Kamikaze Culture and the Kobayashi Maru Apocalypse (Part 1)


I was, I was a kamikaze pilot

They gave me a plane, I couldn’t fly it

Taught how to take off, but don’t know how to land

This simply isn’t getting better and I just can’t understand

I was a kamikaze pilot, they gave me a plane

I couldn’t fly it home

“I Was A Kamikaze Pilot”

Hoodoo Gurus


I’m back to blogging. Apologies for the absence… did I miss anything?

Just kidding, it’s been bloody awful for everybody.

Sharpen your swords, Japan, you’ve just been earthjacked.

An awesome illustration by Daniel Mitsui

But first, a definition is in order:

Earthjacking: Utilizing prior knowledge of, and/or being responsible for, a massive, devastating, and destabilizing earthquake in a specific area for the various purposes of neutralization, elimination, control, and/or exploitation.



How do I know this happened to Japan? Easy (No boring HAARP data necessary). All I needed to learn was two things:

1) The Fukushima nuclear power plants were designed/built in part by Westinghouse/GE, USA.

The swastika and the sigil of General Electric.

2) The security for the Fukushima nuclear power plants was provided by Israel.

The hexagram and Masonic blue of Is-Ra-El.


Israel provides security at Boston-Logan airport and 9-11 happens. Israel provides security at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport and the shoe-bomber happens. Israel provides security “advisers” for the U.S. military in Iraq and Abu Ghraib happens. Israel provides security for the London bus system and 7-7 happens. Israel provides security for Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport and the underwear-bomber happens. OK, I’ll stop. But are you seeing a pattern here, folks? Like I stated before; When Israel gets involved, that’s when you know you’re really screwed.


However, based on the involvement of the USA, I’m going to take this one step further by stating that the Japanese were set-up and then knocked down like so many bowling pins. In other words, the entire “history” of Japan for the past 160 years has been hijacked and engineered. In fact, I’m gonna take this even further by stating:



This doesn’t mean very real and terrible things aren’t/will be happening. What this means is that all the bullshit going on right now wouldn’t normally be happening if our planet wasn’t currently controlled by evil-possessed bastards who have the knowledge and power to stage an apocalypse. And yes, I would include a lot of earth changes (but not all) in that bold generalization. And this apocalypse seems to be working out very well for them so far….

“Prepare to live”? You mean the living begins after the end? I’m confused.



But before explaining Japan, let’s take a trip to Israel lest I be accused of anti-somethingism. Truth be told, I love Jews. Well, one Jew. Oh, OK, half-Jew:

Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenburg

age of volcanoes super fun fact: Yeah, that’s Jane Seymour’s real name (“Jane Seymour” was the wife of Henry VIII). She was born February 15, 1951 in Middlesex, England to a Jewish obstetrician and his Dutch born wife. Ladies and gentlemen, this woman is 60 years old and can still out babe a lot of women half her age.

What do you think of my first attempt at my computer’s image alteration and paintbrush features? I needed to cover a stupid ad on the left, but I made it just for you, Jane. Happy Birthday.

Oops… sorry, everyone, I sort of have a thing for Jane. And I sort of still see her as a 23 year old:

See the framed print in the background? It’s the same Gauguin painting I chose as my header for this blog. Coincidence or….?

You know, Jane, my wishful vacation plans to Japan have been (obviously) suspended temporarily. Just say the word and I could go to England instead. Your husband doesn’t need to know. I could arrange a… um…

Oh, hey everyone, look! What’s that above your computer?



As I was saying, it surprised me to find out Jane was Jewish, since I am more accustomed to the Dr. Ruth Westheimer and Judge Judy standards when it comes to older Jewish women. In fact, some of the younger ones in Israel are quite appealing:

Israeli model Bar Rafaeli

Some have even had combat training….

(Maxim magazine, please let me know if I am in violation of your copyright so I can remove it. I really don’t want hassle from something called Maxim. That’s why I opted to not show the Israeli girl layout from Stuff.)

Wait… what am I saying? Not some of the Israeli girls. ALL OF THEM. Well, all those eligible to serve the mandatory two-year conscription into the Israeli Defense Forces upon turning 18, which pretty much includes most all: Cheerleaders and chess club members alike.

And, aside from this exotic beauty above (who would look stunning in anything but what she is currently wearing), a lot of Israeli girls look very much like American girls. I would even go so far as to say they live a comparably similar life.


In other words, these are the last people you would want in your army. I think I would draft female criminals before teenage girls.


