In The Mean Time (A Very Special Age Of Volcanoes)


All I have is all I need

Enough for love but not for greed

Yeah I was younger once and this guy came to me and told me about all the honey out there. He said, “Honey, gold, jewels, money, women, wine, cars that shine.” I don’t know what he was talking about, but I think I had an idea. He said, “Smell the rose, the sweet sweet rose, catch the sun, find where it grows. Smell the rose, the sweet sweet rose, that grows on castle walls in Heaven.

In Heaven yeah.”

Well if it feels like summer, you’re catching the sun

And I’m catching the moment you fall

Well if it tastes like honey, don’t swallow it all

Don’t wait for the moment to come

And catch the sun

Hey dude, don’t lean on me man

Cause I’m losing my direction, and I can’t understand

Hey dude, well I do what I can

But you treat me like a woman when I feel like a man

I was crossing the city one day, everybody was flashing by me

Like images of tombstones, images of tombstones

On a Friday night I’ve seen everybody looking for their little bit of honey

To alleviate the pain, to alleviate the pain

Well if it feels like summer, don’t burn in the sun

Don’t wait for the evening to fall

Well if it tastes like honey, don’t swallow it all

Don’t wait for the moment to come

And catch the sun

Hey dude, don’t lean on me man

Cause I’m losing my direction and I can’t understand

Hey dude, well I do what I can

But you treat me like a woman when I feel like a man

And I can’t understand

When I feel like a man I go straight to the honey

“Hey Dude”

Kula Shaker




I almost gave up.


And let me warn you: If you even just slightly give up, this reality will eat you alive.

You must be in control of your own reality. There is no other option.


By giving up I mean being so immersed in hopelessness, you have absolutely no clue what you’re going to do next. Worse than that, you’re afraid of what you’re going to do next.

So you do nothing.

I had experienced this hopelessness once previously, right before I created this blog. Now I’m not going to bore everyone with details, because it’s pretty much the same personal life crap everyone else out there is dealing with as well.

But every so often something simply comes along and trips you in the middle of this endless rat-race. And, as you’re sitting on the track picking the gravel from your teeth, you quietly and humbly ask the universe,

Are we done here?

The previous hopelessness breaking point was when my cat died. Well, actually, he didn’t simply die. First his hind legs were crippled by diabetes [How the hell does a cat get diabetes?] and then, after many uncomfortable and expensive insulin shots in the hopes he would get better, he had to be put to sleep euthanized killed (I can’t accept sugary word substitutes when death is involved). He didn’t get better and was no longer a cat able to jump on my bed, cuddle against me, and tag along in my dreams.

But any justification still won’t erase the memory of his face as the vet took him away from me for the very last time.

 My little buddy was gone…

and the age of volcanoes was born.

I needed to do this. This reality is a carnival and one needs to keep reminding oneself it is a carnival otherwise you’ll be swept away by the merry-go-round.

Round and round.

But this time the hopelessness breaking point was a personal fail.

You see, attempting to succeed (i.e. “exist”) in this joke of an economic system is a fool’s game, but even trying to divorce yourself from it takes money as well. I foolishly thought I could create my own desperately needed supplemental income to start my journey of living life the way it ought to be…  until I slammed face first into the tree of the way it is.

To put it succinctly, when you spend a lot of time, money, and effort into creating and displaying original art for sale at an art fair, and the only interest you get after 6 hours of watching people walk by is, “I really like this one. Do you have the same in blue?”, you’ve just experienced an epic fail.

It wasn’t because my art was bad (at least I don’t think so). It was because I wasn’t treating it like a product, with numbered glossy copies in slick packaging.

Plus I also suspect my art wasn’t disillusioned enough…

I forgot my potential buyers are borderline zombies.

And zombies don’t like life and beauty (except to consume it)…

A living tiki old original drawing (and again, the image quality sucks because it’s a digital photo of a copy – I need a scanner but that requires something called money.)

