PLANET OF THE LOST (2.11): Close Encounters Revisited

Holly experiences a scene from Close Encounters in a scene from Land Of The Lost.

Q: And the name of the ship in the desert was…



A: The Cotopaxi

Apologies for my prolonged absence (I’m really sorry!) – I experienced my usual delays and distractions along with some unusual ones, but am slowly making a comeback.


And you run and you run to catch up with the sun

But it’s sinking

Racing around to come up behind you again

The sun is the same in a relative way

But you’re older

Shorter of breath, and one day closer to death


Pink Floyd




Something drew me back to examining Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. I think it’s because during my recent rants about reality I found some UFO weirdness happening in the background. This prompted a comment about the famous coordinates in the film actually being those of the Denver airport, not Devil’s Tower.

Close Encounters was not made for entertainment (except to fulfill Spielberg’s pedophile fix). I think Steven was handed a story and told, “People are getting serious about UFOs. Supplant this crap in their minds instead.”

I felt I needed a mental squeegee to reveal the “implants.”


Yep, I’m reviewing a 34 year old movie. Which I’m guessing could be the same exact review for a more recent Spielberg pile of dung called Super 8 which I didn’t see (Maybe that’s the age Spielberg thinks boys are just super!).

Hey, at least with my blog I saved you from wasting your time watching Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura….

Apparently Jesse thought the best look for an author is the “Telling a ghost story with a flashlight under your face” look.

age of volcanoes book review: Don’t Start The Revolution Without Me sounds like Jesse cares until he recently got an airport security pat-down and felt violated enough to publicly say he’s had it with this encroaching fascism and will either run for president, or leave the country. So either go ahead with the revolution, or hold off for awhile. Jesse’s still deciding and needs time to look more like Satan:

Jesse plans to salt the earth before he leaves. I’m serious, man. He means it.


Yeah…. an airport pat-down. That’s what finally set him off.

You know what set me off, Jesse? When I learned that a lot of what I do helps support the institutionalized raping of children, the destruction of the feminine and masculine, and the unnecessary torture and slaughter of animals [Word to the Rebel. True dat.]. BTW Jesse, that story about those TSA airport screeners being arrested for having child porn happened before you had your “moment of enlightenment.”


But I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on Jesse… after all, he has a much bigger audience than me and there’s a reason for that:

What do you do when you’re a Penn State University student and you’ve just learned that the assistant football coach has been molesting boys for years, and the head coach knew about it, did nothing, and was fired as a result?

Jerry Sandusky, child raper.

Why, you riot of course!

No, no… not because the university probably was aware of this going on and allowed the raping of children to continue, but because a beloved long-time head coach was fired during the height of the college football season (for, um… allowing the raping of children to continue.)

Hey Penn State students… since you’ve said nothing about Jerry Sandusky’s “Second Mile” program that “helps” troubled children (uh-oh, here we go all Boys Town again)…

….does this mean you’re still in favor of the continuing raping of children?

Man, do I hate it when religion gets involved….

‘Cause that means the child raping is going to get all sugary-sweetly creepy:

This is a book by Christian preacher Michael Pearl which has drawn controversy for advocating corporal punishment on children such as using a switch on toddlers as young as six months old (but all in the name of Christ!).

Hmm… I would like to direct everyone’s attention to the fact that if this picture were slightly blurred, it would look like the child is holding an adult male penis. This is not by accident. Neither is the “train” reference. This is not a manual for disciplining a child.


Did you know Spielberg likes to have trains in his movies?

Trains and little boys.

“How old are you?”


“Want to live to be nine?”


“Then you’re going to see Pinocchio tomorrow night.”


I’d probably keep your child away from this film too:

Let me state it again for emphasis – this is institutionalized child raping. In all strata of our “civilized” society: religion, sports, business, politics, entertainment. In fact, all these “strata” are just tentacles of the same evil octopus. That’s why you have a wrestler/actor/governor acting like a whiny narcissistic bitch right now.

So let’s go back in time before Jesse was famously irrelevant. Back to a year I used to call “The coolest year ever”….

A year where the ignorant masses were first introduced to the ultimate in alien fantasy, and then the ultimate in alien “reality”….

The year of our Lord,

Nineteen Hundred and Seventy Seven.








As a young boy in 1977, I was the target for the tag-team of Lucas and Spielberg. You may not even want to read this – As their primary target, I just might have been programmed in such a way that you are now seeing the result of my being “triggered” to spread dis-information. Close Encounters premiered six months after Star Wars, and my mom told me that the moment I arrived home after seeing it, I drew the alien mothership from memory (Very well, according to mom. Note to everyone: Save everything you draw. EVERYTHING.)