Does this girl look like a warrior to you?

She shouldn’t, because when you can still identify something cute about a warrior, they’re not a warrior. This one is downright adorable:

Note that I used the term “warrior”, not “soldier”. Soldier has always bugged me since it has the word “sold” in it, as in you’ve sold yourself (Which is more true than ever in our nation’s corporate economy, with the younger generations having very few options in making a life for themselves. The irony is they will be fighting to preserve this destructive, parasitic, corporate economy.) A Sold Dier? Sole Dier? Soul Dier?


Regardless, these girls are still given combat training and issued their own automatic assault rifle, which they apparently have to carry wherever they go….


On duty, or off….


The ultimate cock-blocker.


This tells me that their combat training is exactly the same as the men’s. They are “on duty” at all times, and expected to be ready to use their weapon (and subsequent deadly force) if necessary.


Again, these are the last people you want in your army. Why? Because they’re teenage girls. They think differently than males. They behave differently. And they fight differently.

This isn’t to say that they can’t excel in their training, and possibly outperform the men in all areas except physical strength [Because of their physique and endurance levels, women are believed to be better suited for being pilots or astronauts], but the main point is that they are being forced by the IDF to think, behave, and fight like MEN. At one of THE most crucial times in their lives when it comes to establishing interpersonal relationships with the opposite sex.

Now, as I’ve been saying, drafting teen girls in your army would be a disaster. Drafting American girls, not Israeli. Why the difference (aside from the girl directly above not looking so cute)? Because Israeli teens are raised in a country completely surrounded by people that HATE THEM. Hmm…. I wonder why?




Imagine you live somewhat near a Native American Indian tribe reservation (which I do). No… scratch that. Imagine this tribe left America 1,500 years ago and now lives in Europe. All of a sudden tomorrow they announce that they have formed an alliance with England and have pressured the U.N. to draft a resolution stating that you need to get the hell off their land, ’cause they’re coming back. But don’t worry, they’ve set up “special” areas you can move too. Say, like Death Valley, California. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s wonderful! So wonderful, they’re going to build a huge Berlin wall dividing them from you so they don’t have to look at your ugly face, you stinking white demon!


Now, obviously my Native American neighbors would not be so oppressive. But then again, if they were gone for a long, long time and came back to find their brethren had been reduced to sports team mascots and statues in front of novelty shops, they might be a little peeved.


But Israel (or Zionists, rather) had no legitimate problem with the Palestinians. Just that they happened to be living on “Jewish” land for the past thousand years or so, and they need to leave. Now.

But nobody wanted the Palestinians (and they didn’t want to leave – who would?), so their nation has now become an extended genocidal experiment…


And their people merely practice targets…


Apparently the parents in Israel start the hate programming early, letting their children write messages on bombs intended for Israel’s enemies…

Dear Palestine, please die already. Love, Rachel.


Daddy says the most difficult targets are kids like us, because you have to lead them a little more.


And, naturally, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction…

War is over.


Everybody lost.


There you have it, folks. The nation of Israel is permeated with a kamikaze culture, and on the flight path to suicide. And we put them in charge of our security.


Episode II of my Star Wars postings showed how American girls are not only being turned into whores, but also being made more masculine than men (complete with weaponry!). Again, why is this?

Well, from my Paradise Lost posting, you know that each and every woman on this planet is essentially a reflection of Mother Earth. If you had an evil spiritual agenda, and you were attacking/possessing/controlling a physical species, the female would be target numero uno. Just keep making the men believe that they are in charge while covertly working on the true hand that rocks the cradle, and determines the development/evolution of humanity…

(Volcano Vaporizer, I’m only giving you free ad space because your poster fits my topic very nicely. And your name rocks, of course.)

That is what the shapers of our reality have turned Mother Earth into.


And she requires a sacrifice of the positive divine feminine, like that virginal goody two-shoes Jane Seymour! Take her to the volcano!


When you were young, and your heart was an open book

You used to say, live and let live

(You know you did, you know you did, you know you did)

But if this ever changin’ world in which we live in

Makes you give in and cry

Say live and let die

Live and let die

What does it matter to ya?

When you got a job to do, you gotta do it well

You got to give the other fella hell!

“Live And Let Die”

Paul McCartney


(You know you dead, you know you dead, you know you dead)



Thelma and Louise. Ellen Ripley. Lara Croft.

Whoops! The last two are programming for us guys. For females it’s gotta be a little different, and you have to start young, of course….

