PLANET OF THE LOST (2.67): Addendum to the extraterrestrial field guide

Holly encounters a being from the dimension of party and craft supplies in the Land of the Lost.

I’m making another in-between posting because I started getting annoyed with myself for not including current UFO mischief by the shapers of our reality, especially since some of them are predicting a disaster which will happen around Christmas and will shock the world!!! (Sorry… you’ll have to read this post to find out what to be afraid of.)

Wow. People love aliens and UFOs . I suspect I’m getting more and more hits on my blog simply because I’ve typed the word aliens. And UFOs. Aliens. UFOs. Aliens. UFOs. Aliens…. OK, I’ll stop.

I’m rather bewildered by this growing interest in UFOs – it just seems so planned. Since I’m “the conspiracy guy” at my work, I can derive a fairly good assessment of the general public’s awareness of any particular subject whenever I’m asked by a random co-worker about the latest “truthseeker” TV show:

“Hey, did you happen to see that new conspiracy show with Jesse Ventura?”

The tag-line alone should give you a clue as to what his show is all about. It’s such a weird linguistic word-play that your brain almost demands that you think that sentence through. Or just know that you won’t believe what you know if you don’t believe you know that you won’t know what you don’t believe, you know?

I just know that this is the same Jesse “The Body” Ventura who, like every single stinking male action star in the eighties, warped my teenage mind by telling me I should be a man by acting incredibly tough…

“I aint got time to bleed!” FUCK YA!

….but then also acting um, incredibly gay:

Jesse fights for your right to bare chest.

Jesse also likes boas.

Boas probably remind him of those big, thick, long snakes.

Jesse also played tough guy stalker Captain Freedom in The Running Man:

But first he had to be gay (complete with aerobics video):

Folks, it appears Jesse is a compromised man. At the very least he greatly helped the gay Hollywood programming, the evolution of which (from the first Predator film to the latest) is nicely illustrated by a graphic obtained from the appropriately named website,

Well, at least they’re being less and less covert about it. Thankfully I didn’t grow up with another Captain Freedom in the 1940s:

Pantsless heros are cool!

Anything named speed is even cooler!

Seriously everyone… Jesse Ventura? Oh, but he was a Governor! And a Navy Seal! Um… that’s not helping.

Do I need to drag out a Playboy reference?

If he was considering a run for President, you know he’s been compromised.

Since I seem to happen across a Playboy reference in almost every person I talk about, it is now an official age of volcanoes rule of thumb: If their body or their words have appeared in Playboy, they’ve been compromised in one way or another.

However, the most revealing image of Jesse is an ending screen shot from his new conspiracy show that looks almost exactly like an ending screen shot from a 9/11 conspiracy episode of South Park (amazingly discovered and compared by Alex the Celtic Rebel):

If this doesn’t make you realize Jesse’s show is PART of the conspiracy against you, I don’t know what will.

Jesse seems so focused on making the correct secret hand signal for this photo-op, it looks like it’s causing him pain.

I decided to watch an episode of Jesse’s show, one which detailed the Gulf oil disaster. None of his insights or revelations surprised me, like the fact that the spill was intentionally made to happen. One can simply derive this from paying attention to and thinking about the entire situation.

Here’s something for you to think about: Jesse Ventura has had extensive exposure throughout his lifetime to the “inner workings” of the military, of Hollywood, of professional wrestling, and of State and National government. Hmm… I was going to add some clever statement to summarize, but what I just typed says it all. His show is not about giving you the truth. It’s about giving you the truth stuffed in a pita pocket made of bullshit, and making you very afraid of it. And making money off your ignorance.

Since Jesse also periodically played spy with Alex Jones in the show, it appears they are teaming up to guide the mAsses into collectively believing whatever reason they supply for conspiratorial wrongdoing. Don’t let the leather jackets fool you… I highly recommend questioning their conclusions to anything, just as much as I recommend questioning MINE.

Folks, you know it’s bad when the media is coming out with a show where these two clowns are going to expose the REAL truth about UFOs:

Billy Ray and Trace Cyrus, hosts of the upcoming new show Unbelievably Freakin’ Obvious (Wow that name BLOWS!)

Really? These guys are going to blast the lid off the UFO phenomenon?

An incestuous one-hit hack…

…and a, um, a… um…

…..although… he does have a super cool Confederate soldier cap, so I guess that makes him a rebel:

Take that, you UFO denying damn Yankees!

Seriously… a majority of what this whole UFO phenomenon is about is spiritual. Do any of the people I’ve shown you so far look even slightly spiritual to you? I know, I know… you’re getting this information and perspective from someone who calls himself the living tiki, but, um… uh, I sorta lost my response to that.

