GREY MATTERS: Small, Large, and Double D

An awesome illustration by an artist I forgot the name of. Sorry!








They say you’re stupid, that you’re too young to vote

And they say

You’ll swallow anything that they shove down your throat

And they say

That you can’t think, that you haven’t got a brain

That you’re just there to listen, that you’re just being trained

There’s something inside your head!

There’s something inside your head!


And they say

That you’ve lost the ability to even think

That your tiny little brain’s slipped down the kitchen sink

And they say

That you’ll buy anything that they turn away

That you’re listening to everything that they decide to play

There’s something inside your head!

There’s something inside your head!


Grey matter, grey matter, oh…

Grey matter, grey matter, oh…



Think you

Like it

Like it

To be told

What to do

Aint that true?



Think you’re



Better off

Stone cold dead

Without your head!


They say you’re stupid, that you’re too young to vote

And they say

You’ll swallow anything that they shove down your throat

(If they say!)

Quiet down!

(You’ll do it if they say!)

Turn around!

(You’ll do it if they say!)

Hit the ground!

(You’ll do it if they say!)

If they say, take a big weenie!

If they say, wasn’t that good?

If they say, bend over baby!

If they say, you’ll take it and you’ll like it!


There’s something inside your head!

There’s something inside your head!


“Grey Matter”

Oingo Boingo





2011 has been quite the barrel of pigeons so far, don’t you think?

Madre de Dios! Por que? Por que?!

First of all, I humbly apologize for the tardiness of this post. I was busy chasing the waves instead of surfing upon them, and it has produced a mighty strange musing that goes absolutely nowhere. Or maybe not…

I’ve also started off this year being a bit financially incorrect, so a good part of my spare time has been attempting to remedy that, so the blogging lameness may continue for a month. Or not. I think I need to do this now more than ever. What we choose to do with our “free” time is pretty much the only freedom we have nowadays, isn’t it? And there’s nothing to get one motivated more than lack of money comfort free time. Hopefully my wild wave chase will teach you (at the very least) not to be distracted by boobs (Not real ones attached to women, of course – By all means, distract yourself as much as possible without getting your face slapped.)

Strange days, indeed. But where’s my dame? What fun is the apocalypse without a dame?


Wow. From the sun arriving two days early in Greenland to UFOs buzzing Temple Mount in Jerusalem to Egypt’s President still not realizing, “Oh, what, you mean now?”, it’s been a pretty wacky year. And that’s just one month!

OK, Earth, let’s all just settle down here, alright? Everybody stop freakin’ out. It is seriously cutting in on my dame getting time, and I still haven’t acquired a ukulele which I intend to seduce said dames with melodic whimsy and charm. So stop it!

Soon, my wahine. Soon.


Here, I’ll help you out with a few current events (simplified, living tiki style):

All you need to know about Egypt:

In this Egyptian man’s hand are mostly shell casings that had been fired at protesters which, if you could examine the photo more carefully, would revel the embossing “MADE IN USA”.

WE, America, are responsible for Egypt’s current situation.

We and the bullets we supplied and the 100 billion of our money we have given to our leaders which they have given to a dictator to suppress his own people and look the other way when it comes to Israel.

That’s all, folks.



All you need to know about the UFO buzzing the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem:


PLANET OF THE LOST (2.67): Addendum to the field guide

Now if you prefer a much simpler explanation than reading a post, just know that there were human beings behind the control of that craft. They were putting on a show for us, just like the Phoenix lights. Think about this – if you were an alien visiting this planet, would you decide to have a light show on top of the most controversial structure on top of the most controversial hill on top of the most controversial land on the planet? 


All you need to know about the early sun in Greenland:

Hmm… not so simple. This one I’ll handle a little later on in the post…




Nonetheless, there is some cause for celebration.

Zeta Talk, George Lucas, and Steven Spielberg have all revealed their roles in this grand end-times theater of lies. They may have also inadvertently revealed that this entire apocalypse “thing” that’s happening right now

is complete bullshit.