I recommend seeing Close Encounters only if you wish to see for yourself the evil magic I will be illustrating in this post. However, considering that Melinda Dillon is braless throughout the entire film (trust me, I’ve diligently examined), and considering when she’s not wearing tight 70’s jeans…. she’s wearing tight 70’s jean shorts, I would accept this rationale as well. 

But remember, Spielberg is very much a part of what Celtic Rebel described as the Holy Wood Homosexual Pederast Priest Class [pederast being used again rather than the child-friendly “pedophile”], and the more money you give him, the more pederasty will take place. What’s that you say? Spielberg? A pederast? I must be joking?

“Sylvia… We’re going on an adventure.” (Actual dialogue)

This is a scene in the movie where Richard Dreyfus is waking up his children after he’s encountered the UFOs. They are shown in funny sleeping positions, but the split second scene above combined with the dialogue is no laughing matter. It is intentionally done to mind control you. What’s that you say? I’m still joking?

The following shot is the scene the morning after the UFO sighting/commotion. As with every scene depicting the Neary family, they are shown as dysfunctional and prone to arguing. The parents start yelling [the main dialogue – the one you are focused on] because Dreyfus just got fired, but the kids start arguing too [the hidden dialogue – the one your subconscious hears], and their statements are quite strange (they both sleep in the same bunk bed):


“I saw you, you came in through the window last night…”

“You hurt me!”

“…you stole all my covers.”

[BTW, check out the devil-horn hand sign on Dreyfus’ shirt – I think it’s supposed to be a baseball glove.]

There’s also a number of scenes with the young boys crying:

This is the typical family of the majority of Spielberg films – dysfunctional, disharmonious, and a disaster. You know, the kind that pederasts like, because that means it has sad and lonely children looking to be “magically” swept away from their dismal lives.

C. Dickson. Yep, the mailbox reads C. Dickson.

Spielberg was one of many in a coordinated Hollywood attack on the family. To portray the “average” family as, at the very least, only capable of expressing love through friendly jibes and insults. A family much like the Bundys from Married With Children. I’m wondering this because I have seen the effects of this not only in my own extended family, but many other families as well. It’s come to a point to where our society now almost makes fun of a family that openly displays love for each other.


On a sideline note, one of the most notable things in this film is that the television is always on. This is trademark Spielberg. Again, he was trying to portray this as an “average” family. I think he was even the first director who made the television part of what’s going on in the scene, regardless of if it’s important to the scene or not. In other words, he was conditioning you to automatically check what’s on TV. Because if it’s on, anything on TV is vastly more important than something else happening a few feet away from you.   


Nope, it’s not BSU…

it’s BS you.

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind was only about two things:

1) pederasty

The light shone first through the keyhole:


(And if the formula aint broke, why fix it?)

Disney: They’re not only child-rapers, they’re unoriginal child-rapers.

2) alien disinformation

Spielberg wanted to implant in your mind that aliens all look like this (At least the ones we should trust).

Not strange types like this real-life close encounter which happened in Brazil in the same year, 1977:

OK, Brazil again? Really?

[I will examine this case – like only I can – with a later update]

So hold on to Barry tight, Melinda, because we’re about to revisit Close Encounters…

And “aliens” love little boys…

..and, believe it or not, I really want to visit Devil’s Tower sometime in my life.


I think I need to see that’s it’s real. I don’t know why.

“I don’t believe it’s real. I don’t believe it’s real.”









Wait a second… hang on everybody… I’m feeling really weird.

* Spielucas program IGF-66 activating 3, 2, 1…. *


living tiki personal fun fact: I have a new co-worker. Guess what, she’s Israeli [No kidding!] Did I mention that Israeli girls are sometimes kinda cute and hot?

She even has one of those weird but cool sounding Israeli girl names. Not to mention those amazing Middle Eastern kaleidescope eyes… 

And although she left Israel before having to serve in the IDF….

….did I mention that automatic weapons make girls really hot?

You know what? I may have been wrong about Israel. I mean, did you see Munich? Or Schindler’s List? These cute, wet girls have a lot to deal with. Why can’t we just leave Israel alone?

…what’s happening… mind feels controlled… must break through…

…hot girls with guns… something wrong…

….but Israel is America Fuck Yeah’s best ally….