Firepower is cute!

Oh, if only they made a Hello Kitty one!

Holy crap, they do!

I’ve gotta stop taking my jokes to the extreme because I always find out it’s not a joke.

Yet there’s still a punchline:

Why the hell are we putting women in combat? (And yes, I would consider an occupational force combat – If you receive combat pay, you’re in combat.) I’ll tell you why, but first you need to know each of the two sexes’ obligations to the Creator:

Women create and nurture the life.

Men protect and preserve the life.



Putting women in combat is not only another form of corrupting the feminine, it is also making the wars they fight in more “sellable” to the public. A war becomes noble and worthy when even Mom is picking up a weapon and entering the fight.

Folks, when you’re putting your breeders on the front line, what the hell are you fighting to protect then?


Apparently America and Israel aren’t the only ones telling the world to shoot their breeders first (click on link for a gallery of photos of women in various armies around the world – careful, it will make you want to join the Indonesian army):

International women in uniform



Aside from everything I’ve been discussing, do you think a female soldier (most likely a mother) would act any differently from a male in a life-or-death war situation if children were involved? Are you willing to bet your life on that assumption? Even I can’t predict how I would react.

There’s no crying in democracy!



There’s one more reason that should be blatantly obvious why women should be nowhere near combat: They have a good chance of being raped. Not by the enemy, mind you, but by their fellow soldiers.

I can’t give you an accurate percentage of how many women who enter the military these days are raped (will we ever know?), but I do hear a lot of news reports about it, and if it already sounds bad, the accurate truth is usually ten times worse.

I included the above photo to give everyone just a sense of the intermingling of sex and war affecting the minds of young male soldiers today. As a veteran myself (but never in combat), I am still unable to predict how the most powerful influences which drive a human male would affect me in a war zone all mixed up like that.

I can tell you, however, that I’m seeing the “thousand-yard stare” in many of our current returning war vets more and more. In my opinion, this stare is not the result of shell-shock, but rather the witnessing of truth. And you can only know the truth of war if you’ve been in it.

Alex Robinson from the blog Too Long In This Place recently stated that people are only able to handle real truth in very limited doses. Any more, and it would make their minds explode. I would agree.




But what “look” do the women of the IDF have? Thanks to their military training (and upbringing), you have a 50/50 chance of getting one of either the two looks displayed here:

1. The alluring smile of the Jewish princess.

2. The assessment of you as friend or foe, and the best way to take you down if necessary.



And what about the men of Israel? How has all this social engineering of turning women into men affected them?

(No, that’s not George Lucas Entertainment, but you do have to wonder why someone who copyrights and trademarks the hell out of everything he produces would give Michael Lucas a free pass to make gay porn. It’s not like little boys doing a internet search for the creator of Star Wars would happen across this. No, not at all.)


Well, I guess I got to ask it again…

Does this look like a warrior to you?


Where is the biggest gay pride festival in the world? Tel Aviv. But these two are partaking in Purim, a day of celebrating the smiting of the enemies of Jews by order of Queen Ester. It is celebrated by pissing off all the people surrounding their country who HATE THEM.

Notice how Purim coincides with the vernal equinox, which coincides with spring break, which coincides with drunken revelry, which (oddly) coincides with the start of recent wars, which (not so oddly) coincides with the occult? Everything about our very culture has been screwed around with. Here’s a good article to check out:

Occult numbers and symbols related to Purim



Before departing Israel (please check your carry on luggage for tracking devices), guess who decided that the best vacation spot in the world last month was smack dab in the middle of a lot of pissed-off Muslims?

Normal people go to Yellowstone. Sarah Palin goes to Israel.

She did offer some valuable insight into the U.S. invasion of Libya, though: “If you’re in it, then win it. If in doubt, get out.” Hmm… maybe that’s why nobody is paying attention to the insights of Ghandi these days. He didn’t speak in nursery rhymes.

I’m not sure if Israel has wolves, but maybe the Israeli government was able to treat Sarah to some aerial Palestinian hunting.



But where was our Commander-in-Chief during the earthjacking of Japan, and the uprising of the Middle East?

Well, he did vacation in Rio to take care of something more important than the collapse of civilization, but nonetheless managed to get in a few rounds here at home…

Japan? Forgeddaboutit!

