And A (Not So) Fun-real For Reality


Death is everywhere

There are flies on the windscreen, for a start

Reminding us

We could be torn apart


Death is everywhere

There are lambs for the slaughter, waiting to die

And I can sense

The hours slipping by


Come here

Kiss me


Death is everywhere

The more I look, the more I see

The more I feel

A sense of urgency


Come here

Kiss me


“Fly On The Windscreen”

Depeche Mode


OK, obviously this is already a weird post. It started out as an update to the last post article and now it’s sort of a follow up post of it’s own. And it comes at a strange time in this reality, and on the cusp of a possible change for the better in my own life.

Now if you’re thinking this is starting to sound like one of those TV episodes where they only provide 15% new material and the rest is “flashbacks” from previous episodes, you may be sorta correct. But to make up for it I just discovered some major real UFO weirdness going on in the movie Close Encounters Of The Third Kind which I don’t think anybody has ever noticed before. It’s pretty freaky if you own the DVD and can zoom in, and it really makes me wonder if it’s just another way Spielberg’s having a laugh at us goyim.

  (Worldwide release of discovery at bottom of post)

The above image is from the news story in my last post about the mysterious “suicide” in Coronado, California. I was originally going to show you the footage from the news helicopter, which depicts the body of the girl cut down and sprawled across the lawn, but out of respect I just couldn’t, despite wanting to illustrate how almost every part of her death seems staged for maximum mental and emotional manipulation to distract you from the fact that a girl was actually murdered.

Right down to the red rope

The photo I planned to show you had much more of an impact, since it easily could’ve been cover art for a pulp fiction murder mystery.

And although her nakedness was “black boxed” out [hmmm… is that you, Saturn claws?], there is something about the naked dead body of a beautiful woman that affects the subconscious, and presents a very powerful image.

“Women And Trouble”

A beautiful naked dead girl was actually the center focus of the ending scenes of the film Love Is A Dog From Hell.

I don’t recommend seeing it, though. It’s based on the novel of the same name by Charles Bukowski, and trust me – You do not want to take a trip inside that man’s brain. 

And with the “suicide” lets not forget her hands were bound in such a way that the police produced a “how to” video [complete with sexy body and pink rope] to imprint in your mind it is possible to do this to oneself:

This is Rebecca Zahau, the unfortunate girl of this story:

A human being with family, friends, hopes, and dreams….

Who has been reduced to only set design in the theater of your mind.

With all the necessary dialog spoken flawlessly….

First with an air of mystery:

Nude, bound, hanged woman seems “bizarre” says perplexed police



And then with a forked tongue:

“The state attorney general has declined to review the investigation into two suspicious deaths at the Sprekels mansion in Coronado in July, saying the circumstances did not warrant further examination.

Jonah Shacknai, the mansion’s owner, asked for the review after the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department determined that his girlfriend, Rebecca Zahau, 32, had committed suicide by hanging, and that the death of his 6-year-old son two days earlier was accidental.

Shacknai, founder and CEO of Arizona-based Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp. said he had no reason to doubt the department’s findings, which were announced Sept. 2, but hoped that a review would quiet some of the ongoing speculation.” [Dana Littlefield, San Diego Union-Tribune]

Now hold on for a moment. All of that info may have been confusing. Allow me to simplify with my own press release:

Jonah Shacknai knew the public would naturally doubt his girlfriend committed suicide, so he subsequently dispelled the attention away from himself by pretending to doubt the police’s verdict as well, and requesting an investigation by the State Attorney General. After the AG stated, “Are you nuts? She obviously committed suicide,” [paraphrased] Mr. Shacknai was quoted as saying, “Holy shit the public bought it! But then again, they had no choice! Lying makes me thirsty – God I need a drink. Hehe, and a new girlfrien… wait, is this mic still on?” [paraphrased]  

I know, I know… one shouldn’t dwell on these public mind-games, because that is their very intent – to make you believe you can change things by exposing them as lies. All that matters is that you have exposed the lie to yourself.