…wait …something about the IDF being evil

….and hating women….

….and children….


….turning women into men…

…destructive…not creative…





…so confused and aroused…

*Program conflict. Overload! Overload!*

** bzzrrptt **



Wait… what just happened? Did I just say something about Israel? Why do I have an erection?



OK then,

let’s take a trip….

…back to 1977

(I’ll leave out the disco.)

But not the sideburns…

Gene Roddenberry and Leonard Nemoy both had a profound effect on my mental processing as a boy. Gene in-tranced me with Star Trek, and Leonard shaped how I would regard that which cannot be explained:

In Search Of (hosted by Nemoy) premiered in 1976 and was a precursor to all the “legitimized” History Channel (etc.) programs about aliens and the paranormal (You know, to make you think that since it’s on cable TV, the mystery has been solved and nobody seems to be really worried about it, so maybe there’s still time to check out who got voted off American Idol.)

Prior to In Search Of my perception of aliens was supplied by movies like this:

And TV shows like this:

(Gene taught me that bald + goatee = evil.)

(And that women wear next to nothing in space, but oddly have never had a man want to teach them this strange human word we call orgasm “love”.)

(But space women need the most orgasms love!)

A show like In Search Of could’ve said anything about aliens and the paranormal and it would be believed because the show was the first and only mainstream source of “strange” information at the time (that I could remember). And Leonard sounded very “logical”.

Who knows what “beliefs” my young mind absorbed….


Possibly some people were affected in such a way that they spent the remainder of their lives trying to prove [to other people] a conspiracy is real…

Nice news ‘stache.


Spielberg tried that trick too, by including a little bit of “truth” to his fiction:

The dramatic finale of Close Encounters is supposedly based on the real-life super (super) secret “Project Serpo”, which was supposedly an interplanetary exchange program between us and aliens.


Who the f cares? (Whoops… sorry author of above article.)

I just want to know one thing:

What’s the deal with the “going on a space journey” red outfits and sunglasses? No, no… not the fact that they look sacrificially creepy….

….but the fact that the exact same outfits were worn by the Visitors from V?

Whoops! Maybe I’m starting to confuse my younger readers….

I should at least tell everyone what the plot of the movie was about.

They had Close Encounters and Star Wars trading cards in specially marked Wonder Bread packages. I ate so many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches the following year.


And, of course, Spielberg and Marvel wanted my allowance as well:


Once upon a time a there was a bunch of Jews in Hollywood who all looked alike:

Steven Spielberg

Bob Balaban

Richard Dreyfus

They all got together and came up with this:

A man has a UFO encounter which makes him want to leave Teri Garr and her lovely stretchpants, his kids, and then do absolutely everything strange aliens want. Because aliens know what’s best.

Teri Garr really doesn’t like aliens.


Or Star Trek.



What’s that, aliens? You want me to go to Devil’s Tower but you want the message so ambiguous that I have to destroy my living room to figure it out?

(And be covered in mud doing it? Word to the Rebel. True dat.)


Meanwhile, a little boy is taken kidnapped by aliens because aliens know what’s best.


And what’s best is “borrowing” Melinda’s rosy cheeked son for awhile.

**Don’t worry human lady, we’ll bring ’em back… after we’ve conducted a few anal probes, heh heh heh. Whoops, I didn’t mean to laugh telepathically. Anal probing is serious business, heh heh heh. Dammit! Ending telepathic link now.**

Then Spielberg mixed in a lot of product logos to solidify the connection between corporations and Hollywood….

OK everyone, write this down: Aliens love Piggly Wiggly®, McDonalds®, KFC®, Budweiser®, Coke®, Shell gas®, Baskin Robbins®, and Sara Lee® crescent moon shaped cookies®. So be prepared, or they might not be so gentle when they have you on the examination table.


Spielberg also mixed in iconic religious imagery to affect your subconscious and make you think aliens know what’s best.

They’ll even be waiting for you after you die….

Go towards the light…

the light…


age of volcanoes not so fun fact: The aliens in the film were played by children. Did I mention the film was directed by Steven Spielberg?



Then everybody got together at Devil’s Tower and played a game of Simon….













…because Spielberg wants you to think that aliens are so mysteriously different from us that they couldn’t just communicate with us telepathically. Instead, we had to hold a rave:

Hey dude, do you know where I can score some E?


age of volcanoes not so fun fact: Israel, combined with connections to Russian crime syndicates, is the leading producer/distributor of the drug Ecstasy. Did I mention Steven Spielberg is Jewish?



