Night Of The Living Tiki (and a mother’s day song for Sophie)




I seemed to have stirred passion and controversy in the night and will probably do it again in part two tonight on the Rebel Path. But first, an announcement:


age of volcanoes not so fun fact: the age of volcanoes is going to be dormant for about three weeks. [I will re-do this current series in a more proper, definitive,  and longer fashion afterward]. This is unrelated to the controversy and explained here:


living tiki personal not so fun fact: OK, I’ve had it. A major Ongowa! is being bellowed at this moment. You see, after I started this blog I didn’t anticipate a perfect storm of crap to set me behind financially. Being behind (i.e., most often not even having gas money each week to go to work) has made me get even further behind financially and is ripping apart my life. Remember my post about selling most of what I owned? Yeah… here’s where I’ve had it so much I’m selling the rest. I’ve had it with this bullshit. Here’s where the “living” truly begins….



Now then, the controversy.




With very little time available, I wanted to get this explanation out quickly so everyone will know my viewpoint and can see what I’m talking about.

Ladies, you’ve been hoodwinked.

You see, you think your idol should be Lilith. She’s the first woman, right? Banned from the Garden of Eden for not submitting to Jehova, she’s the epitome of Mother Earthness who should be emulated… right? And here I am badmouthing her (and seemingly all women).

Ladies, this is Lilith:



There ya go… start emulating the divine feminine. Here… there’s even a website devoted to displaying all the Lilys out there:

The Seductive Jewess


Yeah… it’s our old friends the Jews again. They took the first woman, who was in actuality Sophie, and “replaced” her with Lilith. They essentially created a living fertility idol, one that men would be very unable to resist due to her bountiful everything.



(Thanks Rebel – and commenter – for heads up on this site.) The women on this site have dominated the porn industry. They are also the seductresses who have brought down the careers of famous men, like Tiger Woods. Keep in mind Tiger Woods had a super hot Scandinavian wife. These “Lilys” are utilizing something very powerful over men, and you’d think it’s their unnatural Barbie doll appearance, but no… that’s their natural genetic shape. A lot of them are fat. A lot of them are hairy. A lot of them have the big Jewish nose. But read the comments… they affect men.  I can attest to that.



I am being accused of creating these female “categories” which is implying I have a very limited way of thinking and a low opinion of women. Allow me to emphasize: These categories were already created and engineered before I was even born. I am merely discovering and defining them. But for myself – if it helps other people… more’s the better. Simply put, I’m creating a field guide to help me remember that some women can seduce me, control me, and ultimately destroy me (I may even know this and still be unable to resist – that’s how powerful you are, ladies).

And then there’s other women I might miss when they are actually the greatest thing I can make a part of my life….


Who is Sophie?

Who is the woman that women should emulate?


A woman that can control a 30 foot gorilla:


In my opinion, the best example of a “Sophie” in pop-culture is the character played by Naomi Watts in King Kong, and she’s also the reason King Kong could never take place in modern day: Where today would you find twenty men take the risk of being ripped apart by a giant ape in order to save just one woman?



In the movie it’s because Naomi is such a beautiful/motherly/caring presence, she’s worth it.  She essentially romanced, charmed, and cared for every man in the film. Even the 30 foot ape.




But not sexually. There’s nary a hint of Naomi being sexual in King Kong. But that goes without saying….

Naomi is so beautiful, the display of her body shape is undefined in the movie even in a sexy evening gown, yet you still know there’s womanly spectacularness underneath:


But guys, you won’t be able to win “Sophie” over with your metrosexual appearance.

Only your thoughts and words:


Trust me. Her passion will be even hotter than her body.

And it will be all for you.



Now here’s what the Jews have done….

They took every potential Sophie:


And did this:


Tune in again…


~ by the living tiki on May 13, 2012.

31 Responses to “Night Of The Living Tiki (and a mother’s day song for Sophie)”

  1. I’m currently going through some kind of Lucy/Lilith/Sophia experience at the moment. Strangely enough, “Lucy” is leaving for another city in 2 months, “Lilith” is moving to another town for 2 months in a week, and “Sophia” is going to Europe for 2 months in 2 days… Seems like “the universe” is trying to teach me something here. This “Lucy” is definitely the sexiest and craziest of the three, “Sophia” is emotionally stable, intelligent, confident. And “Lilith” is a really lovely girl, but full of emtional issues and hollywood-received programming – it figures, as she “studied” film at university. I’m blown away by how this is all lining up. Great post! Loved your show with the Rebel.