But this fail is just the icing on the cake after months of costly (and ridiculous) bad luck (I’m not kidding – both the up and down volume buttons on my car radio decided to start malfunctioning at the same time. Does the volume rapidly increase at a stoplight when something cool or inspiring is playing?  Of course not. My radio wants my fellow motorists to know I absolutely love the song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”)    

Now you know why I’ve been MIA lately. Life got to me (again, dammit!). I felt like Tom Hanks in Castaway unsuccessfully trying again and again to get his raft beyond the barrier reef.

But then also experiencing the humility that maybe other people sharing this reality might have a slightly different perspective on my “bad” luck…

Just don’t try to tell them that the recent flooding along the Mississippi and the devastating tornadoes in Missouri (misery?) were artificially created. You’ll get the same reaction as if you just told them the Japan earthquake was artificially created. (Just say it was Godzilla, trust me.)


History shows again and again

How nature points out the folly of man

Oh no, they say he’s got to go

Go go Godzilla

Oh no, there goes Tokyo

Go go Godzilla


Blue Oyster Cult


But these aren’t the footprints of Godzilla. They’re energy signatures being picked up by satellites:

Check out the intensity of the ones right over the exact location of the Japan quake/tsunami (red circle) the days surrounding it’s occurrence (March 11). Folks, you don’t even need to know what the word geo-engineering  means to understand there’s something very unnatural about all these “natural” disasters.

age of volcanoes not so fun fact: Radio Tomographers have been able to detect (with 100% accuracy) crude oil and natural gas deposits by projecting radio waves into the crust of the Earth and “reading” the vibration it creates in those particular rock strata. They accomplished this using only 30 watts of power. In contrast, the HAARP facility in Alaska can beam ONE BILLION FUCKING WATTS OF POWER into the crust of the Earth.


Want to know what they can do with a billion watts of power? Well, a big hint would be that almost every earthquake last week occurred at the same exact depth of 6.21 miles. Here’s a video detailing that weirdness:

God gets lazy in creating earthquakes for the apocalypse

The evil powers that be are murdering us off, thousands at at time. And they’re having fun with all the different ways to do it.

Although (to keep with a current posting theme), I think the Israelis take a particular delight in their personal exterminations:

This is not a parody. This is an actual Subaru ad from Israel, using an actual photo of Palestinian children being actually run over. It happened last October. The boy flying through the air is 12 years old. The one having his leg broken is 10. The Hebrew reads: “We’ll see who can stand against you.”

I’d like to see who can remain sane amidst all this.



At the very least, the shapers of my reality are denying me the simple calming pleasure of seeing the beautiful smiles of lovely Japanese women…

And before you ask… yes, they make a Hello Kitty one:

Just please don’t ask me to explain what the hell is going on here:

Is it possible to be aroused and frightened at the same time?

How can I stay sane in a reality when I learn the news that Osama Bin Laden died (again?) from my neighbor’s mother, who greeted me as I stepped outside my apartment in her American flag eagle t-shirt loudly proclaiming,

“We got him! Wooo! WE GOT HIM!”

How can you tell someone wearing a shirt like this that it’s all bullshit and she might as well believe that Obama led the Navy Seal mission personally:

Hey, did you hear that Bin Laden had attack sharks on the top floor of his Pakistani skyscraper headquarters? Thank God President Obama knew what nunchucks are and how to use ’em! Oooohh Yeahhhh!




Did anyone happen to notice amongst all the Mayday mayhem of birth certificates, political assassinations, and royal weddings that there was a planetary alignment?

Or were you still paying attention to only one planet in particular?

Oh my god Chinese girls are cute…. um, I mean….

Oh my god it’s Planet X and we’re all gonna die! C’mon, people, read your bible!

I have a new rule of thumb:

age of volcanoes rule of thumb: Anytime anything is promoted by incorporating the word “family” into it, keep your family as far away from it as possible.