Finally, after everybody had a session of intergalactic dueling banjos, the aliens dropped off Melinda’s son along with other people they’ve abducted through history [**Yep, humans, you’re all going to be collectively dumped in the year 1977 because we’re too lazy to do this on an individual basis. Deal with it – we know what’s best**] and then took more people with them to anally probe.

The end.

Cue mood altering John Williams music.



Again, this movie was not made for entertainment. It was intended to sidetrack the growing awareness of and interest in extraterrestrials. Or else you can believe some Hollywood director (who only just became known because he made a popular movie about a giant shark) was suddenly THE go-to guy for alien information. So much so, it was rumored that the Pentagon was interested in what Spielberg knows.


Ever since then, this “some Hollywood director” has been hobnobbing with presidents:


BTW, remember that scene I showed you in a previous post with R2-D2….?

Keep in mind Close Encounters came out only six months after Star Wars. When you watch any interview with Spielberg about his thoughts on Lucas creating Star Wars, Steve will tell you a bunch of BS about how everybody thought Lucas was crazy and Star Wars would most likely bomb at the box office. The above picture tells you he thought knew otherwise.

Are you beginning to comprehend the interconnectedness of it all? How about the fact that it’s just one big inside joke, with you as the punchline? Why else would Spielberg includes this…?

I studied cartography and never thought to double check the most famous latitude and longitude coordinates in the world. Touché, Monsieur Spielberg.

But some people did, and found out it’s not Devil’s Tower, it’s the Denver airport:

Well, OK, maybe not exactly the airport…. but then again it hadn’t been built in 1977. However, according to some, if you input those coordinates into Google maps, the Denver airport will pop up. All this is not random coincidence. But do you think Spielberg is going to reveal any relevant secrets with his cinematic magic? No. Instead he wants you to solve the riddle of the Denver connection!

It’s got all those conspiratorial things you love….

A swastika-like design:

A masonic cornerstone:

A creepy gargoyle:

A freaky apocalypse mural:

(Take note of what dove body part the sword is piercing.)

A statue of Anubis:

Yes, Anubis…. you got a problem with that?

And UFO sightings up the wazoo:



Steven probably thought he was being such a clever insider. Instead he’s just a neophyte when it comes to the evil shapers of our reality. They like to implant suggestion in your mind over centuries….

Nil Sine Numine is Latin for “We own this state, bitches!”


Hey, at least it doesn’t have a bear following a red star:


Hmm… what’s that Rebel said about stars, especially reddish ones?



Even though Spielberg was probably told some incredibly amazing secrets by those controlling him, I doubt he cared. He now had the means to mind control more children. Why else would he follow this movie with E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial? (BTW, has anybody tried to watch that film again? It is unwatchable. I think I would rather sit through an entire season of The View.)


(And if the formula aint broke, why fix it?)


However, if it’s REAL UFO information you seek, Close Encounters actually offers up some of that….

In the last post I told you about that funny orange orb by the driver’s side mirror. Yet if you’re observant, there are at least 5 other prominent (but fast!) real UFOs buzzing the background in a frame or two during other parts of the film (My favorite is at 138:33 – to the left of Devil’s tower.)

And then there’s orbs. Lots and lots of orbs. They look very similar to the orbs one might see floating around chemtrails these days:


Close Encounters has a perfect shot of one of these orbs. Go to the scene where they discover the ship in the desert….

(Subliminal suggestion of the UN becoming the overriding world authority)

Then immediately after this scene of the photographers…

….(at 33:05) you will have a white, golf-ball size orb materialize out of nowhere in front of a helicopter and stay with it for the duration of the helicopter scene. If you’re wondering if you see the orb or not… it’s the only thing in the shot besides the helicopter.

These orbs are everywhere in the film [They like flying around the helicopters]. But personally I would recommend just looking up. I’ve seen dozens myself. Plus, over the past week in my local area the evil ones went crazy with the chemtrails which caused a freak rainstorm and then unseasonably warm weather. Man, I’m really getting sick of this shit.

[POST UPDATE]: Wow, I talked about it but didn’t even notice it – Spielberg fashioned a meme in our minds about chemtrails:

“They’re just crop dusting!”

Government aircraft spraying aerosols intended to subdue humans. You can’t get more unsubtle than that. In the film it was a sleeping gas the helicopters were spraying, but it had that chemtrail feel – especially since there are a few real ones in the film too. I also thought it an odd line of dialogue from the actor above (even as a young boy first seeing it) because, um… (1) it’s obvious there’s no crops growing on Devil’s Tower, and (2) they’re being chased by the government.