But that’s not to alleviate YOU of concern. Oh fuck no. They want you and your children to lose all hope for the future. You see, last month, Seth Rogen ‘spilled the beans’ on something George Lucas said (Here, I’ll delightfully paraphrase Seth for your convenience):

So yeah, I’m Seth Rogen. The men get to see the hot chick from Grey’s Anatomy, and the women get me. Aint life a bitch? Anyway, I’m such the awesome Hollywood playa that I’m chillin’ with my best (rose)buds George and Steve, you know? And then outta nowhere George is talkin’ crazy, sayin’ the world’s gonna end in 2012! And I look at Steve, and he’s just rollin’ his eyes about his nerdy friend. And I’m actually using the word nerdy ’cause that subliminally implies that we think George is really smart so we should listen to what he has to say, but act like it’s crazy talk. But I believe him. Do you believe that I believe him?

To read the article, click here:

Seth Rogen believes every word Lucas and Spielberg say.

George, you do know what’s gonna happen, don’t you? My 12 year old nephew (You remember the one, don’t you? I quoted him as saying “Why would I want to go to a school dance when Clone Wars is on at the same time?”) is now going to walk up to my sister and say “I heard that George Lucas said the world is going to end next year. I don’t want everyone to die, mommy.” And then my sister is going to telephone me and ask, “Hey, just what the hell is going on?” And then I am going to calmly put the phone down, open the front door, and shout loud enough for all of Marin County to hear (and I don’t live anywhere near Marin County):

“George Lucas, you evil fucking ass-clown!”

You did this intentionally. You released this ravenous apocalyptic brain worm to intentionally cause stress, anxiety, fear, and hopelessness into all those who look up to you [They’re called children, in case you’ve forgotten.] And you’re not even sending this message directly, you coward, so as to introduce the even more insidious element of doubt. It’s win-win for you, isn’t it? The people still burn out, but you’re not to blame. Well, lemme tell you, if you hear my words wafting in through your window, know that I will then take it upon myself to personally attempt emancipating every single fan from your mind control and turn Skywalker Ranch into the biggest Star Wars merchandise landfill worthy of Guinness!


Apologies. I sort of have prior issues with those gentlemen.




Anyway, how does this relate to Zeta Talk and the apocalypse? Well, the Zetas have been making people fear a pending Planet X pole shift, and George Lucas revealed he knows a little something called predictive programming:

Huh, that sure reminds me of some photos I’ve seen recently.

Oh my god! It’s Planet X!

Or even worse yet, it’s the brown dwarf star Planet X supposedly orbits called Nemesis! Oh my god, that was also the name of the Star Trek movie which caused the demise of The Next Generation franchise! It’s just doom all around, people!







Cover up the first two and last two words in the above statement. That’s the true choice you’re being given.

I must reiterate; Nancy and Zetas are very good at what they do. Very, very good. Here, go ahead and check out the latest end times Q and A:

New Zeta Talk


But occasionally they do slip up and say something stupid, and I quote:

“And without question, Lucas and Spielberg are Star Children.”

Without question? Might I direct your attention to the right sidebar. Pick a post. I’m not going to bother explaining the Zeta’s definition of Star Children because it apparently now includes giving children high blood pressure.

I’m now beginning to see the underlying collaborative effort among all evil strata in this Armageddon mind-fuck, and it’s all smelling like bullshit.

Don’t get me wrong. Very real terrible things are happening. In the realm of flood disasters alone, parts of the countries of Australia, Brazil, Pakistan, Philippines, and Indonesia are having a really bad day. But Indonesia hasn’t had bad rains. Are the coastlines flooding due to the tectonic plate slowly sinking like the Zetas predicted? Well, I still can’t tell you if that’s truth or not, but I can tell you that Lucas emphasized to his new prodigy boy-toy Seth about “the tectonic plates”, which is odd considering he didn’t expand on that or state the cause of our demise in 2012. Because, you know… worry is so much more fun when it’s ambiguous. On the other hand, the Zetas prefer their worry specific. An open letter to Nancy:

Nancy, even if your little grey friends abduct me in the middle of the night and show me a hologram of the end times so destructively and terrifyingly real it makes me cry like a little girl, I will simply wipe the tears from my face and say, “bullshit.” I may even do it while coughing like they did in Animal House.

