A Wake For Reality


I’m the first person

You’re the second person

Earlier today I was in the third person

I’m the first person

You’re the second person

Earlier today I was in the third person

Stop cursing, start diversing

Oedipus is bliss

The sunshine will affect your mind

Extend your thought

Stretch it out, don’t doubt

That my brain is caught

I’m just blessed

Trip hoppin’ so I flow like a stream

It’s just a dream

We are all here in the act of creation

Let’s fly away on our


You take me to the highest heights

And into the depths

Of the deepest abyss

When I am dreaming I don’t know if I’m truly asleep

Or if I’m awake

When I get up I don’t know if I’m truly awake

Or if I’m still dreaming

Dream, dream, dream, dream

Life is but a dream

Traveling the waves of an infinite ocean

I feel the deepest emotion

I see a shadow of reality

Please hold me closely and take me away

When I am dreaming I don’t know if I’m truly asleep

Or if I’m awake

When I get up, I don’t know if I’m truly awake

Or if I’m still dreaming


Forest For The Trees


Although the lyrics of the above song aren’t too creative, the song itself is. It’s actually one of the most amazing songs I’ve heard, which plays like the soundtrack to a dream. Where else can you hear a violin, a didgeridoo, bagpipes, and a lawn sprinkler all in the same song? If you click on the the name of the band above, it’s a link to the YouTube video of it. If it doesn’t work (I’ve been having problems), then just type in “Forest For The Trees Dream”. Warning: It’s got an extremely catchy chorus which you will be humming for weeks (although it does make a good “reality reminder”, as well as a nice intro to this post.)

Hooray a new post! Much gratitude for everyone’s patience and support.

I wanted to get a post out in time for 9/11, but then I realized not to worry….

….the 9/11 truth movement is going nowhere.

What bothers me is that they don’t stop going nowhere. With all the evidence which has been uncovered [more likely “revealed”], a third grader could prove in court it was a conspiracy, but guess what….. NOTHING HAS CHANGED. Nobody talks about it openly, nobody has gone to jail, and nobody cares (Well, except for a group of people who really want [to pay] to see every tiny detail of how they’re being screwed up the arse.)

Give it up, my conspiracy brethren. They just had 9/11 ten year memorial events. With speeches and everything. Even Paul Simon gave a performance. You will not reach these people. You need to reach yourself first. The poster above is telling you you’re still being conned.



I do have a question: What was Jesse Ventura doing on 9-11?  You know, that guy who has all those Hollywood/government/military connections who is saying that 9-11 was a lie on his slick new TV show? I don’t have cable TV, but I’m guessing he probably even had a “9-11 conspiracy special”.

Yet on the actual day of 9-11, the day where a statement by Jesse would have had much more influence and impact…..

In reality, he was most likely in Mexico where he lives most of the time. Did you know he once played a character named “Captain Freedom?”

Don’t fret, my conspiracy kin. I’m sure there’s just one more bit of evidence out there yet to be uncovered which will make everyone instantaneously wake up, overthrow the NWO, and dedicate a statue to you for being the one who saved us all.

Dude, this info is so 2005.

As for myself, I’m starting to believe (jokingly?…. ) the truth [and cons] of reality can be simply deciphered by always thoroughly and pleasurestakingly examining two things….

This girl had some trouble on 9/11 and wrote an article about it:

Blogger writes about an armed encounter like she’s trying to win a Pulitzer

Her name is Shoshana [At least that’s the name that was with the image. The article above – linked to INFOWARS  (red flag, or rather, brown flag) – does not name the author] and she claims that she and two other passengers were taken off a U.S. flight this past September 11th by armed guards simply because of their appearance (i.e. Middle Eastern). This whole event and subsequent article smelled like a psy-op to me. Why? I think it was the moment I started saying to myself, “OK, I’m willing to give this Jewish girl and her nice sweater pumpkins a moment of my time…..


This was the only photo she had to provide of herself?