But I guess you could say there were some positives to Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.

Spielberg and Dreyfus did show you the results of nonconformity; Believing in yourself and seizing every opportunity:


As well as Melinda’s nice, long, tan, 70’s legs:



And of course all that stuff I showed you about that super (super) secret UFO base in Antarctica:

What’s that? I didn’t tell you? Wait till you hear this! You see, in the film there’s this one moment wher……….


Israeli girls sure look nice, don’t they?




~ by the living tiki on November 15, 2011.

27 Responses to “PLANET OF THE LOST (2.11): Close Encounters Revisited”

  1. Dude, this is really enjoyable and brilliant stuff, once again.

    3 words = intergalactic dueling banjos LOL

    (perhaps a fairly blatant Spielberg “homage” to Deliverance {and all that implies re: non-alien anal probage} hidden right there in plain sight, eh??)

    5 more words = we own this state bitches!! hu hu classic

    You are on a major roll here lately, man, both in the awesome humor and the very serious and nauseating truth of what you’re exposing here (the biggest part of which is that you were observant enough to even notice it in the first place – unlike the majority of folks on the planet, sadly – and then correlated it all in an awesome and just downright hilarious display of some very advanced pattern recognition skills…a gift that I personally believe is probably the biggest indicator of extremely high levels of both intelligence and awareness, in general.

    So, long story (my fatal flaw lol) shortened…you are still my favorite blogger on earth, so keep doing what you do, man. This shit needs to be said and you were clearly meant to do this writing thing – you’re a natural without any doubt, and you haven’t yet fallen prey even once to my worst pet peeve – misspalled wurds and shitty grammer, etc. – and that goes a LONG WAY with me, brother lol.

    p.s. Do I get a prize or something for noticing that you mislabeled (I’m guessing intentionally) the names of the three HollyWOOD Jew dorks in the article?! I think maybe you mentioned giving posters or something to readers who catch your subtle tricks?? If so, I’d definitely be interested in something nice from the ‘sweater punkins’ collection. 🙂

    Live long and….ONGOWA MF!!!

    • Thank you again, my friend! I just hope I’m able to live up to your many compliments – what you call intelligence and awareness, I simply call “reality fatigue” (i.e. being so tired of it all I’m not in-tranced by much anymore and asking “Why am I doing this again?”. Except for sweater punkins. I always know why with those.)

      I am very detail oriented (hmmm… one could say anal?), so I hate misspelled words as well (although good job noticing dysfunctional – I even noticed it too with my computer telling me but reacted thinking it was still spelled correctly for some odd reason, which may be a result of all the other “dis” words I used with it.)

      I intentionally mislabeled the Jews for simple doppelganger hilarity and not for a prize, but I shall consider your request…


      • Hey man, you’re quite welcome. The coolest thing about “living up to (whatever)…” is that all you really have to do is just be yourself and keep doing what comes naturally to you – because that is what has made everything you do everything that it is.

        The only challenge that you (and others, like myself) really have to deal with as writers is simply deciding which fucked up thing (or group of things) to write about. Our world is undoubtedly a very “target rich environment” (i.e., one huge fucking mess!!), so not becoming overwhelmed / depressed / disgusted is a really big part of our challenge…and it looks to me like we can safely expect it to just keep getting worse and worse, at a constantly increasing pace.

        The Biblical description comparing these times to that “birth pangs” of a Mother seems to prove itself more each day. Whether it’s the weather (pun intended lol), quakes, volcanoes and all the various crazy and traumatic events and the propaganda (wars and rumors of wars, etc.) comiong our way, the birth pangs thing is just pretty well dead on – the pains and events getting exponentially more frequent and more intense as we go forward, as the ultimate direction we’re heading in shows itself as being more and more obvious in its inevitability.

        And this “reality fatigue” you speak of (and, yes, I most definitely suffer from it my own self and have for decades, like it or not) is something you have achieved because it is the direct result of both awareness and intelligence, but there’s also one more key ingredient to achieving it – which is, caring. Yes, that’s right. CARING enough to actually think about all these things, to analyze, study, theorize and offer your thoughts to the rest of us.

        That’s the awesome thing here…not just what you’ve seen and recognized and experienced in your own world, but translating it and offering it to us so that we all can compare, learn and appreciate how all this crazy shit happens in your mind, giving us another perspective to put alongside our own thoughts and aggravations in our daily struggles and that personal mountain of bullshit that we each must endure.