Now you may be wondering why I’m still paying attention to all these people (and possible aliens) if I know they are deceiving me with garbage? 

It’s because you still sometimes have to read between the lines and listen between the words to discern the reality they are all creating. We are all creating.

And it sure helps in cutting the crap. Like this:

Back in early November, this strange trail was seen off the coast of Los Angeles. Even though nobody seemed to care about it, the media tried their best to make sure everyone cared about it – complete with awesome story graphics! Even so far as consulting a Pleidean:

Well, at least the Russians did through their English language RT News. I’ve been seeing their reports all over the web, but since they’ve had this woman on as a commentator, I’d say it completely negates any credibility or story they’ve presented so far. It’s all bullshit now. Who is this woman they paid for “expertise” instead of yours truly, the living tiki?



I don’t think it was because of her grey matter.

She certainly has a stunning pair of eyes, doesn’t she? Let’s get a closer look:


Colleen Thomas; Human/Pleidean channeler, alien something something (Sorry, I got really bored.)

I’ll save you a lot of time, trouble, and YouTube videos that go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and I am now intently telekinetically willing her top shirt button to pop. C’mon button…. POP!

If you trust the living tiki’s assessment, I would say this woman, Colleen Thomas, is a CIA mind-controlled (sex) slave, much like Cathy O’Brien and Brice Taylor were before they broke free of the programming. Not only does she have the same sort of background, she even looks like them. She also has a nervous tic which she attributes to “post traumatic stress disorder” from an event during her childhood. Who says that? This is how she previously looked:

But I guess her handlers got bored with the anchorwoman look, and decided to turn her into Wonder Woman Pleidean.

If you watch her videos, in which the part where she gets naked the main bulk of information you have to pay for (Only $9.99! What a Satanic bargain!), you will hear this woman ramble endlessly about a lot of what I’ve discussed. So much that even I was having a hard time following it. My point being is that all this info sounds like she is just repeating what was hypnotically implanted in her mind. However, if you would like a personal consultation, you can meet with her for $300 an hour (No kidding – that’s her rate!)

Uh! Uh! Uh! You didn’t pay! You deserve a spanking, young man! A $300 Pleidean spanking.

Again, you’re probably saying “Tiki dude, why should we care? It’s obvious she’s part of a con. Duh.” Well, because her obviousness enables you to see the ones not so conspicuous:

J. K. Rowling

I’ve never read the Harry Potter books, but my sister did when she first started buying them for her son. She told me how well written they were, with a story and playfully worded names which drew you effortlessly deeper and deeper into the novel. It sure sounded like some hypnotic writing to me. Especially since everyone else around me was reading them too.

What Harry Potter comes down to is this:

Either J.K. Rowling, a welfare mom, had so much knowledge of children and storytelling that she was able to write a book which captured the imagination of the world (Harry Potter was extremely popular in places you wouldn’t think it would be, like Indonesia and Vietnam) and made her one of the richest women on the planet,


she was mind-controlled and implanted with the story of Harry Potter for whatever reason that suits the agenda shaping our reality right now.

Now, disregarding the fact that she claims the idea for Harry Potter came to her all of a sudden on a train ride, and disregarding the fact that the Harry Potter novels seem like an introduction to the fourth dimension, the living tiki will help you decide which answer is true by making it very, very simple: Look at her eyes.

If you look at all the photos of Colleen Thomas I’ve posted, it doesn’t matter what expression she has, her eyes rarely change. (I told you they were stunning, didn’t I?)

