PLANET OF THE LOST (3): The greatest earthquake ever known

Alright everybody, I know you know the theme song, so feel free to join in….


Marshall, Will, and Holly

On a routine expedition

Met the greatest earthquake ever known

High on the rapids

It struck their tiny raft


And plunged them down a thousand feet below

To the Land of the Lost


Opening Theme

Land of the Lost TV show, 1974-1976


In the last exciting episode, the living tiki was pondering the predictions made by grey aliens from the Zeta Reticuli star system.  What tectonic terror would catch the sleepwalking inhabitants of poor planet Earth by surprise? Were the Zetas right? Is Planet X looming on the horizon of doom? And what do you mean I can’t get a ticket for Tron: Legacy because my gift card is for a Regal Theater, not a Reading? Dammit, where’s my glasses? Movies suck.

[POST SPECIAL BONUS]: Coincidental and eerie tie-in with the Arkansas mass blackbird deaths!

[POST SPECIAL SPECIAL BONUS]: I had a personal UFO sighting!



Well, folks, you know that tectonic event the Zetas were saying would “shock the world?”  Um, it happened.

Well… happening.

Who’s having a really bad day? Australians. Huh, go figure.

You see, according to the Zetas, around Christmas the Indo-Australian plate started rising in part where it meets the Pacific plate, and subsequently the Pacific plate started sinking around Indonesia. But gradually. Yeah… the Zetas actually chastised everyone for thinking it would suddenly happen (I mean, duh… they only used the phrase “shock the world” four times. What was I thinking?)

Apparently, the GRADUAL rise of the Indo-Australian Plate is currently causing the ocean to slosh towards northeastern Australia, which is preventing the current rain runoff from washing out to sea, hence the massive flooding. Are you slowly being shocked?

Look at these people! Is this the end or just the beginning? Should I put a survival bunker on the top of my car?


Oh no, now a wallaby is trapped and frightened! I’m leisurely getting shocked!

I don’t mean to make light of the terrible misfortune of Australians right now, and I actually hope everyone out there reading this takes a moment to wish them wellness and safety. But I did want to point out how Zeta Talk, much like Jesse Ventura, is giving you the truth… but the truth stuffed in a pita pocket made of bullshit.

How do I know this? Well, this picture’s a good start…

Wow, you mean there was a flood just as bad thirty years ago?

Not only that, but the whole Southeast Asian region has always had very bad floods throughout the century. Just ask any resident of Jakarta.

Nonetheless, one shouldn’t dismiss the Australian flooding so easily. It is affecting over 200,000 people and covers an area the size of France and Germany combined. OK, maybe I am getting slightly more shocked.


Then one has to consider the recent quake in New Zealand, which lies right on a fault line. The earth did slightly rise….


There is also the strangeness of the archipelago nation of Vanuatu having a 7.6 earthquake during Christmas…

But that’s not the strange part: The earthquake freaked them out because they wanted to know if a tsunami was going to hit, but for some reason their seismic instrumentation and equipment was stolen or destroyed. This is not the first time that’s happened either. What the hell is going on? Who would do that, and why?

Aside from the occasional cast of Survivor….

these are the locals:

Someone doesn’t want people to gather seismic information from Vanuatu, and it’s not the residents.



Perhaps the other side of the planet will provide a clue:


What? You thought I was going to show you a picture of the country of Iceland? OK… but I’ve already shown you the best part, really.

Eyjafjallajokull volcano

There you go. Your Icelandic dream vacation slide show is over. Please exit the auditorium to your right.


a living tiki original homemade tourism poster for Iceland: OK, I felt kinda bad for making fun of Iceland (Hey, they did give the world Bjork), so I decided to help them out by generating some visitors:



All of our women look like this. All of them. And they’ve got nothing to do but lounge around wearing bikinis in hot springs drinking vodka.

You’re welcome, Earth.

Have an Ice day.


Hey, it’s making me want to go there.


Wait… why was I talking about Iceland? Oh right, because they’ve been having some geologic problems which oddly enough seem to happen around the same time as economic problems. First, they got screwed over by globalist bankers (like the rest of the world) with some trickery called IceSave:


But the evil banking bastards were too stupid to realize Iceland has only a population of around 320,000 people. So when they ALL get screwed over, they will ALL show up with torches and surround the Parliament to demand change. It’s a little intimidating.


Hey Isbjorn, look out the window and see if the entire country is still outside.

Ya, still there.


The Icelandic Board of Tourism would like to remind you that all of our women look like this. All of them.

However, the *ahem* new government of Iceland then convinced the populace that joining the EU was the only way out of their economic mess (as planned). And since we all know how well that strategy worked for Greece and Ireland, the entire population of Iceland has again dusted off their signs and torches…

Are they still out there?

Ya. Still there.


But something else has also been currently rattling Iceland: Earthquake swarms.

Swarms are when hundreds, possibly thousands, of minor earthquakes happen to a confined area in a small time period (sometimes dozens per day.)