        And the icing on this cake is your abundant mix of humor that is woven into even the most serious subjects. I would say that humor becomes even more important the more serious the subject matter gets. The need for humor (and more importantly, WIT) is pretty much directly proportional to the scale oif how serious/intense/fucked up the overall subject is – child rape being a prime example, as with this article.

        As crimes go, it just doesn’t get much more disgusting than that, so it is a much needed element. And I must say that this (which you obviously know as a writer) is sometimes a very difficult thing to approach – being that ill-timed or inappropriate use of humor in discussing such a serious subject can be a huge mistake….it’s very easy to end up offending or upsetting the very audience you are trying to support in writing the damn thing lol.

        So, in any case, your shit is a lot of fun to read and always brings us the added bonus of telling us some stuff that we didn’t know, need to know and/or want to know…while at the same time giving us some awesome pics of cute chicks and their punkins, etc.

        You’ve discovered a winning formula here, my friend, and the best part about it is that….it’s NOT A FORMULA!!

        It’s just you, being direct and being sincere and above all, just being HONEST. By doing this, you’ve made my world (and I’m sure many others) a little bit better and more tolerable, and a LOT more hilarious and fun to be a part of.

        Now…go write us some more cool shit – ONGOWA, MF!!!!

      • Awesome. Thank you for the thoughts, compliments, and insights (and most importantly, your time). I have several posts in the pike and will endeavor to provide coNical relief during “the most wonderful time of the year”.


      • I have to say, too, that those Israeli women are very uhmmm interesting. Especially the one on the left in the pic labled IDF, with the black bikini and those amazing,….punkins….sorry…..can’t…..think….wha…was I saying some…..thing…….

      • If you’ve moved your gaze at the one on the left a little bit more north, you’ll see that she (and the other two) are the same three girls in three images I provided. You’re welcome.

  2. *bzzrapppt*

    Is that a giant suitcase next to Anubus? Back in the day they called them grips. Would be cool to see all the stickers of where da ole boy has been. I’m guessing his last change over was on Uranus. (Word to the Rebel. True dat.)

    Enjoy your work and the levity you bring to these crazy times.

    PS: I think LVB likes you…..alot.

    • You’re a damn keen observer, Lone frog…..LOL

      I believe strongly in giving credit where it’s due, and it’s definitely due here.

      It’s way too rare, unfortunately, and people really oughta be more willing to praise the good shit we see out there in this f-ed up world of ours. 🙂

    • It sure looks like a suitcase – and it sure does spark a big WTF?! I’ve never been to Denver, but apparently that’s at one end of the airport (hmm… departures?) and at the other is a giant statue of a demonic blue horse with glowing red eyes the residents have dubbed “Bluecifer”. I’m kinda glad I’ve never been to Denver.

      It’s these crazy times that bring levity to me.

  3. Actually, you did misspall the word “disfunctional”, but when such a thing is a part of an article this good….who really gives a shit, yaknow??? LOL

    And btw, you’re the only person other than me who seems to have noticed immediately that all these stupidasses did not riot or protest until their elderly idol was fired – NOT in response to what seems at this point to be a very strong possibility that all of the charges against Sandusky (and most likely a much larger, highly organized and well financed conspiracy and pedo ring/cult than we realize yet) are absolutely truthful.

    I have a strong gut feeling that what we’re being told so far is only the tip of a massive conspiracy that involves far more than just a few members of the coaching staff and univ administration – i.e., something as bad or even worse than the Nebraska Boystown pederasty / murder nightmare, and simillarly involves many layers of wealthy and powerful politicians, CEOs, members of the Catholic clergy…and quite possibly other religious and “spiritual” cults and secret societies, including but not limited to Freemasons, Knights of Columbus, various Penn State “greek” fraternity organizations.

    And, of course, probably even some high ranking (Lieutenant and above are always the most corrupt) local, state and/or federal law enforcement officials, both civilian and sworn…which would go a long way toward explaining to me how something this horrendous could not only happen in the first place, but continued for such a long time without any legal invervention whatsoever.

    It occurs to me that the mass media has everyone focusing on the very disturbing and surreal concept that crimes of this magnitude could have been witnessed and known to so many people and somehow not reported to any form of law enforcement – not even the campus “rent a cops”.