    • Thanks, man.

      Wow, what a trifecta. But no worries, mate: the summer will bring out the blonds… good luck!

      It’s also weird how a “Lily” kinda driving me crazy right now is also a film student. She also is a really lovely girl.

      • Looks like I angered Lily by not feeling as intensely as her… oops? But sure enough, as one Lily and Sophia exited, two more moved into their place in the last week. And just to note – I’m not suggesting that all women neatly fit into one of 3 categories/archetypes at all. But it’s hard to ignore the patterns that occur once you assert your masculine power. I’m gonna flick a few dollars your way when I get paid tomorrow night mate – you’ve more than earned it with your posts and your two shows with Alex recently. I hope you manage to get through this rough patch, things certainly seem to be a lot tougher on your side of the pond. Best of luck.

  2. Volcano killed Russian “superjet” – coincidence??

    “The Sukhoi Superjet 100 came to rest on the side of Mount Salak, a volcano south of Jakarta, Indonesia.”

    Apparently, they recovered the flight voice recorder and it recorded the pilot’s final words of terror (which curiously translates exactly the same in English and Russian): ” ONGOWA!!!!…….!@#$!@#!@$”

    A tragic day for everyone involved, no doubt. Perhaps an apology from the volcano would be a wise and compassionate move.

    Also, this interesting story, which “illuminates” an article I wrote years ago, called “Who Runs The Show?” – check out this link, you’ll be amazed and annoyed by the blatant honesty of it.

    Cheers and congrats on your somewhat shaky, but overall pretty decent debut on CR – also, I hope your kitty is better now. 🙂

  3. And, if you haven’t already, make the time to see a very odd and disturbing film called Mullholland Drive. Being that you are obviously a Naomi fan, you won’t be disappointed….that’s all I’m gonna say lol.

    Enjoy and Ongowa!

    • Heard shows on TV joke about characters getting volcano insurance, but maybe it’s not such a bad thing now.

      I’ve read that LA times article before… possibly you posted it on the Rebel’s blog. Although not surprised, I’m still amazed at the arrogance of it. Heard a republican nationwide radio talk show host today (Michael Medved) who is very Jewish. He was visiting Israel (in which he hosts a tour every year) and was talking with his brother (who is part of the Israeli government or something like that) about how Israel is developing all the latest, greatest things and America needs Israel to survive in the world. Man, they’re everywhere in everything.

      Mulholland Drive… isn’t that David Lynch? I liked Twin Peaks. Um… the TV show, I mean.

      BTW – yeah Rebel, what the hell was up with the cat? It was like driving a car with a cat inside but not in any sort of container. Good thing I didn’t crash.

  4. Very interesting take on Lilith as original Jewess. Good girls go to heaven, while Bad Girls – the archetypal Lily – go everywhere and everywhen. One historical moment she’s Judith sawing off Holofernes’ head and Esther seducing the Persian King, and later she’s Monica disgracing Bill Clinton and Rachel ruining Tiger Woods…with all sorts of Jewcy stuff in betwixt.

    • Don’t forget Delilah! I’m starting to see how this persona goes back throughout history with almost every woman who has “brought down” a man.

      Recently saw a photo of Monica sitting next to Ron Paul at some dinner party function. An odd pairing.

  5. I would agree that the archetypes are being slowly eroded in favor of the new ‘types’ and perhaps this has been going on for centuries in order to lead us up to the point we are now at. To use a cliche, it was all part of the plan. Not sure if I believe that we have been duped in the way you say. At least not originally. However, I need to read up more on ‘Lilith’.

    Your shows with the Rebel are fun to listen to, I think you two make a good radio duo. It’s a shame that the advertisements always seem to cut the flow of what is being said though. I have to mention that!

    Again, I missed the first couple of hours so need to catch up on that. Not sure what I missed.