That rule is more necessary than ever since Disney recently trademarked the name “Seal Team Six” (The designation of the U.S. Navy Seals who supposedly took down Bin Laden). Why would they do this? Your guess of evil is as good as mine.

On a sideline note, Israel has it’s own version of “Seal Team Six”.

They’re called “Shayetet 13”, and an alarming number of it’s members are getting cancer because their training is sometimes in Israel’s Kishon river, which is heavily polluted with industrial toxic waste. Here’s an link to an article detailing that:

Israel loves it’s troops!




Close your eyes

Listen to the Earth sing for a moment

Just let it wash over you

Hopelessness needs hope. And hope requires inspiration. But since the call of Vulcan is not an option to me at this time, and since I am currently lacking a comforting bosom to rest my weary head….

(with my troubles they would have to be this big anyway)

(Just kidding ladies- any size is perfect so long as they’re soft, warm, smell nice, and I’m between them)

….I need to reflect upon the most inspirational person I’ve ever heard about. A 16 year old named Robin Lee Graham who decided one day to sail the circumference of our beautiful planet.

No, no, not this 16 year old:

Her name is Jessica Watson and she sailed non-stop, completing her journey a little over a year ago.

But Robin Graham didn’t have media fanfare and corporate sponsorship.

I don’t even think he had a choice in the detailing of his boat.

Teenage girls should never be drafted into armies or allowed to chose the color of boats. Never.

Robin did write a book of his journey though, which took five years and a new boat. He left as a 16 year old boy and came back as a 21 year old married man:

An awesome collage with Robin by Denis Wood


He grew up in Hawaii, and began his journey from Los Angeles in 1965. His funding and training came mainly from his family.

Along the way he would stop at various ports, and immerse himself for awhile in the local culture.

The “Dove”.

Those aren’t corporate logos on the side of his boat. It just really needed paint.

While island hopping in the South Pacific, Robin kept running into a 21 year old girl who was traveling from place to place as well. But whereas he was journeying, she was lost. Her name was Patti Ratterree, and although he always sailed alone, he would eventually marry her while he was in South Africa.

Since I couldn’t find any photos of young Patti on the web, you get another living tiki original drawing I made of her (copied from a photo in Robin’s book) drawn 23 years ago (!)


On a sideline note, Robin lost a cat too. Several, actually. Sailboats weren’t designed for four-legged creatures, and it must have been heartwrenching to see your cat swept over the side during a storm, but not being able to do anything about it because you have to keep your hands on the wheel and rigging.


By the time he crossed the Atlantic to the Caribbean, Robin needed a new boat:

The “Return of Dove”

And, after going through the Panama Canal and back home to California, Robin and Patti (with their new baby daughter Quimby) attended Standford University. But after realizing they had already received their education, they dropped out and moved to the tiny town of Kalispell, Montana.

They didn’t buy their house – they built it using logs. And, as far as I know, they are still living there today.


Now, a question:

Do these people look hopeless to you?

Robin and Patti Graham

They look like they’re having the time of their lives to me.

This is your life. The time is now.

Don’t worry about me. I’m down, but not out. It’s just time for round two.

However this is my blog, and I need one last image of inspiration before sailing off to slumberland…


There’s a place I dream about

Where the sun never goes out

And the sky is deep and blue

Won’t you take me there with you?

Oooooh, we can begin again

Shed our skin, let the sunshine in

By the edge of the ocean

We can start over again

“Edge of the Ocean”





~ by the living tiki on May 28, 2011.

19 Responses to “In The Mean Time (A Very Special Age Of Volcanoes)”

  1. I’m sorry if I appear as a stalker on your blog, but you lift my heart so often, I must leave you some words of thanks.

    In truth it’s the honesty that does it for me – almost no-one will admit their suffering, tho’ I know it’s out there – it’s just too damn important to look cool, successful or pretend to have it figured out.
    But what does that do?
    It shuts the mouths of those who desperately need to speak – when one voice will speak honestly, I think it can unlock a thousand mouths.
    That’s why I thank you.