Yet it does really piss me off when people try to change reality right in front of my face:

That girl committed suicide.

No she didn’t. She was murdered.

Yes she did. Suicide.

Even more so when the lie is epic:

The planes made the towers fall.

No they didn’t. That’s bullshit.

Yes they did. Terrorism.

Because you know what this does? This makes my brain split apart into two realities – The one I know is bullshit, and the other I have to pretend I don’t know is bullshit because that’s what is currently accepted as true and it would be best not to say “this is bullshit” when my genitals are being groped at an airport security checkpoint.

I really hate having to switch focus on what lie I’m supposed to be believing as true.

It actually annoys me so much I decided to play a little reality trick with all of you. In my last post, I made a point in bluntly stating a falsehood to see if anyone would stop to say to themselves (or me)….

tiki’s wrong. That’s not Marylin Manson 3rd from left. It’s Lady Gaga:

I mean duh. Didn’t he see her “Telephone” video?

I wanted you to see if your brain actually registered that and objected to my falsehood. And if anybody had objected enough to call me on it, I would’ve sent them a free “Planet of the Lost” poster. But nobody did, so I’m hoping people just said to themselves, “Well, tiki’s wrong on that, but I’ll let it slide simply because he’s so damn adorable.”

However, I’m really hoping my last post is helping you to see through the current bullshit, such as “Occupy Wall Street”.


Remember when I said to beware when you have ample view of a woman’s bountiful goodness? You may be being worked.

Although… if you’re a woman and you’re a novice at attempting to implant your message using this mental manipulation, it is possible to go a bit too far….

(Jus’ sayin’.)

Dear Occupy whatever:

You can’t change your reality by sitting down, pouting, and holding your breath until the evil people who created your artificial reality change it to suit your comfort level. They purposely created this reality to be as uncomfortable as possible, and to get you all worked up about it enough to pointlessly waste your time trying to change it. You change it by not participating in it anymore. By not wanting their false reality and instead creating your own true reality.

And waking up to the fact that the media is telling you these overweight “riot” police were able to trick and arrest over 700 angry protesters (none of whom look angry or like protestors) on the Brooklyn Bridge:


You also have to wonder about the fact the protesters call themselves “The 99%”.

First do the flip – 99 to 66 – and then it starts to have that evil kind of feel about it [Kind of like Sen. Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 tax proposal]. But then it really feels like you’re being worked when you learn that these aren’t the first to call themselves “the 99”:

The 99: The world’s first superhero comic based on Islamic culture and teachings created by Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa in 2006. The heroes are empowered by the 99 attributes of Allah.

I don’t know about you, but it sounds to me like a whole lot of mind-control is going on with the number 99. That, and I really don’t trust my comic books being created by a Doctor (of anything). Did you know that Obama actually mentioned “The 99” [comic, not protesters] in a speech? – no BS!

(BTW – while writing this, I heard that Clinton and Gore have officially announced their support of the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Which means absolutely nothing.)



But wait! Was there ever a Catholic superhero for young Catholic kids like myself?

Oh hell yeah:

Evangeline: A hit-nun for the Vatican. In the future. In outer space. With a whole new habit.


She’s on another planet, she’s in my dream

She’s some kind of angel, if you know what I mean

Try her on, and she fits like a glove

Too bad she only thinks about the Lord above

Evangeline, Evangeline

I think I love you


Matthew Sweet


However, back to the protesters, any 99% Occupier will be forgiven if you attended solely just to *ahem*, “occupy” this protestor:

I would perfectly understand.

the age of volcanoes action news is receiving a special bulletin from our Naked News affiliate….

It appears that some Chinese youth have taken to the streets in Chengdu, possibly in solidarity with the protests in Wall Street.

We go now live to our reporter on the street….

Can you tell us what’s happening?

Yes, tiki, it appears that some Chengdu girls are protesting China’s Rich Second Generation.

I’m having difficulty reading what it says on their t-shirts. Perhaps learning Chinese would help, but can we get a closer look at their chests?

We certainly can, tiki.

“Our generation is not the Rich Second Generation.”