Google Images J.K. Rowling. You will be presented with hundreds of photos of her. In every single one, EVERY. SINGLE. ONE., her eyes never change.

Here’s an article which came out a few years ago which emphasizes the hidden knowledge in Harry Potter of dimensions and the paranormal (I’m providing a link to it on a person’s blog who emphasizes all the key words in the article with helpful links to explanations):

Harry Potter: An Introduction to the Fourth Density by Carissa Conti



Here’s someone else who always seems to have a mindless happy stare:

Bill Gates, blissful billionaire

Seriously, Bill, what’s up with this look? It really doesn’t convey intelligence, to be honest. And why are you always looking up?


Jeez, you even gave the same look when you were arrested for traffic violations in New Mexico in 1977:


And recently when you were chillin’ with your new homie Bono:

Hmm…. what does they the Celtic Rebel say about men who wear pinky rings? Bono sure is probing the camera with his finger.



Ugh. Bill and Bono are creeping me out (especially Bono’s disgusting soiled-looking finger). Let’s get back to boobies, uh… I mean J.K. Rowling:


Don’t worry Emma, you’ll have breasts like hers, and more! And it won’t be because Imax is getting impatient with your natural development:



It will be for the same reason there is something wrong about this Japanese girl:

Now, if you answered “Absolutely nothing!”, you would be 100% correct there, sir. But I’m looking for an answer not under the influence of a penis….

Japanese women normally have small breasts.

It’s the way their overall bodies are designed. That’s why women with large breasts typically have larger everything else. If they have a smaller everything else, it leads to back problems and other ailments. Japanese women’s breasts should normally look like these:

Whoops! Sorry… I mean they should look like these:

Dammit Google, I typed in SMALL breasts!

Jesus Christ, how can they be getting bigger?! OK let’s just leave the word “breast” out of this search altogether….


There we go. Phew! Thank you, Ayumi. They are awesome!


Why are Japanese women are getting such huge breasts? Well, it’s not from watching anime cartoons, although they might make your eyes bigger:

In fact (In case you happen to live in Antarctica or are under the age of 25), women’s breasts have been getting bigger not only in Japan, but in many western nations, not the least of which the U.S.  This (As much as it causes me pain to say it) is not natural and is something we (women and men) should be concerned about. Someone else already is:

(click for story from The Daily Mail):

Why are women’s breasts getting bigger?

And here’s another article (mostly done in jest) where apparently the larger breasts of New Zealand women are being contemplated as a tourist attraction:

Fuck Frodo’s house… Come to NZ for the boobies!

Miss New Zealand, Katie Taylor

Perhaps New Zealander Alex Robinson from Too Long In This Place can confirm this wonderful disturbing marvelous concerning terrific unsettling amazing breast size trend (I’m trying to think of this as bad news, I really, really am.)


However, like in a previous posting, the Icelandic Board of Tourism has contacted me about equal representation with another the same message to relay:

Miss Iceland, Ingibjorg Egilsdottir

The Icelandic Board of Tourism would like to again remind you that, although we haven’t noted any breast size increase, all of our women look like this. All of them. Just sayin’.



Here, you can even track the social engineering of young boys to think that ‘bigger is better’ through modern pin-up girl posters, starting with one that sold millions of copies:

I love you nipples, I mean Farrah.


Ah… Farrah was nice, but then came Loni Anderson…

I love you boobies, I mean Loni.


Currently, the pin-up girl has evolved into this:

I love you Malibu Barbie, I mean Michelle.




There has been a subtle attack on women’s breasts by the evil shapers of our reality, which appears to be part of a overall coordinated effort to screw up the bodies and reproductive ability of women in general (or at the very least cause health problems for them and their offspring.) They want women to think they’ve got two time bombs strapped to their chest:

It amazes me that doctors are still putting breast implants in women. Doesn’t surgically inserting crap inside someone’s body violate the Hippocratic Oath? And I know it’s all crap because when they first started making them, they were filled with silicone. Have you ever used silicone adhesive for anything? It smells awful and takes ten washings to get off your skin. What medical expert JACKASS said, “Hey, you know this disgusting, toxic polymer? Let’s put in inside women’s breasts!”

