Belay My Last….

New Zealanders discover earthquakes can sometimes have a sense of humor.

What the helldamnfuck?

You may be wondering where part 2 to my last post is and why it’s taking so damn long. Well, the last week and a half has been a nightmare, to put it mildly. Just one example: After my last posting I lost my internet connection until only two days ago (An Easter miracle!) due to problems with my ISP as well as my computer. This happened a day before I was about to launch another blog selling some of my artwork.

Yeah, I got hit with Murphy’s Law and every amendment attached to it.


But it wasn’t Murphy’s Law. Bad luck this awful condensed into a week and a half has to be something more. Is it due to a bad astrological alignment for my sign? Is this a psychic attack? Could I be subconsciously sabotaging myself? Should I not have laughed at that witch-doctor waiting at the bus stop?

I did find it odd that the only negative blog comments I’ve received have been solely in the past three months.

Regardless, I need to put the past hell week behind me and forge ahead. But I do have two possible culprits to blame for my internet woes, to which I have one statement and one apology:


It’s a stretch, but still I can’t disregard my internet going down right after spotlighting you in a post. If you are responsible, you really need to get your priorities in order. Take secret advantage of the situation in Libya first, kill more Palestinians second, buy off more American politicians third, and then way way down the list if everything is coming up roses for you, then waste your time with the living tiki. OK?

Now, I’m not paranoid (or egotistical) enough to believe a country’s government is messing with me, so I highly doubt they’re to blame.

I am, however, paranoid enough to believe that a planet is messing with me….


I am so, so sorry for challenging you. It will never happen again. Yes, I stupidly thought that I could charge ahead and take care of business right in the middle of one of your retrogrades (I actually needed to). It was foolhardy and you taught me a valuable lesson not to mess with your awesomeness.  Thank you for being nice enough to give me my internet back. I hope you weren’t jealous of the attention I was giving to the other planets. I thought your solar transit was the coolest part of the movie Sunshine:

And one of the funniest scenes in Futurama is where Fry and Amy run out of gas on your surface:

Q: What was the model name of Amy’s new spacecar?

Anyone? Anyone?

A: Thundercougarfalconbird.

age of volcanoes fun fact: Hg is the periodic table classification for the element mercury.


Who dislikes Mercury? No one, because you are so damn awesome! So awesome, we recently photographed you with our brand new Mercury probe, which took the first ever photo of your surface from orbit:

And when you have your picture taken with the Sun, the picture can be appropriately labeled “rock, star”:

ROCK STAR! That’s you, Mercury!

So we’re cool now, right?


(Please don’t hurt me further)

With Mercury headed in the right direction again, everything seems to have calmed down for me (and somewhat for the world), so I can’t help but ponder all the negative craziness that has happened in the first quarter of this year. What is happening here? Why are all these seemingly unrelated major tragic events happening almost in tandem with one another? And why do some individual’s personal lives seem to be a microcosm reflection of the major events?

First I would say we have to disregard the events themselves to discern the truth because most all of those events (like the Middle East uprisings as well as the Japan quake/tsunami) are being artificially created/manipulated. Therefore, what’s left is energy. Planet Earth basically has had several “hot spots” which “flared up”, much like the Sun. Where is this energy coming from which is affecting both our planet and ourselves at the same time?

The evil shapers of our reality most assuredly can create and manipulate massive amounts of energy to suit their needs, as evidenced by this radar image weirdness from April 4th….

Those blue spots aren’t clouds. Clouds move. (And so would this damn GIF animation if I could make these things work on my blog – try clicking. The only ones that do work are those depicting boobs jiggling. Huh, go figure.)

…but I doubt even they are responsible for these energy “waves”(?) which rise and fall intermittently and appear to coincide with solar system activity, like solar flares. However, they are very much aware of them, how the energy affects people and the Earth, and plan their evil (and Royal weddings) accordingly.

POST UPDATE [April 28]: As of today there have been over 600 tornadoes (which have killed over 300 people) this year in the U.S., the most ever recorded. Most of those have been in the past month due to the jet stream forming an extremely winding path across North America:

Wouldn’t you say that path is trying to avoid the southeastern half of the U.S.? (You can see the clouds move along the path in the GIF animation above) That’s because there’s a high pressure area there, and the mixture of air from the jet stream causes severe weather:

The severe weather map from a week ago kind of matches up with the radar image map from three weeks ago, doesn’t it? That’s what those funny blue spots on the radar image are all about. They are the result of HAARP and other exotic energy technology creating that high pressure zone early this month, so we would experience devastating weather near the end of this month.

And that’s how you turn a normal tornado season into a catastrophic one. All of which is being done without your knowledge, but with plenty of your tax dollars.

Hmm… I’m now going to make a “psychic” prediction: Nothing bad will happen during the Royal Wedding and the weather is going to be absolutely gorgeous!  

Excuse me, mister shopkeeper, but do you have any souvenir Kate dolls other than the “Drunk with Royalty” model?

Better, but I’m getting a creepy Stepford-lolita vibe off of this one. If the doll’s going to be anatomically fantasized, do you at least have one that makes her less innocent and more slutty?

Perfect! And it includes her mind-control action power ring too! Sweeeet!