    On a personal note: Your plight re money. Since walking out of my job I’ve found life very difficult as the money began to disappear. I’m teaching now but it’s not enough to make all the ends meet so I understand how that is tearing up the fabric of your life situation. It’s happening to me too. A positive mind-set helps to see you through. That’s how I am tackling the choices I’ve made recently. I’m also doing a lot more reading and writing.

    I should tell you that you’ve made me feel better about myself after viewing those images which were primarily for the boys. I’m glad I don’t need to conform to being a stick insect because apparently you guys prefer the curves thank God.

    BTW – Jane Seymour is Jewish – who knew!

    Sending out positive vibes to you. Take care.


    • It’s not called boobie dancing, it’s called belly dancing. I’m not sure where this whole washboard stomach thing happened, because in my opinion one of the most underrated sexy parts of a woman is her belly. I can’t speak for all guys, but for the ones who like the curves…. bless you, Marty.

      Belle! Bella! Belly!

      Further investigation is underway, but I’m wondering if there were no archetypes to begin with… that women in the past were just themselves instead of having a childhood guide them into one of these personas. That’s why I have “Eve” as the everywoman (which is to say any woman and no woman – each one being her own true self- but yet suppressed in the past). I’m still working on “Sophie”… just wanted a positive persona at this time to balance out the negative.

      It has gotten me extremely intrigued that all the “Seductive Jewesses” have the same genetic traits (right down to odd things like their left nipple being larger than their right), but the end result is a body shape that is almost ridiculously erotic (right down to ridiculously huge boobs.) However, the “persona” also includes other turn ons: long black curly hair, hooded almond-shape eyes, olive skin. Was this body shape genetically engineered? Since humanity seems to have gone through dramatic changes in appearance (like us being much taller in the past), it may be a possibility “Lily” was purposely and artificially created long ago. That’s kinda sexily creeping me out.

      Yet I keep trying to explain that’s why my keen breast observations are immensely important to uncovering the truth. But women never believe me. Such is my burden.

      Maybe that’s my attraction to Jane Seymour. She inherited all those genetic traits… but in moderation. Any more and I don’t think I’d be able to remember her name.

      Thanks for the good vibrations! I need all I can get.

  6. Hi again Tiki, this is the reply I left over at Celtic Rebel’s blog.

    Whoa! Thank you for the nice shock I received when opening my e-mail this morning. Is there anyway to switch-off gif. from the subscription?

    Anyway, great shows! Enjoyed them immensely.

    I agree, women shouldn’t work unless they want to but men are not at all obsolete in my life. I need one to fix the broken toilet, kill the spiders and insects, get the car fixed at the garage, deal with the electricians, tell me how much they enjoyed the food I cooked for them, and other things I do. Let’s not forget about buying me presents and lying to me about how good I look!

    I am finding that I agree with more and more of what you say. Weird huh?

    Corporal punishment – I remember the Catholic school I went to. We were sent there because it was a ‘religious’ school so less likely to ‘corrupt’. It was always a big deal when someone got sent to the Headmaster for the cane. I remember it happened once, maybe twice to some boy…it was an event…because very few kids were bad back then! I recall seeing the cane in the office. It was a fantastic deterrent.

    The ‘divine feminine’ is of course an excuse. I get a little pissed-off when I hear people use that term so much. I believe the whole New Age movement was orchestrated to destroy our so-called ‘old-fashioned values’, and it works like a charm.

    You and the adorable Living Tiki make a great duo – You should get him on the show again for sure. I just want to add that all the advertisements and interruptions kind of ruin the flow of your conversations – sorry but it has to be said!

    Alex – you are a prophet of our future sick-society – if only you could be wrong some times?

    aka Marty

    • Thanks Marty… you helped me clarify something. The problem is not that women are working (which any objection is being labeled as an outdated/anti-feminist opinion in American politics right now), the problem is that women are working more and more in jobs where they’re being forced to compete with one another. It’s not in their nature – being more communal and supportive. That’s the problem with beauty pageants as well. How can one compete beauty? How can we put Mother Earth in competition with itself? But that’s exactly what we’ve done.

      Thanks again, Marty…. that forced competition of women also helped me come up with possibly the greatest response of all time for all the guys out there confronted with the most dreaded question ever asked of us by our ladies:

      “Honey, do you think I’m fat?”