I’m being worked.

When I can almost see areola, I’m being worked.

Don’t underestimate the power of nipples to make you let your guard down and drink the Kool-aid. (People may think my “appreciation” for certain things may be a curse, but personally I consider it a superpower.)


Yes, ladies, now you can restore your nipples to their youthful pinkness with Japanese Cherry Areola Fading Cream!


Since this is a Chinese ad, I have a message for the lovely ladies of China: Most all of you have hot nipples. I’m serious – smokin’ hot nipples. Just show ’em to any guy….  he’ll tell you. There – I just saved you 15 yuan.]


Almost as a precursor to reliving the events of 9-11, my personal location experienced a bit of jittery anxiety and spookiness….

age of volcanoes action news flash: September 8, 2011 – a massive power outage affecting the southwest U.S. happens around 4pm local time, affecting over five million people across three states (California, Arizona, New Mexico) as well as northern Mexico. Traffic lights went dark. Elevators stopped. Gas stations no longer pumped gas. Rush hour and sunset were just beginning.

Oh dude, thank god my cell is still working. Hey, you know how I was all smug about being one of the first to own an electric car?

Shopkeepers were forced to give out perishables for free (I myself acquired a really nice slice of carrot cake from a nearby dessert shop):

And for possibly the first time, entire cities were dark and silent:

At most, the power outage lasted through the night. For myself, the lights came back on at 11:45pm, my air-conditioner was turned on at 11:46pm (It was unmercifully hot even near midnight), and then I collapsed on my bed and slept like a baby. Possibly due to all the beer I drank which was getting warm in my fridge. 

Was this a completely accidental random event? No. Not when the power outage is blamed on the incompetent actions of ONE employee at ONE power substation which triggered a domino effect over three states and another country.


I’m being worked.

In addition, the fact that the power company kept coming on the radio and stating, “If you have a family emergency plan, enact it now” told me that this was some sort of mass psy-op for whatever reason. Does that reason matter? No, because it’s not reality.

Reality that night was the bird calls and the silence in my neighborhood I had never heard before, the stars I had never seen before, and the neighbors I had never met before (My next door neighbor had a nice BBQ, and although I respectfully declined the meat selections – especially the polish sausage – he cooked the best potatoes I’ve ever eaten.)  

Should I have ignored the fact that if the power outage had lasted more than a day, things could have gotten ugly since many people were woefully unprepared for it? No. Preparing for disasters like this is wise, however don’t get caught up in the survival mindset of preparing – I’m sure there were some very prepared people trapped in elevators for most of the night.

These are images from a New York elevator system where a man was trapped for 41 hours due to a power outage. 



Part of this whole apocalypse BS that’s going on right now is designed to always have you preparing and planning for the future, and since there are dozens of different ways everything can hit the fan, you’ve got a lot of preparing and planning to do. So you better be thinking of the future, not the present. Of earthquakes, and not birds chirping. Of financial collapses, and not stars. Of the grid going down, and not meeting new friends.

The stars, the birds, the fresh air, the silence… these things are reality. They are your birthright.

But the evil ones like to hijack reality before you get to appreciate it. Such as this photo of a beautiful nighttime vista: 

Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

I don’t know about you, but my consciousness views this landscape a with a little distortion….

Thanks to Steven Spielberg, I will always view this awesome natural formation through his twisted lens.

And you thought I was joking earlier, but as you can see it all connects back to those lovely sweater pumpkins:

Melinda Dillon shows the best way to encounter aliens is braless.

Even R2-D2 wanted a closer look:

Isn’t it at least a little weird how there’s a lot of things named for the devil? There’s a “devil’s something” near where I live.  Come to think of it, there’s a lot of  “diablo somethings” near where I live too. And believe it or not, I actually once lived right next door to a place called Death Valley. Who came up with all these ominous names?