But then again, maybe he was actually mind-controlled to forget about it; Check out these scars you didn’t even see on the Six Million Dollar Man:

Here’s a link to some more photos that will evoke either the words “Manchurian” or “Stepford”:




However, Obama did feel the need to ensure the world is continuously protected from this man:

Pvt. Bradley Manning

Remember Wikileaks? Remember how an American serviceman was providing the bulk of the leaks? That’s him. But he wasn’t providing troop movements or armament inventories. He was providing proof of our government rendering and torturing people, killing innocent civilians, and a few other petty little things called WAR CRIMES.

But don’t worry America, we got him! And through solitary confinement, sleep deprivation, and overall mind-fucking for the past year he is nearly comatose and can barely remember his own name…

He’s not going to cause you any more trouble, that’s for sure!


Our Commander in Chief also recently let a soldier go to prison for attempting to force the President (or the courts, rather) to present his birth certificate to prove he is legitimately the Commander in Chief. Granted, the man disobeyed orders by going AWOL (oh, the audacity to question your own commander!), but still our President would rather this man sit in a prison cell than simply show his birth certificate and resolve the stupid issue.

In case you haven’t guessed by now (hopefully Libya was a big hint), our President is not acting in our best interests. He is receiving his marching orders from somewhere and someone else. So are most all of our government and media. It’s the birth certificate issue that gives it all away…

When some nobody from Kenya Indonesia Hawaii California Illinois has the influence and money before the Presidential election to make judge after judge dismiss each case, to make the Governor of Hawaii seal his records away, to make the media poke fun at the “birthers”, and to make his fucking OPPONENT in the Presidential race tell everybody that he was born in the United States and to not press the issue, HE WASN’T BORN IN THE UNITED STATES.

And Obama’s masters have shown what they think of our troops (and the subliminal perception of them) by sneaking in a little backwards flip-flop of our flag on U.S. soldier’s uniforms sometime between the first Gulf war and the second:

They told our troops it was a “battle flag”, like it’s streaming behind you in battle. But it must be on the right arm so it’s backwards and we have to waste an ungodly amount of money ordering new backwards American flag patches for millions of uniforms.

Anything backwards subconsciously implies the reverse or negative of that thing. And I’m seeing this backwards flag trend on more and more non-military things, such as police cruisers and paramedic student uniforms. Christ, I even saw it on the uniform of an auto repair company. Yeah, no kidding, an auto mechanic’s shirt. WTF?

But this particular U.S. flag has always been backwards:

A flag hanging in such a fashion is the flag of a defeated nation. This one happens to be hanging in the U.S. Congressional auditorium. But even our flag itself is mind control. Layers upon layers of programming.



The evil shapers of our reality like to mix up the various programming as well, such as recently releasing this film:

The poster is subconsciously telling you this movie isn’t about pumping up your testosterone…

…it’s about making your heart beat faster for a different reason altogether.


(As I was typing this post:)

age of volcanoes action news flash: April 6, 2011, Helmand province, Afghanistan: Staff Sgt. Jeremy D. Smith and Navy corpsman Benjamin D. Rast were killed by friendly fire when they were mistaken for insurgents while approaching their unit. Both were killed by a Hellfire missle fired from a Predator, an unmanned aerial drone.

I guess I gotta say it again: War is over. Everybody lost.



The 9/11 meme has almost become a standard in movies these days…

But Holy Wood has to crap out other programming as well, just in case you don’t like patriotism with your aliens…

I’ll defer you to the blog of the Celtic Rebel to enlighten you as to why the focus of this poster is the alien’s butt.


The shapers of your reality want you to view highly advanced beings as cartoons.

The voice of the movie’s alien is supplied by Seth Rogen, who really seems more than eager to participate in the mind-raping of humanity when it comes to our perception of reality. Don’t worry Seth, I’m sure uncle George has a nice little bunk reserved just for you on the Millenium Falcon to escape when your masters decide to kick this bullshit apocalypse up a notch.



Which brings me back to the beginning of this post, and the other side of the planet….

OK… first, to all my fellow West-Coasters who are freaking out about radiation from Japan: It’s called karma, commonly known as irony. You may remember we sent a little radiation their way about 56 years ago, and through General Electric we are also responsible for the current radiation as well. All this has happened with our consent.

The Japanese are just simply returning it back to us.


age of volcanoes post correction: (Sometimes I get data wrong… Yeah, I know, I was just as stunned as you are.) The atomic bomb was dropped on Japan 66 years ago, not 56 (the switchover from years 19_ to 20_ is still messing me up.) But instead of simply correcting it when I noticed the error, I wanted to emphasize the weird occultishness of it being almost exactly 66 years (5 months short) from when we dropped the atom bomb.