It appears they are dissatisfied with the reckless habits of the previous generation.

I see they’re passing out fliers, which may be a list of what they want. Is it possible to obtain one?

We have, and here’s the exclusive worldwide release of their demands:

(Translation to follow)

Safe driving, our generation’s quotations.

Driving is for reaching your destination. Heaven is in Hangzhou, but it’s far, please drive carefully.

Passing other car does not mean your car is better than others. Passing a nicer car does not mean your skill is better than others.

Being the first to go when the green light turns on does not mean you don’t have to wait in line on the next intersection. During traffic, waiting in line does not mean you are more stupid than others.

So there you have it, tiki, it appears Chinese drivers are just as bad as Americans, and their youth are just as misguided and idealistic.

Thanks for that unnecessary but absolutely necessary report. We here at the age of volcanoes certainly wish those lovely ladies good legs.

Luck… I mean good luck.

Er…. uh, let’s go to weather….

How’s the weather in China looking?

It’s fucking, tiki!

That’s just super.

This has been the age of volcanoes action news.

Let’s let China be for awhile and head further east on this follow-up post journey of bullshitopia, and stop off at the home of fellow blogger Marty from The Significance of R, whose personal location experienced a power outage just like mine, but with a whole lot more BS:

Cyprus. It’s a country… who knew?

Cyprus’ main attractions are obscurity and beautiful, beautiful beaches:  

And beaches mean bikinis….

age of volcanoes fun fact: It is believed the bikini originated in ancient Cyprus.

And you can’t be the creators of the bikini without the goods to back it up:

Andriani Karantoni, Miss Cyprus 2011.

Good morning.

Welcome to Cyprus.

Excuse me for a moment folks, but Andriani is giving me a serious Lydia Cornell Too Close For Comfort teenage fantasy flashback….

It was a TV show about some guy, his wife and daughters, some gay BFF….

….I don’t know, I’m sure there was evil programming involved, but I can only really remember a couple of things.

(I’m gonna be in my room for awhile. If you need me for anything, knock first – alright? Knock. I’m serious.)

OK… sorry ’bout that. What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, the significance of Cyprus… 

Cyprus sure is surrounded by a whole lotta trouble, isn’t it? Which makes the BS detector go off when there is a major explosion on a military base which causes a power outage over the entire country lasting for days, then weeks with rolling blackouts. This happened on July 11th, during the height of their tourist season.

Now you may be wondering how an explosion on a Naval base could cause a power outage for an entire country. It does when you store explosive materials seized from an Iranian shipment to Syria (or at least that’s the story) RIGHT NEXT to the main power station for the country.

Twelve people lost their lives.

So there you have it folks, either the Cyprus government is telling the world that their Navy has the most incompetent personnel in the world….

“Gee, here’s a good spot to store this highly explosive weaponry during the summer – this super hot storage hanger right next to the power plant.”

Or the government of Cyprus could care less about its people (or even its own military).

I recommend reading Marty’s personal experience with this truth revelation in her blog:

The Significance of R

Now let’s go someplace fun: Iran.

Ladies and gentlemen, as we pass over the coast of Turkey, you can view the island where supermodel Naomi Campbell wants her allegiance to evil to be seen from space:

Yes, this is the impractically designed dream mansion she built with the money girls spent on crap trying to look more like her and boys spent on crap trying to look more at her. [Note reptilian pupil]

Scissoring a chocolate Playboy bunny. There it is, folks – that’s Naomi Campbell’s contribution to this reality.

But I guess you can’t blame Naomi for her ridiculous house. She probably had it designed by architect Barbie:

Yep, this is a real toy influencing the minds of young girls to not only wear high heels and short skirts to construction sites, but also to ignore reality and common sense when designing their dream home:

And these are the actual finalists in the American Institute of Architects’ contest to design Barbie’s Malibu Dream house. I’m betting these were first designed on a cocktail napkin.

But this design is inexcusable – it’s their headquarters.

Really? Out of an institute of architects, this was the best design? A missle silo? It’s like a puzzle room from the movie Cube which crushes you in fourteen different places.