But don’t feel left out if you’re a woman with at least some substantial grey matter who doesn’t want to pay to make her breasts toxic. The evil powers that be will make them toxic for free. All you have to do is simply live in the reality they’ve created and absorb crap they’ve dumped into the environment, like rocket fuel:

Traces of rocket fuel discovered in breast milk

So don’t breast feed your new baby, ladies … it’s much better to feed them milk from animals milked all day every day (probably while they’re sleeping too!)



What I see happening, both in America and Japan, is an massive effort to program a destructive body self-image in the minds of female children.

They are programming Japanese girls to want to be like this:


And American girls to want to be like this:

age of volcanoes fun fact: If Barbie were a real person, her measurements would be 36-18-33. Oh, momma!

age of volcanoes not so fun fact: If Barbie were a real person, she would lack the 17 to 22 % body fat required for a woman to menstruate. Oh, uh …not the momma?



Now, you may have heard of the dozen or so physical attributes about a woman’s body which attract men the most. Some of these are (in no particular order): Large breasts, youth, vitality, large eyes, small nose, small mouth, long (blond) hair, small waist, etc.  Hmm… wouldn’t you say these are describing the two artificial female “role models” I’ve just shown above?

Obviously I doubt I need to expand on why attempting to reshape one’s body using something artificial as a template is unhealthy. I just simply need to show a photo of Victoria Beckham:

[She’s the one on the left]

Or maybe Tara Reid:

[Seriously, this is as close as you want to get to Tara Reid if possible.]

What the shapers of my reality are doing is programming every young woman to shape their bodies (or how they look) into every possible evolutionary signal which makes men want to mate with them. All women. All day. Every day. Combine this with all the other wacky sexual programming men have been inundated with, and it’s a wonder our gender hasn’t degenerated into barely functional drooling baboons.

Now you know why “men think about sex _____ times a day”:

Ladies, please have mercy. I’m only ten. I’m starting to pass out and I don’t know why.



What effect is this having on men? Personally, I’m getting kind of tired of thinking about sex umpteen times a day. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be definitely thinking about it in nanoseconds when I’m on a date, at the beach, at a nightclub, maybe even at the library. But not during breakfast, or at work, or driving, or taking a walk, or cashing a check, or buying auto parts, or shopping for groceries, or riding my bike, or OK.. I’ll stop.

But the “boobs” keep coming at me….

Like this guy:

Alex Jones; Investigator, truth-seeker, insane caveman with a 170 IQ

Something happened to Alex Jones. He used to be like this:

But then he morphed into this:

Again, look at the eyes. They remind me of someone else who acted quite insane (or mind controlled) recently…

Arizona murderer, Jared Loughner.

I won’t bother going into the details of why I suspect Jared Loughner was an unwitting accomplice in a CIA psychological operation. All I need to do is point out the very unlikely coincidence of it all: What are the odds of not only a U.S. Congressperson being (intentionally) in the line of fire, but also the completely by chance attendance of a Federal Judge (who was killed) as well as the completely by chance attendance of a ‘9/11 Baby(Babies who were profiled and celebrated because they were born on 9/11/2001):

Christina Taylor-Greene

September 11, 2001 – January 8, 2011

Why would anyone make the lives of these children forever synonymous with a day of great suffering and death? Did we have any ‘Pearl Harbor Babies’ ?



What forms of mind-control are being inflicted upon the masses these days? Was Jared Loughner individually programmed, or was he simply ahead of the curve when it comes to what’s being crammed into ALL our brains?

Well, I’ll tell you one thing… there appears to be new strange litmus test involving the eyes to determine if individuals have been mind-controlled or “corrupted” in some way: Have their eyes turned black while being videotaped live?