What we think of as reality [the electricity, the cell phones, the cars, the job, the apocalypse, etc.] is artificial bullshit which is being sold leased to you (you will never own it) as the true reality by the evil ones controlling us. And one of their most favorite things to do is get you addicted to this artificial reality so it will only make it that much sweeter when they rip it all away from you. Or at the very least rape it right in front of you.

I thought it humorous hearing some of my co-workers complaining about no power for less than a day when there are entire countries who experience a blackout every night….

This is what happens when a country doesn’t play by the rules of the powers that be – They are denied food, fuel, loans, and left to the narcissistic whims of the madman running the place.

But North Korea got off easy (well, not the people – never the people), and we all know what happened to Japan, but what about China?

They have turned China into the most horrible place imaginable…. America:  

Disney meet China.

China meet Disney. 

This is an actual underwear ad from Beijing. Aside from everything else, note that the girl is not Chinese.

Speaking of the disaster in Japan (where some people were without power for weeks), did you happen to see that Avril Lavigne created a t-shirt fundraiser for the affected people of Japan?

Mind-controlled human, alien, or vampire…. you decide!

(She’s wearing the shirt in case you were wondering – the intense uncreativeness of it may have fooled you.)

It’s part of her “Abbey Dawn” clothing collection line. Where does she say she got the name from? It’s apparently the nickname her family gave her as a child. Yeah, that’s right… they gave her a nickname that phonetically sounds like the name of this dude,


Looks like a nice enough guy, although his full name is Abaddon the Despoiler, so I’d refrain from inviting him to any parties. He was also known by the name


Now you know why there is a god named Apollo, and an entire NASA space program with the same name. It all goes back to Lucifer, the god of the evil bastards controlling our reality right now.

Or else you can believe Avril when she says her nickname was created because it sounded “fun”. Right (being worked).

Another question: Do you think Avril cares about Japan?

We are all here in the act of creation….” so the song goes. I’m getting really tired of creation being hijacked by a bunch of dicks. But what is life and reality, and how should we participate in it?

This is an illusion [conning your eyes] we can understand is an illusion [a con].

But our reality is filled with cons we don’t understand are cons.

Thankfully, you are reading the blog of an expert BS detector. And “reality” is pretty thick with it.




September 6, 2011 – a day I experienced 5 minutes of the true reality.


What was the true reality I experienced that day?

Was the true reality the news when I got up and turned on the TV to check the weather and traffic reports?

Such as the latest Casey Anthony news?



1.) Casey’s got some nice breasts, doesn’t she?

2.) Cindy Sheehan’s face does some pretty freaky things when being interviewed on live TV (This is actually a preview of some weirdness I’m examining in an upcoming reptilian posting) – click for YouTube video (or type in name of video if it doesn’t load):

casey anthony/cindy speak about the shovel

Did you notice how Cindy touches her face when she says the words “species” and “we do it”?

age of volcanoes rule of thumb: Yep, I’m making this one a standard – Anytime anybody’s face does that freaky shapeshifting crap on TV, they’ve been compromised and are deceiving you. I’m not saying they’re reptilian aliens, I’m just saying beware.



What about this news story?

(a “Casey” mystery for the West Coast)

This didn’t make the news like Casey Anthony did, so I’ll simplify:

The mansion above is located in the city of Coronado, California, which is so populated with rich people that this mansion actually has a name: Spreckles Mansion. On July 11th, the cute kid above fell from the mansion’s stairway banister in a very bizarre way, and died from his injuries 5 days later. The pretty woman above, girlfriend of the squinty-eyed man above (who is the father of the cute kid and millionaire CEO of a pharmaceutical company very connected to government), was the only adult home at the time but was in the shower when the kid fell.

Two days later on July 13th, just hours after talking with her sister on the phone and giving no indication of something wrong, the pretty [very Christian] woman above decided to hang herself. Well, not simply just hang herself – First she got naked. Then she bound her feet and hands with rope (behind her back). Then she hanged herself. Outside. Off the backyard balcony.