OK, England, seriously…. you need to stop this commemorative doll stuff. Right now. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Jane Seymour commemorative babeness doll, but you don’t produce that one, do you? Instead you produce dolls that make me feel like I should arrest myself for just looking at it:

  Yes, you are seeing that correctly: A baby Princess Di, looking like Jon-Benet, kissing a rose.

I said right now!



Have you ever noticed how “natural disasters” never affect the evil ones controlling us? You never hear about the Bush ranch in Crawford getting wiped out by a tornado, Bohemian Grove being devastated by wildfires, or Obama making a visit to Tokyo right when a earthquake hits. And of course New York had crystal-clear blue skies on September 11th so everyone could see with perfect clarity the events taking place – no pesky fog or rain to mess up a perfect Kodak moment! Well, maybe a hurricane on standby:  

For more on this hurricane, read my posting “Wake Me Up When Remember Ends….”


I’ve been trying to ascertain the origin and nature of these “energy waves”, which seem to be happening with greater frequency and duration, but I feel it’s more important to first determine when one is just beginning, or about to happen. Then you can watch the world react (and re-check your emergency supplies, just in case.) Unfortunately, right now I only know when one is currently taking place, which doesn’t give me enough time to grab my surfboard.

I’m tired of being tossed in the undertow. I want to ride the next one.

Damn the sharks, full speed ahead!

Hopefully I’ll finish Part 2 of Kamikaze Culture within another week. Just need a little more time to wax my board… (that doesn’t sound dirty, does it?)



~ by the living tiki on April 27, 2011.

8 Responses to “Belay My Last….”

  1. Mercury Retro has also caused some havoc for me. But my horoscope did predict it so I was ready for anything – and thats exactly what I got! I have been absolutely LOVING the negative comments you’ve been getting – they are pretty darn funny, add to that your replies, they got me rolling too! I think you know what I mean by this! 😉
    We’ve even had minor earthquakes here in Cyprus, and news reporters asking if we’d ever experience a tsunami! Topping this are the demonstrations against Turkey’s plans to build a nuclear reactor 30 miles off the Cyprus coast ON AN ACTIVE FAULT LINE…
    But never mind the pending doom…Where did you get those pictures of the Kate dolls? They are NOT anatomically correct…she has NO hips and no T*ts, plastic or otherwise!
    I tried to make a silly comment on Youtube and got blocked – first time I have ever been blocked from speaking my mind!

    My thought for the day which I must post around – “Isn’t it funny how – to get to Oz – you need a tornado?”

    Marty aka Marie

    • The planets sure have been dancing around lately (Dancing with the stars?). I even missed the fact that last weekend we experienced an alignment with most of the planets and the moon, which I’ll detail in the next post (It seems like the powers that be tried to cram in as many important events as possible.)

      It’s surprising me less and less how many nuclear plants are built in the worst possible locations. For some reason it’s making me think of Saruman creating his army in Lord of the Rings: Hmm… Let’s see… I’ll dam up the river, then clear all the trees in a straight path to my tower, and then have my furnaces and Uruk-Hai birthing chambers beneath my tower creating an unstoppable war machine! Well, unless someone simply destroys the dam and ruins everything. I sure hope nobody destroys that dam.

      Marty, I found it interesting that you misread “anatomically fantasized” (which is what I wrote). I originally wrote “correct”, but then thought that she wasn’t correct… she was more “fantasized”. It’s odd how even if we change phrases, our minds still see them the original way.

      Silly Marty! Don’t you know YouTube wasn’t created for speaking your mind? It’s to show the powers that be how well the programming is working. (And, of course, to record you on their “Thinking for themselves troublemaker” list.)

      I wonder if tornadoes have become so linked with Oz that it is recalled in people’s subconscious whenever they happen: My sister in the midwest (tornado alley) just mailed me a greeting card with one of the flying monkeys from the movie on it. An interesting synch!

      Glad to hear you were a little more prepared for retro-nuttiness than I was!

  2. It has been one hell of a year has it not – someone changed all the rules & I can’t find a new set of instructions anywhere. Truly I can’t say if it’s good or bad, but it has certainly brought a lot to the surface – I have a feeling this is a time of ‘revelation’, when truth is bursting out of the seams of our lives whether we like it or not.

    If you can figure out when the next one is about to hit PLEASE drop me a line, likewise if I figure I’ll send you a sign 🙂

    • Doesn’t this “revealing” seem to go much smoother when you accept the truths revealed (especially those about yourself), rather than resisting them? There seems to be a lot of people these days who would rather die than know/accept the truth.

      Even though I don’t surf (I have tried it several times though, and when some dude from Sweden surfed better than me, that’s when I decided to pursue other pastimes), I doubt I would be influenced by mammary magic in selecting my brand. I’d choose my wax purely for it’s stickiness.

  3. LoL at that photo from Alex…she knows how to push your buttons! 😉

    • Hey… what’s this, now? No ganging up!

      And I have absolutely no idea how you got the notion that Mighty Mound button popping… uh, I mean pushing… pushing between mounds could possibly… um, wait… what was I talking about?

  4. Glad you approved Marty 🙂

  5. Good to see someone taking a stab at the negative weirdness many of us have been experiencing. You lost me when you said “jiggling boobs,” but that’s just probably because I’m still a man. 😀

    But, that was until I saw the Princess Di. Egads! Extra creepy..

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