A while back, I (and a few others) began noticing a phenomena which started happening around the time of the digital television conversion; People (most notably news reporters) started ‘shapeshifting’ into something else (most notably with reptilian characteristics.) It’s like their human face is a hologram which starts to break down sometimes…

Here’s a link to a YouTube video which is a good montage of the “Shapeshifters” (with an awesome Judgement Day techno soundtrack):

Reptilian Shapeshifters, news at 11.

Here’s another that emphasizes the eyes:

CNN’s Brian Todd can’t decide what color his eyes should be

I plan on covering this more extensively in a future post about the alien reptilians (I personally think this phenomena is something else), but I did want to point out an aspect of this ‘shapeshifting’ which I saw happen to Alex Jones: His eyes briefly turned all black. I don’t know about you, but I just don’t trust people whose eyes turn all black on camera. Take a look:

Alex Jones and his black eyes

Oddly enough, let’s go back to Bill Gates:

The following is a clip from an interview where Bill is being questioned about the safety of vaccines which he is so heavily funding and promoting. Watch his expression go from the one above to one that couldn’t frown enough. He certainly doesn’t smile when that subject is brought up – unless he’s talking about children dying:

Bill Gates smiles when he talks about children dying

Did you happen to notice how his head and hands seem like malfunctioning holograms? Sure, it could simply be a digital processing error, but it happens to nothing else in the picture. Strange days, indeed.

I wanted to bother you with two more YouTube clips because I have a feeling these strange days are going to get stranger, and an advantage the evil powers that be have over us is our ignorance, and the fear it creates. We are not used to seeing cows being levitated into a ball of light:

This is a still shot from a clip showing what I believe is a genuine cow abduction. Again, know that the perpetrators behind this are human. There have been hundreds of thousands of cattle mutilations [This one was returned the next day in such condition] over the past thirty years. For what possible reason could aliens want thousands of cow eyes, lips, genitalia, organs, anuses, and millions of gallons of blood?

UFO cow abduction

We are also not used to seeing aliens, or chupacabras…

This next clip shows what I believe is actual video of a chupacabra-like alien being. It moves like one and is being monitored by the UFO caught by the camera in the beginning. Although the creature is a good candidate for CGI, I feel it is authentic due to the honest, synchronized reactions of the person filming. He even does something you wouldn’t anticipate with CGI added in later: Although he is obviously freaked out, he starts moving quickly towards the creature when it moves away in order to get as much footage as he can.

UFO with alien leaping away

(Yeah, you better run you creepy little space monkey!)



I began this post attempting to discern if all the recent geologic and weather weirdness is due to our planet possibly wobbling on it’s axis due to whatever reason. The recent snowstorms sure make the northern hemisphere look like it just tilted up north a few degrees….

But still unsure.

What happened? I got sidetracked by a dozen or more videos detailing SOHO anomalies:

SOHO stands for Solar and Heliospheric Observatory.

They have satellites in fixed positions constantly taking pictures of the Sun.


And although they produce some fantastic images of the Sun….

…it’s about as boring as it sounds. However, the cameras do pick up some extremely strange stuff, which can cause endless (pointless) hours of “What is that?” examining. Therefore, I will only provide one YouTube link: a video made by a British scientist frustrated by all the amateurs out there who think they can interpret satellite data properly with just one viewing.


living tiki personal note: the living tiki totally got caught looking at another student’s paper while taking the final exam for Geography 542: GIS Remote Sensing and Satellite Interpretation. (I was too. That class brain punched me. But the teacher was a cool grad student who let me slide with, “Eyes on your own paper, please.” Yet somehow I managed to get a B on my own in Geography 520: Coastal and Submarine Geomorphology. Huh, go figure.)

It is quite amusing how the British guy easily debunks dozens of other YouTube videos spreading fear, but his video has had only about 900 hits, while the others are up in the thousands.