Yes… this is what the police are telling you happened.



1.) That pretty woman probably had some nice breasts, didn’t she?

2.) If the police are going to rule that this ritualistic style death was “clearly” a suicide – which is counter to what EVERYONE ELSE thinks happened – they’re not only working you, they’re rubbing it in your face saying, “What are you going to do about it? Huh, punk?” This shows you how much the police and the judicial system have been compromised. “To serve and protect”  – now you know it’s not you.

Now then, I joke about these things, but I am aware that the above bullshit news items do come with very real death. It’s the how and the why of the death you will never know. Instead, a lie of what happened is forcefed into truth.  This appears to be the case with every major news story. And forget about wars. I think the only ones who know what is really happening in Iraq and Afghanistan are the people on the top orchestrating the war, and the people on the bottom fighting it.

Does anybody remember a big natural gas pipeline explosion in a San Francisco suburb (San Bruno) on September 9th of last year?

It took out an entire neighborhood. 4 people died, but it fortunately happened during the day when most everybody else was away at work.

This was the lie we were forcefed.



1.) Natural gas doesn’t explode.  Or rather, it does, but it needs to build up over time in an enclosed space – that’s why natural gas has that funny smell added, so people will detect it before it has a chance to build up. And in the odd occurrence that it does build up and explode in a house (which has happened), it takes out the house, NOT THE FUCKING NEIGHBORHOOD. And if natural gas pipelines were prone to exploding and taking out neighborhoods, why the fuck are we still using them?

This is ground zero of the explosion:

Kinda looks like an impact crater, doesn’t it?

Kinda like maybe from a missle fired by this jet fighter people saw buzzing that particular neighborhood earlier (photographed here):

Having been in the Navy, I know that it is extremely rare to have fighters fully loaded with missles like this. Actually, you will rarely see them like this outside of combat. That’s because you really want to avoid having a missle accidentally drop off (which has happened). That’s why (except this instance) you will never see a fully armed fighter jet (except this instance) FLYING OVER A FUCKING RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOOD (except this instance….)


You see how the bullshit becomes apparent when you just think about it? And the truth reveals itself….

2.) Who was at the center of that “impact crater?” Ironically, it just happened to be a 17 year veteran of the Public Utilities Commission (and her 13 year old daughter) who around that time period was denying Pacific Gas and Electric (the owner of the pipeline) a 3.2 billion dollar rate increase due to misleading, overinflated cost projections.

Am I saying the military performed a hit for a power company?

Eisenhower did tell us over 50 years ago about the MilitaryIndustrial(Media) Complex.

I doubt that anything you hear on the news is the truth. Even the story about the rescued puppies at the end of the broadcast.

Was the true reality when I went outside and was greeted by strange trails in the sky and unnaturally warm weather?



1.) Weather girls sure have nice breasts, don’t they?

“Fertility treatments?”  Think that’s coincidental?

2.) This satellite thermal image:

Sometimes I swear that volcanoes are the only natural things naturally happening these days. [To remind you, weird prong-like projections happening out of nowhere and directing a hurricane’s path is not natural.] Weather girls sure have some nice breasts, don’t they?

“My boobs can predict the weather… there’s a 40% chance it’s already raining.”

age of volcanoes fun fact: These are examples of mammatus clouds, also known as mammatocumulus or “breast cloud”:

Mammatus clouds are not harbingers of warm fuzzy feelings, but rather severe weather and storms.

Today’s weather consists of two massive warm fronts moving over Los Angeles, causing barometers to rise in pressure.

Mammatus and a cut-off low will hang over eastern Mexico, possibly inducing the jet stream to flow prematurely.

And a hot spot has formed over Greece with a good chance of steamy humidity.

In England there will be um…. some uh…. OK the weather is bloody awful. So awful that we can’t even think of some sexy double-entendre weather terms for our cute girl here. We’re not even going to show the weather. Just follow the arrows, mate.

