 Responses to “PLANET OF THE LOST (1): A routine expedition”

  1. great job, im really enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work

  2. I have never heard or seen Land of the Lost (I don’t know how this passed me by). It does sound like something I ‘might’ have watched as a kid.

    I use to love watching sci-fi, like Space 1999, or Blake 7 and Sapphire and Steel (two classic British -ahead-of-their-time-shows) These things have nothing to do with what you have just written here though – I just thought I’d say!

    • Before the movie was made, I’m finding not too many who remember LOTL the TV show (There was a remake of the show in the nineties that even I missed (I’m guessing it was pretty bad). The TV show is actually pretty good (It has that “Star Trek” curiosity about reality quality about it).

      I wish I could watch Space 1999 again – I think I’ve seen only two episodes. British sci-fi television continues to amaze me with it’s forward thinking and intelligent writing (Maybe it’s the distance from Hollywood). Before I stopped watching television much, I really liked a show called Primeval. Nowadays I’ve become too fascinated with sci-ry (science-reality?)
      Thanks for your comments! Hope you are enjoying the new series.

  3. Hi there ‘the living tiki’ – I am trying to comment on part two but I can’t find the link! Anyway..where do I start…I am REALLY enjoying this series of articles. I can’t believe how much you managed to cover so far! The alien ‘types’ timetable is fantastic – where did you find it? I haven’t seen that Sutton visitation for years – you brought back memories with ET also. That ET glowing finger has SO many new connotations post Celtic Rebel that I almost spit out my coffee. The whole ‘alien agenda’ is spreading throughout the media in a big way RIGHT NOW, I don’t know what’s going on. I was a big believer in the whole visitors things way back when, then I became a ufo skeptic…that was until very recently when I started looking up at the skies, the beautiful moon and stars in the clear night sky, and seeing strange flashing lights which were not aircraft… I freaked myself out..I just don’t know what is going on..Is it all brainwashing?
    Regarding Atlantis, an American ‘research team’ came to Cyprus about 5 years ago and undertook some underwater investigations and discovered plateau’s and rock formations that resembled Platos descriptions and then announced that Cyprus was originally part of Atlantis! I was laughing so hard about this. I went into work telling everyone that they were decendents of an advanced race… and they just loved the idea..a big joke really as this research team were looking for oil and gas (which suddenly was found in the exact same areas) The whole Atlantis project is online regarding Cyprus.
    I have more to comment on…I just need more space!

  4. Paranoid much?

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