      “No sweetie, you’re not fat. Other women are fat. You’re perfect.”

      (There’s no charge for that guys, but *ahem* I still do have a donation button)

  7. Tiki
    OK, last time I’ll write, promising you and myself, but there’s just something I have to get off my chest (pun intended).

    You and Rebel seem to have resurrected the Madonna/whore thing and instead of asking “what does woman want” you are trying to tell them what they should be. And I do believe it will come back and bite you in the ass, probably by way of dreams and later encounters in waking life. Also it just sounds like so much arrested development.

    But here’s the really important thing I wanted to say. You know how Rebel comments on how gay men don’t really like women, well there’s much more to that story. I think it all leads back to rape. And I think the vast majority of rape victims are boys, in all cultures, all societies, all countries. And it doesn’t just happen in Hollywood, churches or football locker rooms. This has been an unmentionable secret for the whole history of people, no matter how you view history. The topic has been unmentionable because it has been so unbelievable up until about 10years ago when the whole priests like little boys story exploded.

    It’s only been in my life time that the topic of rape could even be mentioned or discussed, but initially it was only talked about in regard to women. Try contacting your local rape crisis center and ask them if they help boys, or any other agency – you’ll get a lot of silence. So, the cats out of the bag finally, but as always the information needs to be controlled so people don’t begin to understand just how wide spread the rape of boys is.

    OK, what does this have to do with your discussions? I think that when boys are raped they have no one to tell, and I really mean no one. They then need to internalize all the pain, if they are lucky they won’t become schizophrenic (ever wonder why the majority of schizophrenics are young men?). So, one way individuals and society handles this information is the same way many gay men do. They can’t point the finger at their true oppresser, that would mean further pain, humiliation, trauma and possibly death. I think that anger and pain is then turned towards an easier target – women. The woman who didn’t protect them, even if she didn’t know, she’s the real problem. How couldn’t she know, why didn’t she help?

    We all gotta do something about the rape of boys. I really believe it’s the only thing that will save us.

    As for me, this kitty has to get outside. Even if people say I will whore around and make lots of babies and spread disease and maybe get myself hurt by walking into a cars path. With freedom comes responsibility, and this kitty wants to feel the wind through her hair and the grass on her feet.

    • Kitty – I was very impressed with your comment – and I think you are absolutely correct. It’s that abuse of young boys which needs to be tackled…I am so shocked that this has been going on. I read about it on so many blogs and it is so disturbing. As I said before, is there no one out there who can stop this from happening?

      Peace and best wishes to you
      aka Marty

    • OK, last time was just the clippers. Now I’m dragging out the garden hose with attachable jet spray nozzle.

      I’m not liking much your insinuation that the reason the Rebel and I are the way we are is because we may have been raped as young boys. The vague karmic threats don’t sit well either.

      The Rebel is the ONLY researcher I know that has brought that issue to the forefront – aside from the insights of Lenon Honor – (and many, many months ago). He is also the ONLY researcher that has discovered WHY boys are being raped:

      Kitty, why do we have (per the Dos Equis beer ad) “The most interesting man in the world”, but not “The most interesting woman in the world”? It not misogyny, it’s because every woman is different, interesting, and unique. Problem is we’ve put them all in competition with one another in many differently destructive ways.

      “What does woman want?” Are you sure you really want me to ask that question? I’ll get back 9 billion different replies! [But wait tiki… there’s only 6 billion people on the planet! – Yes, that’s because the roughly 3 billion women will change their answer 3 times.]

      “A real man doesn’t give a woman what she wants, he gives a woman what she needs.” – Celtic Rebel

      I’m not telling women what they should be, instead I’m trying to discern what the evil ones have pigeon-holed them into becoming – hence my “personas”. Again, I DID NOT CREATE THESE PERSONAS. And I’m also warning women that these personas will allow Satana to influence women into believing they ARE the personas, to see if they will be tempted to use and abuse them. Allow me to provide an example:

      [I previously posted more detail about this, but I decided I still respected her (even though she has made my life absolute hell for no reason other than I’m a man) – respected the lady – enough to where I didn’t want to post even anonymous information about her personal problems and the internal suffering they’ve inflicted. Just know that continuous situations like this has made her hate men, but hate other women even more.]