This has been the age of volcanoes action weather. Carry on.

Was the true reality when I went to work?



1.) It’s called work. And I’m doing it for other people.

Was the true reality when I listened to talk radio shows at work and their speculations about who should be President to “take this country back” from socialist Obama?



Remember when I told you I’m starting to believe the path to deciphering the truth [and cons] of reality reveals more when you follow the um, curves?

Well now I’m also starting to believe that Presidents are chosen based on how well they can suck down a wiener:

Obama campaigning auditioning during the ’08 election.

And seeing all the candidate’s photo ops from the past month, I’m guessing our next President will be Texas Governor Rick Perry:

Yes, he and his freakish hulk hand are very eager to serve!

Um… please stop eating like that. Please.

age of volcanoes not so fun fact: While Governor, Rick Perry made the HPV vaccination Gardasil mandatory for teen girls in Texas, despite serious warnings. Here’s the current scorecard of teen girls vs. Merck pharmaceuticals:

I can’t decide if Perry did this because he’s evil [implementing the harming and killing of teen girls in exchange for money/power] or because he’s really fucking evil [implementing the harming and killing of teen girls in exchange for nothing except the suffering and death of teen girls]. In a true reality, Rick Perry would be in jail for doing this (that is, if the fathers of all those girls didn’t all show up at his front door first.)

Does it sound like I’m being a bit harsh with pRick? I have to be. In this reality, due to all the twisted programming, some of those fathers might actually vote for Perry for President.

Rep. Michelle Bachman attempted to outdo Rick Perry by adding a look of ecstasy, but instead just ended up looking like a crack whore:

However she did earn a vote from the guy in the bottom left.


And although Sarah Palin has never been photographed eating a hot dog, she has demonstrated she can deftly handle a wiener:

Multiple ones if necessary:

BTW, this image is available on t-shirts and mugs if you desperately need a daily Palin fix. I know I do.


Uh-oh, looks like GOP frontrunner Gov. Mitt Romney doesn’t like to publicly show his wiener eating skills:

No cheating Mitt!

Here, Rush Limbaugh will show you how a cigar is sometimes not just a cigar….

But raping children is always just raping children, eh Rush?

Speaking of flabby white Republicans, check out the wife of Rep. Newt Gingrich, Callista:

And I thought nobody could outdo Laura Bush’s Stepford stare:

Mind-controlled human, alien, or robot….

…. you decide!

Thankfully I wasn’t the only one who thought she resembled the Martian girl from Mars Attacks!

Unfortunately my fellow average American can’t see beyond the artificial political reality bullshit and simply see a woman with an unnaturally blank stare:

Be careful citizen, your flash may accidentally activate my wife’s laser death ray eyes.

But my fellow average American has also received a lot of programming themselves…

living tiki personal note: Although my family is descended from a bunch of poor Irish immigrants and Hessians [German mercenaries hired by England to fight the American colonists], we have always been very patriotic. I myself have visited most all of the historic Colonial sites.  I have walked battlefields and saw musketballs still imbedded in the surrounding trees. I have been all over Washington, D.C., including the very top of the Washington monument. At the age of nine I participated in my grandparent’s hometown 4th of July parade dressed as a minuteman.

My grandmother was very proud of the costume she made for me.

(No, that’s not me – my costume was better. Thanks, Nanny!)

If she were alive today she’d be throwing up right now.

(BTW, that’s not Lady Gaga third – it’s Marilyn Manson.)

This isn’t a “What the hell has happened to America?” personal note. America was a lie from it’s very formation. I just wanted to illustrate that the patriotic programming is still very strong in some people, and part of the overall evil programming game is to give people an image of a country they would be willing to die for – then they take that image and rape it right in font of you.

Independence Day makes me sad now for that very reason. Bye bye, Miss American Lie….

Now we have Linda Lovelace who wants to be in charge:

Oh man – I need to rinse my brain clean of all the photos I just looked at.