OK, now we’re going to stop off at a border, probably the most dangerous border to traverse in the entire world….

Unbelievably, it’s the same location these three bozos decided to take a wilderness vacation:

Sarah Shourd, Shane Bauer, and Josh Fattal.

Last year these American brainiacs decided the best place to go hiking was that exact border. Never mind the fact that they look very Jewish.

And surprise, surprise, they were apprehended by Iranian border guards for spying, then convicted and imprisoned. After a MONUMENTAL waste of money and time (including a million dollar bribe to the Iranian government), hooray… they’re free!

And you’ve got a kick-ass tote bag, my friend.

Free the hikers sounds so much better than Free the Jewish-Americans who accidentally “wandered” into Iran.

But the bullshit with this story doesn’t end there, because now we are subjected to the father of Josh Fattal and his family’s nail-biting ordeal [a possible Sunday night movie of the week!] of what if the Iranians discovered that Josh, although born in Iraq and now an American, is actually Jewish and grew up in Israel??!!!

OK, I’m being worked so much with this it requires a


You mean to tell me that not one single Iranian took a look at these three and said:

“Hey, do you think they might be Jewish?”

But you know what this does? This helps you to correlate the bullshit. You see, if the Iranian leaders truly cared about their country and people, they would embarrass the hell out of the U.S. by revealing to the world this Jewish/Israeli/American just “sightseeing” their border. It’s what they keep screaming about – a U.S./Israel plot against them, isn’t it? But they didn’t do that, did they?

Neither did they say anything about the obviously manufactured earthquake in Bam in 2003 (remember that one?)


Neither are they saying anything when Iran is currently being blamed for an obviously manufactured assassination plot against the Saudi ambassador (like who cares?)

And certainly neither did they say anything when a blatantly obvious faked death is blamed on Iranian police firing on student protestors wanting democracy…..

The sad part this woman forgot about in faking her own death was that the reason for doing so would be moot were she actually still alive.

Neda Agha-Soltan

On June 20, 2009 this woman was supposedly shot in the chest by Iranian police during protests against the government.


“Amatuer” footage creates a dramatic scene, broadcast all over the world.


A beautiful dead woman is a very powerful image indeed.


So much so that her’s became an icon [eye-con] unto itself.



Neda faked her own death. It’s quite obvious in several YouTube clips analyzing the footage that she is squirting fake blood on her face with a hidden pouch (I’d provide a link, but YouTube keeps giving me problems linking something flagged as “inappropriate”.)

Yet she was also obviously lied to, since no one expects to really die (But then again, I am far from understanding the Islamic mindset). Neda (according to “sources”) really died later from a wound to the back.

Another beautiful dead woman.

Another mystery for you solve.


They’re working you again with their black magic. Drawing you in, making you thirst for discovering the secret of their lies….


And they have still other secrets and lies, hidden in plain sight, waiting to snap the trap on your consciousness…


Like this bit o’ weirdness in a very influential movie from my youth:

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

OK, here it is folks…

So I’m watching my DVD again (I would’ve sold it already, but it’s too scratched up) to “see” it with the Celtic Rebel’s “They Live” glasses. Then I happened upon this scene. I first noticed that the truck’s am radio’s blood red dial is positioned between the 9 and 11 (which is the same in EVERY fucking Spielberg film, trust me.)

I then noticed that when the mailboxes started shaking, the only one you could read the name on it said: “C. Dickson”. Nice.

But then I noticed small, strange moving things among the trees, so I went back to when the scene first started, right when he pulled up to the train tracks. Looking at the trees this time, I remarked aloud:

“What the fuck is that?”

Yes, I am an artist and yes, that was the best circle I could draw with a mouse so I don’t wanna hear it.

So yeah… out of the woods comes this basketball sized glowing orange orb that parks itself right next to the rear view mirror. But in zoom slo-mo, when it enters (and leaves), it looks somewhat bird like.