    • No, you’re not a stalker. You, like Marty, are just kind enough to take the time to leave your thoughts often, and for that I am thankful. Sometimes a thousand mouths can be unlocked knowing just one ear is listening.

      I’ve been feeling isolated lately due in part to all my “communication” equipment (internet, landline, cellphone) malfunctioning in their own irritating way. It’s always nice to know there are others trying to get beyond the barrier reef as well.

  2. I’m a big fan of this site too, because you do manage to say things in a way that others don’t. Is that a simplistic way of agreeing with Alex, because I do! Life is tough and throws us a lot of shit along the way. I remember an old friend of mine that was quite a few years younger, she use to ask me if things would be ‘cool’ and ‘better’ when she got older. I was brutal and told her…no, it only gets harder from here on…perhaps I shouldn’t of done that. But the truth should be revealed if it can be. For a lot of people things don’t get easier, they get harder. Its all about how WE handle it. It’s not nice to be a realist, but sometimes its necessary. I mean, take Japan for example, its a radioactive nightmare island, living there will seriously damage your health, the majority of the world’s technology is manufactured there, and its basically finished now. No one is saying it, but its the truth. (Sorry) If I had millions, say like Richard Branson, I would move to my island and get back to nature and the real world, invite other like minded people and start over, but you do need lots and lots of money for this. So that won’t be happening any time soon! Take comfort in any kind of boobs you want, be they silicone or celluloid. You deserve a break! Basically a boob is a ‘silly-cone’…another one there for the Rebel!
    BTW, I recently nearly died, and I wrote a little bit about it on my blog. Its very weird because I am hearing about a lot of situations and people I know, or friend of friends, that are going thru a rough time this year so far…what a year!!
    Take care and best wishes.

    • Thanks for being a fan and all your comments! I’m glad people are able to get something out of my blog, even if it’s some small hope out of my own hopelessness..

      Your comment about life to your friend reminded me of a young (female) friend of mine who once told me in intoxicated rebelliousness, “I think I’m going to kill myself when I reach 30. Life doesn’t seem to get any better after that. Live fast and go out in a blaze of glory!”

      My reply (being in my early 30’s at the time): “No, your opinion will change after hitting 30. You won’t want to die, you’ll want everyone else to die.”

      I suppose the best thing to tell younger generations is that life is what you make it, and visualization results in manifestation. Unlike Richard Branson (and Mel Gibson – did you know he built a bowling alley on his island?), I can’t find my paradise at the moment, so perhaps I can simply visualize it around me. I’m not really sure what that means, but hopefully with this blog I’ll find out.

      I often wonder if all the badness happening is simply designed to keep us firmly rooted in the lower vibrations so we won’t connect with some higher vibrational goodness that might happen around 2012. The control of us, and warfare against us, is ultimately spiritual. Glad to hear you had enough “spirit” to kick the grim reaper where it counts (not really sure where that would be). Your real spirit would certainly be missed. I hope you find much needed comfort yourself!

      “When I hear the call, when I feel the thirst,
      When the catcher comes to take my soul, he’s gonna have to fight me first!
      Cause I’m not gonna give up the ghost, no
      I’m not gonna give it up.
      But I haven’t the strength to hold out too long,
      If we both hold on together, we can make each other strong.”

      “Flesh And Blood”
      Oingo Boingo

  3. I think there really is a spiritual war going on. All the depressing stuff thrown out on the news, in TV programs and movies…its all designed to keep us feeling that hate and anger and fear. Ultimately not a good thing for our survival. Maybe it IS to sabotage 2012, and turn things to the ‘dark side’. I think the Mayan’s left a few things off their stone tablet on purpose! I am thinking this whole salad scare is part of the story. People in Cyprus have stopped buying/eating tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce…even local produce…It’s madness. Or, perhaps its part of that ‘controlled de-population’ agenda that some talk of?