If the information you get is even slightly mainstream (even if it’s dubbed “alternative”) it’s misinformation. Just look at who the producers and sponsers of any given show are – that’s who’s giving allowing you the information. That goes for this show as well:

A few years after 9/11, Art Bell came on the radio and heavily promoted a Popular Mechanics article debunking the conspiracy “myths” about 9/11, and told his listening audience that “they are a bunch of wing-nuts if they believe 9/11 was a conspiracy and George Bush was involved.” Hey Art, in case you haven’t noticed, YOU’RE HOSTING A FUCKING CONSPIRACY AND PARANORMAL RADIO SHOW. Or are we supposed to not believe any of that, but do believe in the piece of crap you and Whitley fear-mongerly called The Coming Global Superstorm which was made into a piece of crap fear-mongerly called The Day After Tomorrow?

George and Ian, I’ll leave you guys alone because I kinda like you in the same weird way I kinda like Pat Boone. Especially since Ian convincingly grilled director Nicholas Meyer (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan) over his bizarre inclusion of pro-Israel/anti-Palestine propaganda in such films as Time After Time. Yet I still hear how George’s friend Richard C. Hoagland is always discovering and releasing startling new space and UFO information and photos for free, but only after he’s hosted some pricey retreat or cruise seminar where only a select few get to see and hear the information first (promoted by George on his show). Hmm… is Hoagland the faucet by which NASA drips it’s little drops of truth?


The evil human shapers of our reality have been influencing humanity’s perspective on aliens for thousands of years. But they really brought their programming out for the 20th century, kick-starting it with the strange airship sightings of the late 1890s….

You know something is not right when these craft were unidentifiable, yet looked oddly similar to human machinery of the time period:

This is an illustration of what witnesses described flying over Illinois:

Can we at least have something that looks even marginally aeronautical?

But this all starts to smell like a scam (UFO/alien programming/disinformation) when you learn one of these airships actually crashed outside of a town called Aurora, Texas…..

What baffles me is how the hell an alien spaceship pilot can be so lame at flying, he crashes into a windmill. Yes, you read that correctly:


The Don Quixote of aliens.

Please don’t be fascinated by this UFO incident. It leads to watching movies made about it where the alien doesn’t die and get buried near a local cemetery, but instead survives, gets to know the townfolk, has a few brews, and then converts to Christianity or something (It’s incredibly boring):

There it is folks; You’ve now seen the best part from The Aurora Encounter.

And from 1897 we flash forward to 1997 with staged “UFO” incidents like the Phoenix lights:

Yeah, that’s right… the United States Air Force thought it was no big deal to have unidentified lights flying slowly in formation over a major U.S. city. After being flooded with hundreds of calls (the whole city saw these lights), the Air Force’s only action was to state that the craft wasn’t theirs and they didn’t know what they were. Gee, thank George Bush we’ve now got Homeland Security to respond to these things.

[POST UPDATE]: Did anyone notice how the recent infrared photo of the U.S. secret space fleet craft from Part 2….

…looks a lot exactly like the illustration of what people believe was flying over Phoenix in 1997?

Phoenix lights mystery solved! Man, I should be getting paid for this!


Notice the drastic “evolution” of the unidentified craft in 100 years? The shapers of our reality were tailoring the appearance of the craft to the acceptance level of humanity’s mind-state at the time. In other words, allowing people from 1897 to see two glowing, invisibly-joined boxes spraying stuff into our atmosphere would freak them out and make them think it’s Satan. They don’t have a prior reference.


Instead, you have to acclimate people gradually….

What is that? Is it some kind of blimp? Is some foreign country testing an experimental flying machine?


Could our own government be testing experimental flying wings? Or could it be from outer space?


It must be aliens! Humans can’t make saucers fly! Where’s the propulsion?


Definitely aliens! Humanity can’t possibly know how to make these things!


Maybe it’s an invasion!


See? Even though the Soviet Union also has the atomic bomb, the aliens know who they should be dealing with!



Huh…. nothing’s happened so far. Maybe our government has made a secret deal with the aliens to control us or something.


Yeah, that’s it! Or maybe the aliens have been controlling us all along and the government knows that.

But definitely aliens. Definitely.


Mysterious Reality, you made an awesome illustration. If I am in violation of your copyright, please let me know.


Somewhere in-between these “UFO” events, and sometime after the atomic bomb, the evil humans knew that aliens would attempt to contact individuals with greater frequency as humanity’s consciousness awoke and expanded. Therefore, for every possible alien attempt to wake us from our sleepwalking state, they have an evil “copy-cat” to distract, confuse, and lull you back to sleep.