    However, it now appears (to me anyway) much more likely that this absolutely WAS reported to law enforcement officials at some level – if not multiple levels – and due to the wealthy and powerful nature of these very evil scumbags who were involved, this ensured that it was not only kept secret, but was protected by and for those who absolutely wanted it to continue.

    What do you think about this possibility that law enforcement officials probably DID know?

  4. Awsome!

  5. “The year of our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Seventy Seven.”

    Here are some fun facts about my journey through this thing we call time…

    In this awesome year, 19 and 77, being a very motivated and no doubt very obsessed young rock and classical guitarist (practicing 4 hours per day minimum), I had reached that magical age with the suffix -teen at the end, when I was suddenly old enough to be allowed to go to concerts and see many of my rock n’ roll heroes. Life was good…and LOUD.

    Led Zeppelin – an epic event for any rocker dude, young or old. It also turned out to be the last year they would ever tour – a few nights after the show I was at, the mysterious death of Robert Plant’s young son, Karac, brought the era of the mighty Zeppelin to its end.

    Aerosmith – this was the old school, OG rockin’ Aerosmith…before they quit using heroin and hating each other, wink. The opening act was some unknown kinda crazy acting guy with long, curly blone hair who screamed a lot….Sammy Hagar.

    KISS – yeah yeah, I know…but I was a teenager ok?? and I gotta say, it was a pretty awesome show filled with explosions and whatnot…the opening act was some unknown band with a goofy guitarist who wore sweaters from Sears and a weird chain-smoking drummer…they were called Cheap Trick.

    Ted Nugent – the “Motor City Madman”, need I say more?

    Thin Lizzy – very tight and loud, a solid band with those trademark harmony lead guitars that pretty much every band on Earth copied thereafter. good to be able to see them before they broke up and their very talented Irish-African-American bassist and frontman, Phil Lynott, finally did himself in with….. (what else?) – heroin, of course. It’s just so darn effective at killing off rockers, don’t ya know?!

    I think that’s all….yep, way back in ’77….good times.

    • That is amazing. I was too young to see these bands in their prime, but I do understand (even with all my knowledge today) the appeal and awesomeness of seeing them live. Especially if the event is significant in the overall drama of the performer’s lives (like you’ve described). It’s kind of like you’re no longer an observer of the movie-drama that is their life, now you’re an “extra” in the movie itself. How many people can say they’ve been to a Grateful Dead show? I have. Several, actually. And even though I now look at Jerry Garcia and think, “evil bastard”, I still have fond memories. Did you know that some girls liked to walk around topless at Dead shows? At the very least, free-spirited women tend to be anti-bra. Ongowa!

      But wow… you’ve got a whole multi-plex of memories. The best I can match you with is that I’ve seen Cheap Trick at a music festival in their twilight. Yep, Cheap Trick. But I did see R.E.M. in a college gymnasium, and The Bangles playing a venue so small it could basically be called a bar. I was mere feet away from Susanna Hoffs. She was young and hot and spectacular. Thank you Suzie!

      I can almost imagine both of us at the same mall in 1977, you as a teen in an arcade talking about your latest concert, and I as a boy in the ice cream shop next door reviewing the Star Wars action figures I just got and both saying the same thing at the same time: “This is the coolest year ever!”

      • Yeah, I can see that happening.

        And I might’ve said to you, “Hey kid, Star Wars is pretty cool, but just wait ’till you discover sweater punkins!!”

  6. Here’s a good video that covers the whole “Boystown” pederast / murder conspiracy (fact) case you mentioned in this article.

    It’s just insane to think that any of this could possibly be true, and unfortunately, it’s pretty clear that most likely ALL of it is true.

    Gee, I wonder why the Discovery channel would finance the making of this documentary, pay the filmmakers when it was completed, and then they very suddenly just abandoned it and never aired the thing???

    Sort of fits a certain pattern we’ve come to know all too well, doesn’t it?

    • It does seem odd that Discovery would first want to uncover, and then cover up. Perhaps it’s part of a major psy-op to make us subconsciously believe that the problem has been noted, addressed, and resolved. If you noticed, the situation at Penn state started to explode into something more prolific and disturbing with links to many other prominent people, but now it’s become just another case of “isolated incidents”. There’s been an awful lot of isolated incidents these days.

      Thanks for the link – I recommend that documentary to everyone.

      • Yes sir, like you, I am a person who notices a few things about how mass media intensifies and then completely ignores various events in our world.