    • A spiritual attack on our armor: our own bodies. I feel we were born into (artificially manipulated) defective bodies to begin with, but our bodies are being attacked in so many different ways, one’s only defense is to make ourselves as healthy and natural as possible. Imagine going a whole week without putting anything unnatural on or in your body. Herbicides, pesticides, additives, preservatives, hormones, pasteurization, radiation… it’s damn near impossible. You can’t even bite into an apple without swallowing a little confectioner’s glaze as well.

      I think this is the motive behind the e-coli scare (the reason is probably irrigation with sewage). The powers that be want you to think that natural (organic) is deadly.

      I wonder what it feels like to have a body completely free of everything artificial and toxic. I wonder if that state of being is now no longer obtainable….

  4. P.S. Hey Living Tiki, Blogger ‘LVB’ has left a message for you over at my blog …This is not an attempt to get you over there again, LOL, but it appears that Oingo Boingo have reached far and wide!

    • Hey Marty/Marie, thanks for passing this along! I hadn’t noticed before that there was a link to his/her own blog here, but I appreciate it. 🙂

      This is a nice blog, tiki…very cool and I will add it to my list of faves.

      Btw tiki, I also had an awesome kitty who got diabetes, so I totally know what you are saying about that experience. It’s very painful to see an innocent creature suffer, especially one you love and have that connection in such a personal way. I try to remember that they were blessed to have humans who cared about them so much, just as we were blessed to be able to know and care for them.

      Until later…

      • Apologies for the late reply, and much thanks for your kind words. I wonder if, in their death, dealing with loss is the last thing our animal companions teach us.

        I remember when I first got my cat – Out of the twenty or so cats inside the animal shelter pen, he was the only one that came up to me when I entered. I remember saying, “Well, I guess you’re my cat.” I think he already knew that.

      • Hey tiki! It’s great to finally hear from you….I was beginning to think maybe you didn’t really want any new blogger pals, or just didn’t want to be bothered for awhile…and both could certainly be understandable. 🙂

        And yes, I do wholeheartedly believe that animals, and in particular cats, are definitely attuned to a higher spiritual level, which gives them so many skills and abilities that we just do not have, and may never truly understand.

        I have a new one right now who had just been running around nearby, sort of living between my and my neighbor’s back yards. But she eventually got closer and closer…until it was very obvious that she had chosen ME to be her next human. She’s great, but is also extremely jealous of me and my attention, so she tends to be a bit of a troublemaker with the other “established” kitty roommates, and she doesn’t seem to care that they were here first – she just stares them down like “Too bad, he is mine now!!” LOL

        The loss of such a friend is devastating beyond words, but so too is the amount of love and joy that they bring into our lives, if we allow ourselves to be open to the connection – that “human – animal bond” is one of the most amazingly deep and spiritual connections that are possible within our current form.

        How is it that these little innocent creatures are able to teach us so much about ourselves, and life in general? So many things of such great importance that I really don’t think we as humans are capable of learning in any other way.

        We certainly don’t seem capable of learning them on our own or through our relationships with humans – things like being selfless, caring beyond our own immediate and selfish wants and needs.

        They teach us a very advanced level of grace, love and self awareness that we somehow manage to overlook and ignore in the rest of our interactions with all of the other people in our lives – of course, once in a great while we will find very special people who allow us to see beyond our own very limited horizons and life patterns and realize some things about ourselves and others that is nothing short of miraculous, especially when you look back at your life and consider how various things have happened in your life path, and how the seemingly simplest and unrelated events (like you and your cat recognizing each other from the first moment as lifelong pals) so often determine the direction of where you go in life from that point forward, and that the things you were intended to learn from these relationships were meant for you, and meant to be for very important reasons.

        Anyway, take care, great blog, and thanks for your reply.

        p.s. Where are you located, as in region/country, if you don’t mind me asking?