Like Ashtar Command:

“I am Ashtar, Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation fleet.” (Actual quote!)

Personally, I like old school Ashtar:

Imagine yourself living in the 1950s. You’ve heard of UFOs from various news reports and fictional movies. Yet so far, no one has really given you any accurate information about what aliens look like, where they’re from, or why they’re here (or even if UFOs are alien craft). The first real public report of a “grey” type alien wouldn’t happen until 1961 (Betty and Barney Hill). So where did the Space Brothers come from? Why all of a sudden did people start to claim they were contacted by human looking aliens who gave them a message for humanity? And why have the Space Brothers seemed to have reduced or stopped their contacts? What was that all about?

Howard Menger talked of being taken to the moon. He thought the aliens might be the ancient Atlantians.


George Adamski met Orthon from Venus.


Billy Meier was contacted by Semjase from the Pleiades. (NICE!)

Ludwig F. Pallman met Xiti from Itibi-Ra (In my humble opinion, this one case sounds very genuine. They didn’t really contact him so much as he encountered them in the jungles of India.)


UFO researchers tend to dismiss these cases, since the people’s claims are sometimes outlandish with no real evidence. Also, some or all of these people might be hoaxing for profit or attention. Yet some of these “hoaxes” become quite elaborate and established, such as the Unarius Society based out of El Cajon, California:



At one time these people had their own cable TV show.




Supposedly in the Year 2001, 33 ships from the Interplanetary Concave of Light were to land on top of each other to form a Galactic learning center:


The Unarians even purchased land for the landing site:


Which, since it’s now 2010, everybody knows how well that worked out for them.

Space Brothers, you suck!

Despite the Space Brothers being incredibly late for the party, as well as the death of the Unarius Society’s founder, it is still active today.


What’s the deal with human-looking alien contacts and their messages to humanity? Are they alien? Human? Hoaxes? Cults? Social engineering? Alien misinformation? Is it a mix of all of these? Why did all this happen?

Well, perhaps one that’s still going strong will provide clues…. Raëlism:

In 1974, this dude, Claude Virilhon, claimed he was taken aboard a spacecraft of the Elohim, the ones spoken of in the Bible whom he claims created us.



Naturally he started his own UFO religion, mixing in a couple of standard occult symbols:

A religion which frowned upon drugs and rock and roll, but sex…


Claude has a preference for female followers.

If this is starting to sound more like a human cult to you, I would agree. However, this “cult” has recently had as many as 80,000 followers, and their leader founded a biotech firm, Clonaid, which claims to have given a cloning procedure to an American woman which led to the birth of her daughter, Eve (December 26, 2002).

And somehow, Claude (or “Raël”), was also able to convince female followers in South Korea to do this:

I’m not sure why they’re doing that, but I must learn his power!

It’s a cult all right, but one with money, power, and influence – and the evil powers that be just won’t leave that alone. They might have even made it happen with a mind-controlled “leader” whom they took up in one of their secret UFO craft and told him anything they wanted him to believe and do.



Why did the shapers of our reality essentially create the Space Brothers phenomenon? Well, like religion, it does supply a lot of brainwashed people to give you money and do your bidding. Or be the occasional sacrifice when needed:

age of volcanoes not so fun fact: (Another Star Trek connection) Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura) had a brother named Thomas who was a member of the Heaven’s Gate cult for 11 years. He died on March 26, 1997 in their mass suicide. He left an exit video saying “I’m the happiest person in the world.”


However, I would say the most compelling reason may be because it negates any attempt by REAL human-looking aliens out there to help wake us up from our sleepwalking state (And when you think about it, the first and best aliens to make contact would be the ones who look very much like us.) But nowadays nobody will care if you don’t look, well… alien.

Hey everyone, I just had the weirdest experience ever! I was camping and this flying saucer landed and these two people came out and said they were from the Pleiades!



They took me up in their saucer, it was so cool! And man, lemme tell you… the female was unbelievably hot! She just radiated love and happiness and oh my god she was so hot….

They didn’t want anything from me, they just wanted me to convey how we should all think about how we’re treating the planet and ourselves and…. hey, why are you all looking at me that way?

No, wait, come back! They weren’t Pleiadean! They were uh…  Arcturian! Yeah, Arcturians sure look alien with their blue skin and all…


No, come back! Did I say blue? I meant grey:

Grey. Grey. Grey.

They did terrible, humiliating things to me and made me forget the experience until now. They are controlling humanity with a secret plan which I will tell you about in every livid, lurid detail.