Since these swarms coincide with HAARP activity, this had led some people to speculate that Iceland is being “punished” for it’s nationalistic and economic rebelliousness. How dare they? How dare they?!

Here’s an article detailing that: Iceland Swarming With Earthquakes


Although I believe the evil shapers of my reality are using their ability to create earthquakes as a weapon of sorts, I doubt that this was the original intent of this technology, especially since I keep hearing about earthquake swarms everywhere in the past decade. Iceland, California, Oregon, Arkansas, Wyoming, Kenya, Tanzania, Mexico….



So many have happened in Reno lately, it got it’s own TV special:


And the swarms off the coast of Yemen (combined with an international armada of warships – including one owned by Blackwater – in the area under the guise of “pirate protection”) are making people believe a stargate is opening up:

Hmm. Personally, I’m just not seeing it.


All these swarms lately seem to have the fingerprint of HAARP. What are they doing? It’s not to cause a larger earthquake – they can already do that. In fact, if you’re wondering which devastating earthquakes were man made, just look at the relief effort. If a Bush and a Clinton get involved, your country most likely has been earthjacked.

Yeah, that’s right…  Bush (who couldn’t care less about the black Americans in New Orleans) and Clinton (who couldn’t care less about Bosnians – Yes, I actually have to remind people he bombed the shit out of that poor country) all of a sudden decided that they couldn’t take one more day of Haitians suffering and HAD to do something!


As we speak, Haitian children are homeless and starving. Won’t you please help us rape help them?

Whoops! I put on my Listening to a man talk about public school funding face rather than my Listening to a man talk about how his world has been shattered face. I’ll have to get my publicist to contact that face coach again. Dammit, I forgot what this guy was talking about. I hope it’s tacos. I’m so hungry right now.


I would say that Bush/Clinton rule of thumb probably applies to the Indonesian tsunami as well:

These people are so poor and so brown, won’t you please help?

But if Israelis show up, that’s when you know you’re really screwed. Within 48 hours of the Haitian quake, Israel had assembled and sent a team of civilian and military medical personnel complete with 120 doctors and nurses, supplies, tents, search dogs, and the capability of treating 500 people a day.

This is the same country whose military is shooting Palestinian children for target practice, bombing the Gaza strip with white phosphorous, and whose rabbis were arrested in New York for organ trafficking.

But they care about Haiti.



age of volcanoes not so fun fact: Rush Limbaugh, drug addicted Republican radio show personality, occasionally takes day trips in his private jet from his home in Florida to the country next door to Haiti on the same island: The Dominican Republic. He claims it’s for cigars and other boring things, but seriously…. why would someone take a private jet just to spend an afternoon in The Dominican Republic?

age of volcanoes not so fun fact: The Dominican Republic has a growing problem of child prostitution and sex tourism.


There was another recent event that lends support to the Zeta’s assertion that Planet X is causing all the tectonic craziness we’ve been having lately: Birds falling from the sky.

On New Years Day at least 1000 blackbirds dropped dead out of the sky over a town in Arkansas, and just days later thousands more fell from the sky over a town in Louisiana.

There have been numerous other mass bird deaths in recent years, including some in Australia. What is causing this? The answer, provided by the Zetas, is one that I tend to concur with as well:

All the stress and shifting of the tectonic plates is causing not only giant sinkholes to form…

This is not photoshop. This actually happened in Guatemala. Yikes!

…but also small fissures to open up, which instantly releases methane and other toxic gasses forming a “cloud of death” for any flock of birds unfortunate to be in it’s path.

This would also explain the foul gas odor that New York City was experiencing (aside from it’s usual foul odors) a couple of summers ago in which no one could locate the source.

Does this mean the Zetas are right? Are we in the beginning stages of a pole shift due to a rouge planet wandering through our solar system?


What you have are the evil human powers that be fucking around with the crust of the Earth, and giving you whatever reason they want you to believe as to why seismic events are happening. Who knows if the Indo-Australian plate is really tipping? Certainly not the Vanuatuans. And if it is tipping, is it caused by nature, man, or something else?


Here’s another major reason why the information ZetaTalk is presenting to you “may not be entirely accurate”….

The Zetas claim the chemtrails were originally used as human depopulation experimentation, but now they are only being sprayed to mask the skies and prevent people from seeing Planet X and nothing else…

Really? Nothing else?


Not as conduits for some exotic energy they’re doing who knows what with?


That these rainbow clouds which appear before earthquakes are just God’s way of saying “Have a nice earthquake?”


Or how about these rainbow clouds that appear every day?


Maybe it is God….


If so, He should be really ashamed of himself for these clouds:


Whoops, I’m sorry God! Please don’t make the sky boil!



I don’t know about anybody else out there, but the skies above my home have been extremely active lately with chemtrails and weird cloud phenomena like the photos above. It’s not God. Unless G.o.d. is an acronym for High frequency Active Auroral Research Program.