In addition, you know that cell phone you’re using to place an order for iodine pills? It would probably be healthier to strap a microwave oven to your head.

However, there is some real legitimacy in their concern. Nuclear radiation starts to first have an effect on the thyroid gland. Fluoride has an effect on the pineal gland. Could this be a coordinated attack on the human glandular system for whatever reason?

America sure is getting bombarded with toxicity.



I happen to frequently see a store clerk who is from the Marshall Islands (a U.S. Territory). He told me he was moving back, despite the fact the the Marshalls appear to be sinking. He said, “What can we eat? Our food is poison on both coasts, with radiation from Japan on the west and Corexit and oil on the east.”

Right now, I wish I could follow him.

And that statement pretty much sums up “THE conspiracy” against you and I. All this bullshit going on right now is designed to distract you from simply attending to your own basic needs, and following the passions of your heart. In other word, living.

You see, in the Marshall Islands, you have a good probability of seeing some awesome natural sunsets, starry nights, and beautiful, beautiful flowers…



And here, you have a good probability of nature making you throw up, like the fact that some people decided to genetically engineer cows to produce human breast milk. Yeah, no bull. Yuck.

And everyone probably thought I was joking when writing about how the evil ones hate breasts. See… no joke! (OK, maybe I was taking some liberties with showing multiple pictures of breasts… but this information needs to get out!



For informational and clarification purposes only, these are examples of the subject to which I am referencing.

Oh, no… I’ve written myself into a post corner. I need a segue to get back to Japan’s nuclear reactors! Hmm… what can I do, what can I do?

The San Onofre nuclear power plant in California.

Hm. That was easier than I thought it would be.


What is clear is that General Electric designed/built a few really crappy nuclear reactors for the Japanese called the Mark 1, which was built near a fault line known to cause extremely powerful earthquakes and tsunamis, and built near a lot of Japanese people and their food.

How the hell did the Japanese think this plant would be a good idea?

The above statement becomes even more perplexing when you realize that the Japanese have never liked foreigners meddling in their affairs (or even intermingling in their population); It was less than a mere 160 years ago that Japan allowed foreigners on their soil after thousands of years of isolation.

So why would they let an American company design/build a plant on their land, despite the fact that a GE scientist and two of his colleagues quit in protest over the Mark 1 design? It was most likely because we defeated them in a war and wrote their new constitution. That probably gave us a little influence. Here’s a good article describing how the powers that be used that influence to screw us all over with the nuclear industry:

The no BS info on Japan’s nuclear meltdown

But wait, that’s right! How the hell does a culture go from not really wanting to deal with the rest of the world for thousands of years, to wanting to first take over half of it militarily, and then wanting to take over all of it economically? And just in the past 80 years or so?

It’s because this whole end times is orchestrated bullshit, and the shapers of our reality haven’t been orchestrating it over decades, but millennia. In other words, in 1867 they already knew they needed to manipulate the Japanese into war, so that in 1967 they could build a crappy nuclear plant there, so that in 2011 they could destroy it.

If this sounds a bit far-fetched to you, know that it is just the same as in 1958 David Rockefeller knew he needed to start the plans for the World Trade Center, so it could be completed in 1973 and then destroyed in 2001. Do you think the (true) masterminds of 9/11 just randomly chose buildings to destroy, hoping that they would suit their nefarious plans?

Keep in mind that Nathan Mayer Rothschild started the groundwork on establishing the state of Israel roughly 70 years before it happened.



It’s easy to understand all this by doing something very simple: Speed up history.

It makes you able to comprehend how the men of a culture can go from this:

To this:


And the women from this:

To this:

Ha! Fooled you! These aren’t women. They’re cross-dressing men.



I will expand on the earthjacking and culture-jamming of Japan in Part 2, but some of you may be wondering why I’ve called it the Kobayashi Maru apocalypse. It’s a reference from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Con, whoops, Khan. It means your only option is a no-win scenario.


OK, OK, maybe I called it that to show this awesome GIF animation as well. Maybe. (Click to experience awesomeness.)


Doesn’t that sound like the scenario we are being presented with currently?

Oh, to hell with it all… the world’s not even going to be here in two years!


But if you’ve seen The Wrath of Khan, Captain Kirk gave you another option to the no-win scenario: Don’t play by their rules.