Hmm…. maybe the same situation, but with a Japanese girl?

Nice, but the fact she’s eating meat (even phallicly-fun looking meat) bugs me now I’ve gone vegetarian.

Hmm…. maybe the same situation, but with a lollipop?

OK, three thumbs up, but I need to rinse my brain clean.

Hmm… maybe the same situation, but not the same situation?

There we go. Thank you, random web Japanese girl.

I was reluctant to post this photo because the girl looks kind of young and you may be assuming that I chose the photo because of her melons (the watermelon does look tasty).

I chose it because it it evokes nature, life, beauty, and giving…. rather than artificiality, death, and consumption [Although the caption with the photo stated “Japanese girl eating melon really fast”, so it’s probably part of some crazy Japanese fetish video – Like I’ve been discussing, tread carefully when your attention is diverted by “melons” (possibly being worked)].

But I also chose that photo because the girl looks remarkably similar to a girl who works the counter at a convenience store I frequent. In a weird way, this girl “rinses my brain clean” of all the BS out there just simply by being her adorable self (my favorite is when she cups her hands together and slightly bows to receive money.) And she always has a true and happy smile for me.

Now, one might assume I felt better after my 30 second encounter with this girl because I have an affinity for Japanese women, but that’s not the case here (she’s cute, but looks young). It’s actually the happy and peaceful aura (not areola) she creates and gives to others. It feels like the equivalent of a ladybug landing on your hand, making you feel charmed and lucky. 

And that was 30 seconds of the true reality I experienced that day – the non-superficial interaction with others in this reality and the energy you give (or take) from them.

So what was the other 4 minutes and 30 seconds of the true reality I experienced that day?

It was the moment after work I randomly happened upon a former girlfriend of mine. One I hadn’t seen in decades. She was actually my first. And my first.

I told you about her before – she looked remarkably similar to the actress Judi Bowker from Clash Of The Titans:

And she still looked beautiful.

Hmm… why is it that all the actresses I develop a “thing” for are always depicted in a movie being sacrificed? 

Hi Andromeda – Say, you know that Medusa’s head I got to save you? Yeah, funny story…. I dropped it. In the ocean. Look, you’ve been a swell gal, but I think we need to move on with this relationship….

Actually, Ann (maybe her real name) broke up with me and I was devastated. I really did love her. But I was young and passionate, and she was slightly older and looking for someone very specific (regardless of passion). She was a good Christian girl who was trying to be even more of a good Christian girl. And I was a Catholic kid gone bad.

Although I’m pretty pissed off at the universe for having me run into her when I’m not exactly at my best, I felt nothing but love for Ann when I saw her again and was actually happy that she was blessed with the life she wanted. And even though that life has been strongly influenced by the programming of Christianity, I was proud that she created the life she wanted [or programmed she wanted], instead of waiting for it to happen (even if that meant dumping me). I wonder what our lives would have been like if she had tried to make it work with me, and I had changed for her and became Christian because I loved her.

But the real true reality wasn’t even all that, because that’s all part of the artificial reality we are experiencing. The real true reality was the exchange of the unseen auras between us. Our energy fields intermingling and attempting to see if the connections, the memories, the feelings are still there or how they have changed.

I swear I could almost hear the melody to “Eternal Flame” by The Bangles echoing through my mind.

And although she was most certainly wearing a bra, her sweater pumpkins still looked awesome.

See, Chinese ladies? You think babies care what color your nipples are? They just know that breasts are awesome, and they evoke nature, life, beauty, and giving….

….but the true reality is just simply that babies love moms, and moms love babies.


~ by the living tiki on September 21, 2011.

13 Responses to “A Wake For Reality”

  1. Sweater pumpkins, hehe. Nice write-up with a few juicy (informative) tidbits in it. Also, I’m guessing a Corn Dog, is basically just a wiener that’s been dipped in a Corn Hole first. Considering the current environment, the CHOICE of the meme for the prostitutes running was likely intentional.