Look at all these facilities….

You’d think a “research project” more active than the Hadron collider (and with more funding) would be eager to share their “research” with the public. Instead, the public hardly knows they exist. Hell, the public won’t even look up and say “What’s wrong with that cloud?”

I would also conclude that all this amplified energy they are shooting through the skies might possibly screw up the orientation of animals who can greatly sense electromagnetic energy or rely upon the earth’s electromagnetic field for navigation. In other words, it might cause blackbirds to fall from the sky.



What’s to be concluded from all this holiday madness? In my humble opinion, it’s to put you even further in a constant state of fear. To affect the collective consciousness of humanity as well as individuals, which will be discussed later in this series.

There is one thing to be truly concerned about however. In order to put you in that state of fear, the evil powers that be are perfectly willing to do some major damage to our beautiful planet.


I highly recommend this newly released documentary to get an excellent understanding of the negative effects showing up after decades of dumping millions of tons of heavy metal particulates into the atmosphere:

What In The World Are They Spraying?

At the very least you will learn not to use snow for drinking water when you go mountain climbing – it may contain up to 60,000 times the safe level of aluminum and barium. But the most unsettling part for me was seeing the bark being easily torn off from Hawaiian coconut palm trees. Palm trees and their bark are some of the toughest trees on this planet. Something is terribly wrong….


living tiki personal note: Perhaps I’m getting closer to the truth than I think… I actually had a UFO sighting (while taking a break from typing this!), and it was the “V” shaped man-made type I illustrated in the previous posts. It was about 8pm, and I thought at first it was a plane flying at a very high altitude, but the lights on it were flashing all wrong. The moment it was directly over my home the main white lights started flashing extremely bright at odd intervals, like it had stadium lighting underneath. During the flashes of extreme brightness, I could make out the distinct “V” shape. Even my neighbor couldn’t tell what it was and called out his family to look.

Hmmm…. a message to the living tiki from the secret space force?



But wait, with all this current nuttiness, I forgot to answer the title of this post:

What was the greatest earthquake ever known?

No, it wasn’t this one. But I had to include this picture because… damn!

The greatest earthquake ever known probably felt like the photo above, but imagine it not ending. The earth keeps shaking and breaking apart. Volcanoes start erupting. And then you realize the entire continent you call home is crumbling into the ocean….

It happened to a continent a long, long time ago known simply as Mu. That’s why the continent doesn’t exist anymore.

And oddly enough it relates to and resonates with the events that are happening today….

To be continued….


~ by the living tiki on January 5, 2011.

4 Responses to “PLANET OF THE LOST (3): The greatest earthquake ever known”

  1. Always a pleasure to visit your work & your energy.

    Have been doing much contemplating & personal re-aaranging of the pacific of late – so most interesting to see you pull a continent out of that hat 🙂

    Don’t stop the music!

  2. The Mu idea has stung me with interest! I never heard of this before. Lots of stuff I’ve never heard of before… duh, hehe. Anyways, there’s a location that says “Easter” on that Mu map, there are some islands near there by the name of Easter, no? I remember watching some military show on how the British went to go KICK SUM ASS and whatnot when some Argentine dudes tried taking it or something, I dunno its been a while.

    That lighting effect you mentioned in art is also used in video games, its called “blooming” I think. PRETTY COOL ARTICLES THOUGH! They are very interesting, it is fun to learn of new things, especially of ones as gigantic as lost continents.

    The lady pictures do help to keep my attention focused though haha… I wonder what Mu women looked like.

    • Much apologies for the late reply! Life has been scrambled for me lately.

      I’m glad my posts have sparked your synaptic pathways! Easter Island (native name Rapa Nui) is the island which has those large head statues all over it. It is believed to be the remainder of the southeast tip of Mu. The islands that England and Argentina went to war over in 1982 were the Falkland Islands, but they are located on the other side of South America in the Atlantic. Since the Falklands only have two things (rocks and sheep), I’m thinking the dispute was probably over some oil or gas discovered.

      It would be interesting to see someone do an in-depth analysis of video games… what they have evolved into. I’m certain the lights and colors are affecting minds in some way. Did you hear a while back that a Japanese cartoon’s pulsating lights was causing children to have seizures?

      Thanks for the comments and praise! As for your last thought, that will probably be the toughest information to discern: The people of Mu were rumored to be good-looking, tall, and Caucasian with slight Asian features. However, that begs the question; Where do all the other races, the Cro-magnons and Neanderthals, and humanities’ evolution fit into this nuttiness?

      Nonetheless, It is also rumored that some Muans (Muians? Mu-people? I give up) who survived the cataclysm relocated to what we now call Scandinavia, where the people are mostly good-looking, tall, and Caucasian with slight Asian features. It is also rumored that the Pacific Islanders are what became of the Muans who survived and stayed in the Pacific. They certainly look uniquely different from all the other races surrounding the Pacific…

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