Believe it or not, there is currently a large group of people (perhaps hundreds of thousands) who are following the wisdom, guidance, and information supplied by grey aliens, channeled through their human contact, Nancy Lieder:


Nancy first wrote a book:


And then started her own website:

I wanted to talk about Nancy and the Zetas later, but a Christmas prediction by the Zetas has forced my hand into briefly describing what Nancy and her grey friends are all about, and what may or may not devastate a large area of this planet.

Back in the early nineties, a housewife from Wisconsin claimed she was contacted by, and continuously channels the Zetas; Grey aliens from the Zeta Reticuli star system:


There are many types of grey aliens, but the  Zetas are “good” or “Service to Other” type beings (So they’re here to help… aww, how sweet!) However, that “help” seems to be just continuously telling us that we were created by the giant human-like Annunaki from Planet X, that Earth is a schoolhouse for us to choose the orientation of our souls (Service to Others or Service to Self), and that Planet X is going to soon cause a really bad pole shift which will be the beginning of Earth’s 100 year shifting into the fourth dimension, in which the Zetas will replace humanity with the billions of human-alien hybrids they’ve been creating. And there’s nothing we can do about it. Well, except for using this opportunity to choose the positive orientation of our soul, because the undecided ones will be taken by the Council of Worlds to a water planet to live out reincarnated life-learning scenarios as semi-intelligent squid creatures.


They’ve even provided a post apocalyptic map for you to fret over:

Alright! Japan’s gonna be in the tropics! Kinda sucks for Sri Lanka, though.


As strange as this sounds, Nancy and “the Zetas” are very serious about this. The website has something like 15,000 pages which go into very specific detail about everything. It does seem remarkable that Nancy (“channeling the Zetas”) can talk extensively about history, physics, dimensions, and planetary gravitational dynamics – and make it all work together in a very elaborate story. If you are curious, you can check out the website and even ask the Zetas a question – They have a weekly Q&A (which used to be more entertaining, but is currently dominated by panicked questions about the pole shift).




They will tell you where planet X is, and then back it up with photos:




Folks, in my opinion (like you couldn’t guess) this is a con. But an extremely disastrous one, where either humans, aliens, or both are attempting to influence the collective human consciousness into actually causing a pole shift to happen which – without this external deceptive influence – WOULD NOT.

In my 9/11 posting, I already pointed out that the evil humans have the ability to control the weather and create hurricanes….



If you’re thinking these cloud formations are natural, I’m guessing you were born after 1990.





Do you know they can also create earthquakes?



But I think the powers that be need a little help in pulling off a pole shift – such as putting on a massive deception which will make people believe a pole shift is unavoidable and inevitable. I am certain the power of six billion consciousnesses can move a planet.


I will talk about Nancy and the greys later, but I wanted to get their latest prediction out before it does or doesn’t happen, which they are stating will be sometime after Christmas, much like the 2004 Indonesian tsunami. They are remarkably confident, saying it will “shock the world”, and remarkably bold, stating “Nancy will finally get the recognition she deserves and the media spotlight.”

According to the Zetas, one of these three things will happen (although ALL of them are supposedly destined to happen):

1) The Indonesian tectonic plate will cause Indonesians to have a really bad day.

2) The Caribbean tectonic plate will cause the Caribbeans to have a really bad day.

3) The New Madrid fault line will cause middle Americans to have a really bad day.

Merry Christmas, everybody!

(That’s my deadpan humor at play – I’m not actually wishing people celebrate what is a very occult “holy day”.)

But if all this is making you look up at the skies more and more, I’d recommend not worrying about UFOs or the end of the world. Find something joyful and beautiful to look for in life….

UFO?  What UFO?

Seriously, does anybody see a UFO in this picture?


Coming soon: PLANET OF THE LOST (3): The greatest earthquake ever known.

~ by the living tiki on December 24, 2010.

6 Responses to “PLANET OF THE LOST (2.67): Addendum to the extraterrestrial field guide”

  1. i didn’t see the ufo in the last picture until you mentioned it.(laughs out loud) your blog is great.

  2. Hey thanks Mr Tiki – I was sorely in need of some clear headed thinking during this time of brain mushing – loved the humour – laughed out loud in places. Feel free to haarp on any time 🙂

    I feel refreshed & the air feels clearer

    • Glad I could spark some laughter. I must admit, a statement of yours in one of your posts makes me see the people shaping my reality as clowns more and more (I swear that circus pipe-organ music starts playing in my head!). All one can do is laugh. Maybe that’s the purpose of laughter – it forces the body to breathe and relax.

      Always glad to receive a comment from someone living in the future!

  3. Great write up tiki, im lovin your blog. Keep up the excellent work!

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