What he will do is animate the daily photos taken over a few months and show you the dance of the inner planets (kind of amazing, especially when the Milky Way passes by). These images were taken by the SOHO camera that’s following a million miles behind the Earth. In the video, the Earth will be out of picture to the right, and the Sun will be out of picture to the left (but you can still see solar flares shooting out):

Stereo woes – the year so far


There is one reassurance to be taken from SOHO if you’re still concerned about wayward planets, dwarf stars, or asteroids causing a really bad day: NASA has their SOHO cameras pointed at or near the Sun. They are concerned about changes in the Sun, not rouge planetary bodies. I currently concur with them as well; Whatever is happening, it relates very strongly to the Sun.

So… what did I learn from the rest of this? Not to be distracted by boobs. The shapers of my reality would like to have me focused so much on figuring out life that I’m forgetting to live it. And they have plenty of “boobs” to distract me with. I plan on changing that. (Don’t worry, I still have a desire to continue my PLANET OF THE LOST SERIES.)



I’d much rather pursue the boobs that lower my blood pressure…

[If not animated, click on image for hilarious rhythmic boob awesomeness]



And that would be my advice to you as well:

Live in the moment and use your free time wisely.

The bouncy, uh.. I mean we up and down so mesmerizing, er…  I mean um, wjhi &% ‘2lde….

I don’t think I’m going to make any more boobies sense here.

Sweet dreams, everybody!

~ by the living tiki on February 9, 2011.

8 Responses to “GREY MATTERS: Small, Large, and Double D”

  1. Mighty Tiki,
    May your days & nights be filled with the popping buttons of buxom wahines.

    Thank you so much for this, I loved it & once again was refreshed – I’m not being kind here either – I am simply very grateful for your energy, charm & words. You know I don’t even think you need a ukulele.

    The eye thing, esp with J KROW-ling was amazing, I went, I Googled, I saw – I’ve certainly never felt right about her, way too much ‘knowing’ for such a non-living entity.

    God help me, I watched (suffered thro’) “It’s Complicated” at a girlie get together a wee while back – it’s got Steve Martin in it, I did my best to point out that his eyes were black all through the movie – but no one was listening – so damn creepy

    You lit up my morning with this article, I’ve been struggling of late, I really appreciated it – THANKS

    and ….

    all the very breast to you.

    • Alex, you are most welcome.

      Your time and energy are much appreciated and invigorating as well! Especially the shows you do with Alex (I’d like to call in when listening live, but I’ve got a crummy phone that needs replacing. My current life – Yarg!). Just hearing your voice (and laughter) lowers my blood pressure – no cleavage necessary!

      Wow, that photo of Steve Martin is spooky. I’ve never really cared for his comedy and acting, and now you’ve made me take notice of just how really odd a person he is (and why he keeps getting work). I have noticed a “black eyes” theme in a few sci-fi films that reveal a character’s corruption/possession by entities/aliens (The X-files had this theme around the time I got bored with the show, so I can’t remember what their explanation was.) It’s making me wonder if there’s a real-life equivalent. Black-eyed peas, anyone?

      I plan on updating this post and including an article I remember reading: Harry Potter; An Introduction to the Fourth Density by Carissa Conti. I checked it out again (this time after seeing the first two films that came out and being somewhat familiar with the story) and was stunned at all the “knowing” of JK. She’s either the most clever, imaginative, and gifted writer of our age or….

      As for my current breast fascination, just know it’s not particular or permanent. I guess in times of stress I simply yearn for a bosom as a pillow to rest my weary head. It also has a wonderful side effect – Breasts are so much in my thoughts that I actually “attract” (randomly, in my day to day activities) women putting what they got on spectacular display. It’s awesome! (Telekinetic button popping still unsuccessful – dammit!)