Now you may instantly think because the object strangely, but not completely, mirrors the actions of the truck and has it’s own reflection(?) which is spaced as far apart as the truck’s lights, that this is actually a movie lens reflection of the trucks lights.

Then why is it on top of the power lines in a subsequent (but same angle) shot along with two white glowing orbs that are on top of the RR crossing sign? 

Actually, if you have the ability to go frame by frame, there are DOZENS of flying orbs in the background. They are about golfball size and they move so fast, I’ve only seen one captured in two subsequent frames (which is the last three frames of the truck coming to a stop at the tracks.)

Sorry, but I have no idea what those things are. Nor do I really care (but they are weird to see). I just know that the BS can be found everywhere.

Who cares? She’s a beautiful alive woman who is standing right in front of me [Facial beauty is assumed for poignant literary wordage.]

The only thing I need to be worried about is that red hair – Is that you Lucy?



~ by the living tiki on October 16, 2011.

19 Responses to “And A (Not So) Fun-real For Reality”

  1. You are the best blogger on earth, tiki.

    That’s all I have to say at this time. 🙂

    • Wow, on Earth? I’m humbled. Thank you!

      • Well, I may have been reaching a little in that I have not actually read every blogger on Earth…thank God. But, I think it’s fair to say that you’ve become my favorite, so we’ll just leave it right there.

        Anyone who truly understands the power of sweater punkins as you do deserves a lot of respect. I, too, have understood this power over the years, and the proof of their power is the fact that we can realize it one moments, and just as quickly forget and become hypnotized and drawn into their power – like moths to….uhmm….punkins.

        Keep doing what you do, cuz it’s great stuff.

      • Understanding and appreciation are the best any writer could hope for, but are pointless without acknowledgement. I think the best compliment you’ve been giving so far is that you simply take the time out of your day time to comment. [Praise is always gratefully received, nonetheless].

        Yep, you nailed it LVB: The biggest mystery of the power of sweater punkins is the fact that sometimes you can fully be aware you are being worked by them, and you can fully be aware you can cease being worked by them at any time, but yet you chose to be worked by them because ohmygodtheyaresofreakin’nice!

  2. Great article, i thought you were making a funny about the gaga thing. someday I will own a tiki poster. someday…

    • Hmm… you’re right – I should have taken into consideration most of my comments involve deadpan humor, and I’m sure Gaga and Manson can look similar sometimes (Hmm… have they ever been photographed together?)

      tiki posters can be acquired for any donation more than $9.99 (includes mailing – which becomes hilarious when all the ones I’ve mailed so far have solely been overseas with a $5 mailing cost.) Now as for acquiring one for free… hmm, I’ll have to think about a better “giveaway.”

  3. Hey Tiki, what do you mean, Cyprus, it’s a country, who knew?!! LOL! Yes, it is a Greek island, but not one of THE Greek islands, as some people assume. Cyprus, infact, is the only country in the world that has a depiction of itself on its national flag. That’s how WE KNOW we are a country! 😉

    But that is very cool of you to mention Cyprus and my blog on here. I appreciate it. I hope people will understand that this country is very significant, although often just ignored!

    Thirteen people have now died from the explosion. The official report blamed the President, but he won’t resign. To be honest, I like many people are suspicious of the whole incident still, because there are unanswered questions and eye-witness reports which do not follow the official line. But it is a huge political nightmare and may even bring on a future military conflict if Turkey decides its worth taking the oil and Russia has been promised it’s share, and others want some too etc. etc. etc.

    But I digress, Barbie…I remember collecting stickers when I was young (not that long ago, uhumm, okay maybe it was) which, when the sticker book was completed, you could send away for the Barbie Malibu Mansion – seriously – and its was pink and exactly the same as shown here! However, I was not a fan of Barbie and prefered Cindy, her polar opposite,which was a intelligent Ballet dancing Brunette with moveable limbs and a tutu skirt!! I do not know if it was programming, but it sure does sound like there was some kind of ‘division’ going on between the female children LOL!

    I am glad to see I am not the only one who thinks hiking in Iran is kind of stupid! Its as stupid as sailing your very expensive yacht off the coast of Somalia for your anniversay or something!