      Women were falsely sold that they are superior divine goddesses, and were told to reject that which made them believe they are superior divine goddesses in the first place [aside from a greater connection to Gaia/Mother Earth]: The natural, instinctual respect that men automatically gave them simply because they are women – commonly known as MANners. It’s part of our species survival, and it includes the words, “women and children first”. Holding the door, holding a chair, standing when a woman enters a room, making way for her on the street and tipping one’s hat, and saying things like, “Watch your mouth, mister, there’s a lady present.” When was the last time a man did any of that for you? Not out of courtesy (which is what the evil ones want you to believe manners were all about) but simply because you’re a lady.

      Ma’am [tipping hat].

      Now get off my lawn… scat! scat! [sprays hose].

      • TLT-

        The manners you’re talking about/writing about, are dated from chivalry, which was brought about by d’bards, who in turn picked-up ideas from the cathars, who in turn were an ‘extension’ the essene communities, the same one a plain, ordinary man walked out of, either 1 or 2000 years ago… depending on the calendar issue you’ve also been on-about. He never said he was special, in fact, repeatedly says ‘I am only a man’ many many times, basically saying ‘Just like you’. And he didn’t fly-up into heaven or anything like that. I encourage reading the essene gospel of peace, book 1; if you haven’t. It’s online, without the nice woodcuts, and a few scanning typos. Good enough though.

        Those manners might be built-in, or might be a compensation to ‘women and children’ for the hardships brought about by bad diet, causing a bad mind, and thereby abuse. However, this is not limited, to a ‘sex’, and so I have reason to believe the first response is more accurate; it is trained. Perform those tasks if you like, but also then, it is insisted, ladies are ladies, not putanahs, not passive-aggressive abusers. Higher standards go both-ways. Abuse is not a friend to a particular sex. Even without opening the door, she still can’t spit in your face wantonly.

  8. Great shows Tiki, you two do make for a good conversation for sure, and it’s so nice to have the conversation steered away from the Black Sun…: )

    So my whole take is that the very images we are shown are WAY more powerful than people imagine, because the fact is, you can’t un-remember something you have been shown…
    so here we are thousands of years down the line, and everywhere you turn are projected images of what we think are fun to look at and attractive, when in reality, the more we watch and look at these things, the more they desensitize us to actual real life, ie our wives, girlfriends, or those to be….the same obviously holds true for violence and ‘action movies’ which are really just self induced ‘traumatic incidents’ that people actually pay money to go see, then they have that niced trauma swimming around their brains for the rest of their days….
    I really think people don’t think about this at this level at all, but now look at the whole scope of what we see on tv, if it’s not fighting then it’s arguing or seeing people get hurt (ie America’s Funniest Home Videos), real funny stuff (NOT)
    all imagery has been hijacked, which is why we as artists need to choose very carefully what we choose to put out there….

    keep up the great work and may all Positive Vibrations be sent your way…!

  9. This is an awesome comment. Thanks, Brad.

    You reminded me of that scene in “A Clockwork Orange” where Malcolm McDowell has his eyes taped open and forced to watch traumatic, horrific imagery. Who would’ve thought just a couple of decades later we would have “Saw” and “Hostel” sold to us as entertainment?

    Good advice about art – I feel even art itself has been hijacked, and a lot of regular artists are just repeating the imagery put out by the famous ones.

    Much gratitude for the vibes, man!

    • TLT-

      At art spaces, specifically body-work – as the typical ‘picture on the wall’ is disconnected-place, full of disconnected people – i see people re-create trauma AGAIN, from what they have partaken on the outside, they are not free: they are merely re-creating the same trauma, the same excitement, instead of making the private space as a place based in sensitivity and contemplation. Only recently, did I see one such space used for a clear meditation; meditation is not only sitting-alone – that is a stereotype we need to get over if we are going to learn natural contemplation. Apparent alone-ness, is only one aspect.

      The meditation went well, however one of the people associated with the space but not partaking, was romping-around quite loudly with headphones on, unable to connect and be sensitive to, the needs of the other participants. Funny-enough, it seemed as though he was reacting to ‘his space’ being ‘invaded’ by these rather peaceful people! Private spaces are needed, and not everyone need conform in a kind of lock-step roboticism (rules, guru’ism, ashrams come to mind). However, bear clear witness, that the public is a mixture of trauma, and peaceful inhabitants and many people at-war (creating the trauma, for themselves and others). Why?