      • I hope you don’t feel slighted by my tardy replies…. my life (obviously) is a bit busy and crazy at the moment. I appreciate comments though (yours have been thoughtful and awesome), and like to read other blogs for different perspectives. I’m trying to change things so I can linger around the blogosphere more often, which I’ll probably talk about in a couple of postings I have coming up.

        I jokingly think that cats are really aliens: (telling their fellow cats on their home planet) “You gotta come to Earth, dudes! They do everything for you, even clean up your poop! And you can do anything! You can sleep on their face if you want to! It’s awesome!”

        age of volcanoes fun fact: Cats only “meow” to human beings, not to any other animal.

        I live in the southwest United States. You can probably narrow it down with all that I’ve written, but I currently like the anonymity of simply being just a voice in the wilderness. Although…. I do want to add more to this blog by posting photos I’ve taken of my surroundings, and I’m contemplating including myself by creating/wearing a tiki mask….hmm….


      • Hey Tiki,

        No worries at all…tardy comments will not be held against you, just glad to hear that you’re alive and well!

        Same deal here, with both the southwestern US and the anonymity, completely understood. That would be awesome to see some pics in your natural environment with the Tiki mask and all. lol

        And yes, cats are just way too cool for this planet, and far too intelligent in all the ways they manage to manipulate us into doing their bidding…cleaning up their poop for them is a hilarious (yet disgusting) bit of truth, isn’t it?

        Until next time, here’s another slice of Boingo that you may not have heard before…from that same album I mentioned previously – I’m telling you it is their best one ever. Enjoy and take care.

  5. And this is what I left for you at Marie’s place…it has a tragic beauty, sort of the essence of this thing we know as “life”.

    • Another Boingo song I hadn’t heard before…
      I instantly noticed how Elfman sings this song differently from his others, which made me pay attention to the rising passion in his voice. What a great song!

  6. And this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen LOL

  7. “Don’t you know we got smart bombs?
    It’s a good thing that our bombs are clever
    Don’t ya know that the smart bombs are so clever?
    They only kill bad people now

    Don’t you know, though our kids are dumb,
    We got smart bombs? What a joyous thing, now
    Here we go, so let’s drink a toast
    To those clever bombs and the men who built them

    There they go now; there go all my friends
    There they go now, marching off to war again
    Smiling proudly with their heads in the clouds

    Don’t you know that this better than
    Any video, friend? It’s an action movie
    Here we go, watch the bad guys get their butts kicked
    Really makes me feel good

    Here we go, watching CNN
    The adrenaline rushes through my veins
    Don’t you know it’s a feel-good show; electronic bliss
    It’s a video, a video….

    There they go now; there go all my friends
    There they go now, marching off to war again
    With their bright flags waving in the wind
    There they go now, marching off to war again
    Smiling proudly with their heads in the clouds

    Aren’t you glad we got smart bombs?
    It’s a good thing our bombs are clever
    It’s shame that our kids are dumb
    But our bombs are smart, what a lucky thing now
    Don’t ya know it’s a feel-good show and it’s suitable
    For the whole darn family
    Come on out; everybody, shout
    Give a big salute to our ingenuity

    Don’t you know this better than any video, friend
    It’s an action movie….
    Here we go, watch the bad guys get their butts kicked
    Really makes me feel good
    Don’t you know it’s Nintendo
    Really gets the blood flowing through my veins now
    Don’t you know it’s a feel-good show; electronic bliss
    It’s a video, a video….

    There they go now; there go all my friends
    There they go now, marching off to war again
    With their bright flags waving in the wind
    There they go now, marching off to war again
    Smiling proudly with their heads in the clouds
    See them smile now, marching on in a line….”

    ‘War Again’, Elfman – 1994

  8. Check this video out if things are getting to you, it’s quite uplifting:

    • That was very uplifting. Loved the beginning. Thank you very much for sharing that!

      Sorry about the super late post of your comment! I thought I had already “approved” it, and my wacky life made me not notice the error until now.

        Much apologies.

      It makes me feel bad because it was sent out of care, and that’s the best kind of comment.

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