    Hoping you got some of your wishes granted this week?

    P.S. I don’t know how to add a html link inside a blogger post, otherwise I would have added yours into mine today.


    BTW : The weather is F’ing!

    • I was just having a bit o’ fun with Cyprus like I do with all countries, but I guess the fact that I have yet to hear about the explosion from a source other than your blog (and without looking for info about it of course) stuck in my head. Truth be told, I would prefer to live in a country that the world ignores for the most part, but where can you find one that isn’t run by a corrupt regime? I see Cyprus as the Deep Space Nine of the Mediterranean, unfortunately your “Captain Sisko” appears to be very influenced and uncaring. I just hope your “Quark’s” can take your mind off the mess periodically…

      With my “hiking” story, I wanted to tie-in the hostage “crisis” with the story about Lisa Ling’s sister being apprehended for crossing the border into North Korea, but was restricted with time. I found it weird that Bill Clinton was the ONLY person who could “free” her and her journalist companion. That whole story was strange and implausible – Even as a non-journalist, I’m aware that Kim Jong-Il is prone to kidnapping people and wouldn’t travel the border without some sort of escort.

      Your tiki poster will be sent soon (yes, I’m still trying to get through my technical difficulties but life’s slowly getting easier and easier.) It’s good to know someone else hasn’t the greatest bogging technical skills as well (adding a html link). I still can’t get an image of my poster to display on my sidebar. Ongowa!

  4. Hey Marty!! Long time no see – I hope you are doing well down in Cyprus, despite all the troubles there. You could always move to Arizona – it’s over 100 F most of the year, you know!! 🙂

    I think you will find this new Barbie both amusing and nauseating at the same time – I refer to her as the “Skull and Bones Barbie”.

    WTF is going on in the world when this is marketed to children? Well, I think we both know the answer to that, don’t we?? Occuly indoctrination and desensitizing of the masses…or maybe this is just the role model for all those Ivy League Yale/Harvard elite trust fund children out there? wink

    Anyway, take care of yourself and nice to see you around again. 🙂

  5. Hi.

    From a spanish forum: Another curiosity about Close Encounters in the 3rd phase: The coordinates where the encounters take place if written in google maps bring you to… denver airport (built 16 years later)

    (I haven’t checked it with a copy of the movie, I don’t own one)
    Spell-berg… mountain of spells haha

    Thanks four your hilarious and consciensce-seeking pieces of art, light and good vibes from Barcelona, Spain.

    • You’re welcome. Thanks for the good vibes – a friend of mine recently spent a few months in Barcelona and wrote a blog about it (I’d link it, but I don’t want to draw unnecessary attention to her). It looked and sounded very tranquil, beautiful, and friendly.

      That link about the Denver airport is amazing (even more so considering part of my college study included cartography, yet I never thought to double check the most prominent co-ordinates in pop-culture). It’s so amazing, I’m going to have an entire post re-examining Close Encounters. Thank you for that. Glad you enjoy my blog!

  6. Great narrative. A pleasure to read and contemplate. Was gonna add some words from the “evangeline” song, but you beat me to it.

  7. 99=9×11. Found your blog through How Dare I. Really enjoying it.

  8. Hello Living Tiki,
    I am new to your site and am ploughing my way through all your eruptions, I just read “Planet Lost 2.5″……..fair trade. I feel I have just read the most beautifully put essay I have ever read in my life!!! Living Tiki, thank you so much for that, I am eating no more meat.

    Absolutely loving your work…. brilliant.

    Steve B

    • Glad to hear you like happy pigs too! Much appreciation for the praise. I can’t comprehend compliments on my writing skills because I’ve never received praise like that from my English teachers. I guess my secret is, since I’m an artist, I write my posts like I’m painting them. [But also being a cartoonist, I tend to throw in some “picture-toons” as well.]

      Thanks again!

  9. Hi LVB – I’m trying to catch up with all that I’ve missed lately!
    (Hi Living Tiki!)


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