Yet this is the advice they want you to stop at, instead of going a bit further and listening to the advice of the computer from the movie Wargames:

Don’t play the game.

“The game” is this artificial reality they’ve created and made you want to win oh so badly. Which makes it all the sweeter for them to rip it all away from you, because it was never really “your” reality to begin with.

Find your own game, and go play…


To be concluded in Part 2 (and I’m really trying to get it out quick – People are starting to ask Jesse Ventura for his insights about what’s “really going on”. YARG!)


~ by the living tiki on April 11, 2011.

11 Responses to “Kamikaze Culture and the Kobayashi Maru Apocalypse (Part 1)”

  1. Cuttingly clear – I thank you.

  2. Excellent post…I’m starting to feel like there is no point living after the Fuk-u-shi-ma ‘event’ has done the inevitable to the rest of planet earth!

    • Don’t give up hope! Well, yet anyway…. I always tend to find that for every artificial doomsday scenario they create, there is also an easy way to fix it that they are keeping from you. Case in point: I heard Richard C. Hoagland talk about torsion field physics on Coast to Coast AM a couple of weeks ago, and how they can be created to reduce severe radiation levels to safe ones within the span of a day. He stated this was demonstrated on television (I forget which program – dammit!) and that’s why the Japanese authorities first said tap-water radiation was unsafe, but then came out the next day and said it safe (He explained it with “secret forces for good” utilizing this technology).

      I’m not sure what to make of all that (because Richard also made it sound like HAARP was trying to prevent the Japan earthquake – yeah, right), but this torsion physics stuff is also linked heavily to 9-11.

      I, too, caught on to the “Fuk-u” part of the plant’s name, but it took your spelling it out to make me realize it essentially says, “Fuck you mother (Earth).” Fuk-u-she-ma. Very odd.

      So much BS. So little shovels.

  3. Really nice article here. Good point about the connection between women and mother earth, turning them into a bunch of manic teenage violent whores [worse than prostitutes, cause they give it away]. Probably another reason for the “front butt” meme, recucing the vagina to another shithole, that occasionally gives birth to new feces/faces.

    It really is sad what they’ve done to Japanese Culture. It has been decimated and even mainstream authors realize the population trend will lead to the complete destruction of the Japanese soul over the next century. Of course, they’ll avoid talk of the biggest culprit, the effeminzation of the male.

    One more postconspiratorial thought, beyond the stage two bullshit of IsRaEl being a trinity of mythic gods … we can see that Is Real is a neuro-liguistic construct, one created to train the sheep mind over time that this country created out of nothing somehow has the right to even exist.

    Thanks for the reMinder of a great Hoodoo Gurus song…

    • Thanks for dropping by, Rebel! And for taking the time to leave some thoughts.

      I’m not even sure the culture of today’s Japan is their culture anymore. But it seems that point is becoming moot more and more these days with the unknown, but bleak, future created by the quake/tsunami/meltdown. Will the Japanese respond to this tragedy (like most post-war countries) by having more babies to “replenish” the loss in population? Not likely if half the men have been effeminated and the other half have been irradiated.

      Never saw (or heard) the “realness” of Is-Real. Nice “sight” on that. I keep hearing, however, people mindlessly repeating the meme “Israel’s right to exist” without even asking themselves by what right (I sometimes listen to talk radio at work – It gives you a good sampling of the thoughts of the masses, but can be soul crushing at times).

      I recommend “Stoneage Romeos” by the HooDoo Gurus to everyone out there – It’s where I got the word:

  4. good israel good iran good usa

    i love you pepole israel

    ما با هیچ کشوری دشمن نیستیم حتی اسراییل مردم ما در کمال صلح و صفا با یهودیان در ایران زندگی می کنند درود بر آزادی و درود بر تمامی ادیان و ملل

    • Thanks for bringing the love here as well, Ali!
      Since I don’t speak Persian (?), I’m hoping your Persian reflects the sentiments of your English.

      People are people. And the people of Israel, Iran, and the USA are good people. Unfortunately, all of us are being controlled by some really awful governments filled with some really evil people.

      Thanks for the reminder there’s still some good people out there!

  5. Salami is hot hot sun just to write Madrym
    Dshmnn are not my people Israel nor America nor any other nation
    Perhaps because I say the word torture or even execution for the crime I’m God
    I say the enemy is neither Jew nor Buddhist – not Christian – the price – of Hindus and even atheists, but all are in the form of God and religions

  6. Douchebag

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