      Continuing to next topic..
      If we are going to make art, in any form, and ascend above ‘shit in a can’, we desperately need to look inside ourselves, literally, for the shit we are filled-with, by eating the pharisee rabbi’s unleavened (unsprouted and improperly-fermented counts as ‘unleavened’) bread. This is GHETTO-BREAD. I HAVE TOLD the ‘rebel’ for many, many months now, AND BEEN TOTALLY IGNORED: So i have to post it here where I can be heard and speak freely: if he wants people to quit animal flesh, he has to first tell them to quit grains, as almost all grains (forget about exceptions) are improperly-prepared, and thereby, toxic, these days. They create real deficiency conditions, an at-war status of the gut (the child within, the potential seat of heaven, or hell), releasing direct poisons, take further demands on repairing the gut. They block digestion, encourage rotting, impact the feces, and encourage knotting. They reduce absorption.

      It’s a complete catastrophe that directly causes mental problems, including sociopathy. The ONLY RELIGION that DICTATES through their pedophile priests, to eat an UNLEAVENED BREAD, is what we call JUDAISM. Every other culture I look at, has some kind of sprouting and fermentation process. Even grains, left in the field, over a few days on the stalks, are said to sprout. This doesn’t happen anymore with the pharisee/machine-led ‘modernizations’.

      Animal flesh is an infusion of nutrients typically depleted by grains. But it doesn’t fix the actual problem, and may cause others. Thyroid problems occur from grains, symptoms overlap for a reason. The fluoride etc isn’t bad-enough!

      If you let me post this, I’d be happy to come back and post another little bit, which never gets mentioned, and rebel’s been told, many many times, and keeps speaking in error. So I got to clear it up, sick of the … inaccuracies.

      Back to grains, shit, and meat for a minute: If you have people try to quit animal flesh, without quitting grains, they will simply feel miserable (for the great part), and eventually abandon any vegetarianism as futile, and draining. There are a minority of people, who do not have those *exact* symptoms on grains; rest assured, it’s interfering with their brain, and causing problems all d’same. Such as failing, utterly, to mention the obvious. Even when it’s been pointed out to them.

      Clear up the gut, and ‘On earth, as it is, in the gut.’ Heaven is not a hypothetical place, stolen by pederasts, pharisees and crooks. Heaven is pragmatically, the potential condition of the gut, which then directly conveys to how things are ‘On earth’. ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is within.’ Don’t look further for shambala, then your own belly.

      Stop searching your rational mind, for problems ‘out there’ with so-called ‘homosexuals’; fix your own gut first! The rest u’ll take care of itself.


  10. Hey Tiki,

    I found her again, for me she seems to cycle through all three personas. I’m not too sure yet if I like that or not.

    Anyway, she is still writing hard.

  11. What Kitty said

  12. Sorry mr tiki just read some of your reply – I certainly did not read it as Kitty implying you are a victim of rape.

    There is a divide between male/female thinking now that cannot be bridged. As it stands now we are at an impasse.

    Everything you claim is 100% true.

    Everything Kitty has said (or I might try to say) is also 100% true.

    Hmmm … in such a situation where there is 200% truth perhaps it might be better to question where our concepts of truth came from & just who GAVE them to us? And to ask just who benefits from the hatred between the sexes – because by & large I’m seeing a lot of hate generated & it’s damn scary. Who is benefiting ???????? For it is certainly not you or I.

    • Hey Tiki,

      For whatever it is worth…

      I tend to agree with Alex R in seeing that there is a lot of valuable truth in what BOTH you and Kitty have said. And I also did not and still do not read it as though she was implying anything about you, personally, but as more of a general statement that this problem is much more widespread (bad term to use, huh??) than anyone realizes – which I think is also true.

      And while I think anyone who is reasonably intelligent and honest already knows that things like women changing their minds a lot, owning a lot of shoes and many similar stereotypical things about men are often true…this means OFTEN, but not always.