        The recent Penn State pederasty crimes are a classic and glaring example of this. It’s all quite sickening, but what is possibly even more disturbing is the fact that so few people – regular people and media people alike – even notice that this and other “big stories” can be so quickly hidden from view and simply disappear.

        This is clearly a very simple mass media tactic – just stop talking about it – and it works. But does anyone even notice that ALL of the mass media electronic and print media generally “stop talking about it” simultaneously, as if they were all some highly skilled Olympic synchronized swimming team???

        Although most of us realize that the corporate mass media is absolutely owned and controlled, it is at least somewhat logical and understandable that when a story “breaks” (even though many are deliberately planted by CIA and various other intelligence agencies, as well as other leaks by “govt sources”), it makes some sense that everyone in media suddenly joins the circus and wants to be in on the big story, right?

        But, seriously now, how in the HELL does anyone rationalize the fact that ALL of the major mass media outlets can so abruptly and consistently STOP covering (or even mentioning) these “big stories”, and not realize that they are completely controlled and orchestrated by SOME larger organized force that is telling them what do do and say, and when to do and say it??

        And the thing is, too, that even those of us who do ask “Hey WTF, why did that huge story suddenly just disappear and become not important??”, are not heard or seen by the masses to provoke their own curiosity and interest – and it’s not like the mass media will EVER run a story saying “MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE QUESTIONING WHY AND HOW MASS MEDIA SUDDENLY DECIDE TO STOP COVERING MAJOR STORIES”. No one sees or notices the difference, so therefore, it does not exist, eh??

        Ok, so I’ll just end this rant with the following tidbit along this same line of thought –

        The earthquake and nuclear plant disasters in Japan were no doubt among the largest in human history, and yet after this typical brief and intense media coverage, they followed this same pattern – just became unimportant and received ZERO media coverage one day.

        No follow-up…how are the people of Fukishima recovering, how is Japan dealing with this crisis of Biblical proportions??

        Nope…just right back to more of the same bullshit we always see, another Britney Spears, another Michael Jackson, another (insert
        your own trivial media distraction story here).

        I guess the moral of this story is:


        and…..ONGOWA MF!!!

        /end of LVB rant 🙂

  7. The video above somewhat reveals mentioned method to make families dysfunctional via media. Also note the baby’s evil gaze towards the camera at the end of the scene. This detail gave me some slight creepy vibes. As we know that Stewie has world domination ambitions it should be not that hard to connect the dots.

    • That’s a Family Guy parody of a 70’s (80’s?) TV show called “Eight Is Enough” (the family had eight children). I don’t remember much except I didn’t like it.

      This clip did make me think about how cartoon violence has evolved from animals (Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny) to families (Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad).

  8. Bob Balaban looks suspiciously like SS. While SS has taken on the likeness of Richard Dreyfuss. I haven’t really noticed them since, oh, 1977 or so.

  9. Who is Bob Balaban and why does he look like Stephen Spielberg?

    • Apologies Strawman – sometimes my attempts at illustrating reality in a different (and more humorous) way can fall flat and end up just confusing people. I was trying to show the weirdness of the top three people involved with this film all oddly looking alike by mixing up the name labels with the photos. Dreyfus is the first photo, Spielberg the second, and Balaban the third.

      Bob Balaban is an actor who played the role of “David Laughlin”, a translator for a French UFO investigator (who was based on the real life French UFO investigator, Jacques Vallee.) Bob is the one in the film who realizes the mysterious transmission of numbers the government is receiving are actually geographic coordinates for Devil’s Tower.

  10. Wasn’t confused. Per one of your earlier articles, just letting you know people are actually paying attention to what you post.

    • Cool. I wasn’t sure because it seemed like everyone I personally talked to under the age of 35 about this film had never seen it (that’s also why I slipped into wikipedia mode).

      And, I say this as less of a blogger wanting confirmation and more as a human being wanting reassurance…
      thanks for paying attention.

  11. Good work!

    the Family guy clip reminds me of a recent ( Texas?) family court judge sprung by his daughter for past abuse and the Footage of that shows the mother guiding the father who is leathering his daughters backside, or trying to,

    Truth is far more freakier than fix’tion.

    be well.

    • Thanks for the praise! Much happiness to you in 2012.

      “It’s all so confusing, this brutal abusing
      They blacken your eyes and then apologize
      Be daddy’s good girl, and don’t tell mommy a thing
      Be a good little boy and you’ll get a new toy
      Tell grandma you fell from the swing”

      “Hell Is For Children”
      – Pat Benatar

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