      Possible topic for Rebel Path: Alex mentions sometimes that women have the power, but that always leads one to think of that “power” as withholding sex. How about just a show of “force”: A day where all (legal age) women go (voluntarily) topless? It sounds ridiculous and unfeasible (I’m aware that includes mom, sis, and grandma too), but imagine the change and challenge to our consciousness that would occur. [OK, or maybe just my boob fixation has now gone epic.]

      age of volcanoes fun fact: Laughter makes boobs jiggle.

  2. I’ve noticed in older more classical/romantic era paintings how a woman’s breast were smaller than the ones you’d see in (often media) photos today.A family friend told me that vitamins are being added to foods like chicken and that it causes girs to develope earlier than natural,but I never thought about the information you just presented me.

    • I also remember classical paintings (or basically ALL paintings before 1960) showing women at least what we would define as “plump” (some would say “fat”), even the 1940’s pin-up girls. But with a healthiness about them, not like the food the “plump” girls of today are consuming.

      I haven’t heard about the vitamins, although I’m sure they’re doing something to chickens to produce more eggs or get fatter. You made me think of something else I should have included in the post (and might still): I have also noticed teenage BOYS developing breasts.

  3. Mr Living Tiki, you make it difficult for a shy girl like me to comment on your blog. None the less I have to say that I am enjoying catching up with your musings. I work, or rather, will soon be leaving behind a job, in a clinic, where plastic surgery is also carried out on a regular basis incl. breast implants. Beautiful young girls are coming in to be cut up for vanity’s sake. Its totally awful to watch as their boyfriends come out of the rooms to complain at the desk that they need to speak to a nurse because (the patient) poor girl is in extreme pain…just ridiculous and brainwashed idiocy IMHO.

    Its funny how you should bring up Coleen Thomas. When I heard of her I found it quite weird that a woman who is proclaiming the coming apocalypse should need to get implants in the first place. I mean, why bother, really? Is it a Plaedian thing?

    Its March now, I hope your year is improving since January? Mine is sort of swinging from a pendulum, sometimes up, sometimes down. But you are absolutely right about spare time…it really is the only FREE time we get. I wasted some time myself today, after receiving an e-mail from Gaddafi, I thought I’d post it on my blog. Check it out if you feel inclined. (No kidding! lol)

    P.S. Yesterday, I heard on the TV news (not Fox) that they are expecting mag. 5 aftershocks in New Zealand’s Christchurch this week. Now who was it that said they can’t predict earthquakes? Does all this geological activity have something to do with the CMEs and the Sun?

    • Good to hear from you, Marty! Sorry about the tardy reply… these weeks sure have been a roller coaster ride (“Hey, this safety bar lifts right up – there’s nothing holding me in – stop the ride, stop the ride!”) Glad to hear you are getting away from your clinic job. Every time you talk about it, it sounded like it’s draining your soul. Hopefully your next one will be making a true difference in people’s lives and health.

      I never considered that the woman is awake while being “implanted”. They should show all potential “patients” a video of the procedure being done (hmmm… but then they’d lose some “business”, wouldn’t they?) And I’m just amazed that people actually pay attention to Colleen Thomas because it hurts my brain to stay focused on her stream of thought for more than two minutes. Maybe that’s her trick: Mentally forcing men to stare at her cleavage to stop the pain, meanwhile she starts using hypnotism and nuero-linquistic programming when his conscious mind has turned off. Brilliant!

      Checked out your job opportunity with Gaddafi – That’s almost as awesome as me getting in the mail (to my address) an official government Selective Service card (i.e. potential draft card) for Chilly Willy (yes, the cartoon penquin in the Woody Woodpecker cartoons). How he was registered, *ahem*, I have no idea.

      I believe all this pacific rim tectonic craziness is related greatly to some recent solar activity. In an upcoming post I will provide some YouTube links to a British expert on this.

      Hope things are calm in Cyprus…

  4. Hi there everyone, it’s my first visit at this website, and post is really fruitful in favor of me, keep up posting these types of articles.

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