    • Glad you liked it! I thought about the corn connection, but missed the fact that the wiener is dipped into the corn, not wrapped with it. Nice point! Ugh, I can’t believe I’ve actually eaten (and enjoyed) corn dogs in my life. Now I doubt I would be even able to tolerate the smell.

  2. Wonderful as always – I never leave here without a recharge of humour & life.

    • The other day I was looking over the search words that bring people to my blog. Someone out there was searching for “Alex Robinson Porn”. Am I missing something on your blog? Do I need a password? And how quickly can I get one?

      • hehe that’s so bad but I’m still laughing – to the best of my recollection, & my recollection is pretty good, my virture remains intact. You realise ‘Alex’ is the ‘boy’ spelling of that name – so you may be looking for breast-free porn.

      • Know that I wasn’t the one doing the searching – just thought you’d get a chuckle out of that.

        Virtue is hot.

      • Heaven forbid that “someone” put the question to the don’t go west gurus.

        There has to be a line drawn somewhere damnit!

  3. Keep going. You’re insights into the “reality” we are force fed on a daily basis are on the mark, and entertaining to read. This also results in people thinking, “Disgusting…….he’s so damn right”, and I’ve been blind!! Anyway, I really look forward to your next essay, and hope you have the time and ambition to keep going with it.

    • Thanks! As you can see (or wait) I’m having difficulty finding the time to keep going with the posts, but the ambition is always there. Especially when my rants are appreciated. It lets me know others are starting to see through the muck as well, and that lets me know the future might not be as hopeless as I thought.

  4. Wow Tiki, there is so much in this post. (Sorry I’m a bit late at getting here!) Weather modification (control) – definitely, the breast hypnosis – absolutely, Gardasil a poison – completely (I was present when the drug corp. reps tried to sell the stuff to my boss (internationally respected Gynocologist) and he laughed at their ‘claims’ and said they were playing a dangerous game with womens’ health. He caved in though and bought the stuff for the ‘incentives’ that were provided – although he told me he would avoid prescribing it unless the patient asked him first!! His desk was covered in all sorts of freebies from the drug corps. along with new drugs still in their ‘testing’ phase.
    You have a picture of Greece’s favourite weather girl/political journalist ‘Petroula’…she is usually found interviewing members of Greek Parliment on the pavement in Athens, wearing tight jeans and a cut-off top. She is known for jumping up and down and shaking her breasts in the faces of Euro MPs and saying ‘ooh please help Greece, we love you! Seriously!
    Thanks for sharing your personal experiences in a very engaging way on your blog. I hope to have the courage to right more like you do about reality.

    Even R2/D2 wanted a closer look – and its only a robot!

    • I learned how much the pharmaceuticals had influence over the medical industry when I was waiting in a vaccination clinic room to get the required shots for traveling overseas. I saw so much drug ad paraphernalia it was ridiculous: magnets, note pads, pens, etc. Doctors must be hounded (or intimidated) on a weekly basis by these guys. I learn the names of the drugs one year…

      …..and three years later I hear the names of the drugs again in class action lawsuits brought against them. I think the pharms actually calculate the cost of the lawsuits against the initial profits they’ll make with the drug. It must be maddening to work in the health industry if you do it to genuinely help people.

      The increase in having sexy girls reporting the weather instead of nerdy looking men (You know, actual meteorologists) seems to have corresponded to the obvious increase in chemtrail activity and weather manipulation. I don’t know if this is a result of the actual meteorologists saying “Look, I just can’t lie about the weather anymore,” or the news agency saying, “Look, we need to distract people’s attention away from the weather.” I just know in my local area, the weather girls seem to be having a breast size competition (Not that I’m complaining except for wondering why they even have the weather report anymore.)

  5. oops…very bad spelling mistake there – I meant to write, write! Although, again, a Freudian slip…to right reality!

    If its possible.

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