      This leads me to what I think may be the bigger issue that is much closer to WISDOM than merely little pieces of “truth” – and that is the fact that I do not accept the collectivism ideas embedded within the initial premise of asking “what do women want?”, any more than I would in asking, “what does the black/gay/white/Eskimo/whatever “community” want – because this concept is all bullshit to begin with.

      This “they” (of any group) is not a they – “they” are in fact a combination of billions of unique individuals. Like it or not, WE are all unique and sovereign individuals who have been created and thrown together here in whatever way you choose to beieve that occurred. But, regardless of how we got here, we are therefore unique and individual in what we each want, need, desire, love, hate, etc. But “we” have been conditioned in the other direction of “groupthink” for a very long time…and it sinks in eventually, and very subtly.

      It is only the evil ones you speak of that convince us to be trapped and lock ourselves into labels and categories. In this way, they have been more successful than any of us realize. Fortunately, most of us are still capable of catching ourselves and remembering, if only temporarily, that we ARE all unique and individual…if we want to be….but it is an ongoing process that we each have to keep constantly working at, and remembering.

      What WE (of any “group”) want simply does not exist – instead, each of us should really try to first identify and know for ourselves what do I want, and then move forward (in the sense of relationships) to going directly to the source and asking that invidual person “Hey, WTF do YOU want??” – perhaps in a nicer way, depending on your goals lol.

      I hope you already know that this is no way any sort of attack on you, but just me thinking aloud and expressing an idea that I believe is universally true – that we (men/women) can come together (another poor choice of term?), but only by remembering and accepting that not only are there differences between the genders of our species, but also that each and every one of us is very different – no matter how much we may actually have (or think we have) in common.

      We are all very complex beings, by nature, and these attempts to consolidate our individual wills into one “group” just to make it simpler to control us, unfortunately, only make US a lot more confused and f-ed up in our interactions with one another, as individuals. But, we can fight against this, one by one – by the billions.

      Peace and good thoughts to you, tiki. They aren’t called tough times for nothing, but you can endure them – and I hope it helps you to know that other people are “pulling for you”, so to speak. See you later. 🙂

      • Just really quick;
        It’s not about what we want,
        it’s about what we need.
        Stop discounting those needs!

      • Needs come from the belly, or other people’s bellies, and our sensitivity to our own belly allows us to ‘copy’ then we can look down at our own and ‘read’ what the need is. Without that communication medium (due to bread/wheat/grains see prior post) it’s not possible to get needs met properly. People run around believing they ‘want this’ and ‘want that’, totally disconnected from the needs. Believing those needs (of an at-peace gut) will finally be satisfied or satiated when another ‘want’ is satisfied. It’s not about wants at all! That’s the delusion.

      • I would simply suggest that you do whatever you choose to do with your own “belly” (and life), and accept the fact that everyone else is free to do whatever they choose to with theirs. Seems fair to me.

        Believing that you know what is best for anyone other than yourself is rooted in the collectivist ideas mentioned above, and I have no doubt that this is the most dangerous delusion of all.

        “What I need most is for others to stop telling me what I need.”
        – LVB 2012

        Good luck to you, and in the words of the infamous “Fat Bastard” – Get in ma belly!!! 🙂

  13. Hey Tiki been mulling this over for about a week, didn’t want to reply right away. Just wanted to say thanks for clarifying in this write up that you didn’t create these female archetypes – I know it should be obvious enough, but reading that does ease my initial discomfort with yours & Rebel’s talk about the three archetypal ladies – it turned me off at the time because I honestly didn’t see how it was supposed to apply to me, as a woman trying to make good changes – but I am starting to see how it applies to our perceptions of women on the whole, so I wanted to mention a few things I caught before/since.

    For one, I think these archetypes you talked about tie very heavily into art history. The Venus of Willendorf is actually a phallic symbol, I think – and a fabrication too – not as old as they say. Also, the Art Nouveau muse/prostitute ties into that Femme Fatale Turned Mother Nature. Was gonna write about that soon – it’s a perversion when looked at from the less popular angle.

    This whole idea of Lilith being a sham you brought up here would totally explain those lesbian festivals from back in the 1990s too…

    Anyways sorry for my vague comment last time :] I didn’t want to say too much because I’m still getting familiar with your work. I do hope Rebel has you on again sometime. I liked the flow of the conversation between you two and I think you have an infectious laugh. To be honest sometimes this stuff can all be really depressing, so it was nice to hear someone lighthearted

    Still, both of those shows you did with Rebel were hard for me to consider as a woman trying to change myself for the better… I have that problem with Rebel’s work quite often actually :] haha… and I think that’s because it’s all such touchy stuff, it’s impossible NOT to offend… so maybe that’s why I was vague last time too… at the time the archetypal discussion felt really lost on me. It still is a little. However, some time has passed, and I’ve realized that regardless of whether or not it applies to me directly – it might not at all – it applies to you and Rebel. It applies as you both see it, as you both perceive. And even more importantly, other men are speaking up and saying they see it too! That’s the kicker! And plus, when I look at art history – or history history, I see it too. Can’t deny it, even though I really don’t like it. So like the song goes, Who am I to disagree?

    Thought the observations you both made on Jurassic Park were excellent as well. Thanks Tiki

  14. You asked in a post last July Why Atlantis?

    Well, I chatted with the author of the next link provided….

    …back when you posted this, and it was believed (by her) at the time that you knew exactly “Why Atlantis”. I had already been “following” you for quite some time by then, so I thought I had a notion of what “The Living Tiki” was all about and I encountered some resistance relaying my vibe of you to her. It seems that the most passionate writers convey a commonality that does not allow them to “take on” another’s idea. Though in time I have seen it happen once or twice, to some degree or another.
    Anyway, I’ve seen you share your heart with others in the comment sections of their blogs and I have to say, that if you are not for real, then you put waaay to much effort and time into it. Sheeesh, the energy drain that would be. I like your work Tiki, it resonates with me. So therefore I carry it around with me whilst I meander, but, to have it thought about in a decietful manner was foriegn to me. I entered the land of cognitive dissonance….Dun-dun-dun! Kinda what like Goldbugs’ work does to me.

    I have since recovered (I think) and have now been able to see how both of your works overlap, hell, the big picture really, Rebel, Alex DU, even that trixter Clif High fits in there.

    What was it?

    The trigger?

    Oh yeah! — “I no longer find myself NEEDING / WANTING (the line has been blurred ya’ll) to know why, I now simply focus on how IAm going to react to it”. => I know the television is lying to me – so I no longer NEED / WANT it for anything – goodbye television

    This is what I “see” being expressed in this little meandering session of mine.

    Next trip – Learning how to engineer a simple life in a not so simple world.

  15. Hi I discovered your site a week or so ago by following a link from another website. I enjoy your articles and posts and the topics you choose to explore. For instance, the double-meanings of Star Wars dialogue is fascinating to learn about – both revelatory and freeing – and I appreciate the humorous way that you explore this. My naive trust in movies and TV is being questioned, and I am grateful.

    I might be interested in doing a link exchange with you, if you can find the time to check out my site and contact me.

  16. so…where do African/brown women, the original woman figure into all of this?

    • To be honest, I’m not sure – but that is an excellent question. (I also need to go back and listen to what we discussed). I have mainly focused on the white race, which allows for greater change in appearance – but one has to ask why white women are being conditioned to want to be sort of a false persona of themselves. Asian women are likewise influenced, but not as much. And of course African/brown women much less [And isn’t it funny how a lot of these women are labeled as “exotic”… as if their appearance wasn’t natural or normal in some way. I do know that the brown and black races have been programmed to think of the white race as an “ideal” look: When I traveled in Indonesia, I met a girl who was beautifully “exotic”, yet she desired lighter skin and blue eyes. I tried my best to let her know what she already had was desirable enough. A perfect example of this programming would be Jessica Alba in Fantastic Four – she plays the role of a Scandinavian racial woman by dyeing her hair blond and wearing blue contacts.

      Hollywood… listen up: Jessica Alba being her brown self – hot. Jessica Alba being a white woman – ridiculous.

      Investigating the history and origin of the races is quite daunting, with pre-history being an evolutionary mess, especially since we appear to have had giants and hobbits in our human family tree. But seeing how all the different races are being treated and regarded in our current reality gives clues as to what occurred in the past. I hope you enjoy my perspective and find it useful.

      Sorry for the late reply!

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