the live tiki returns



I will be on the Rebel Path again tonight.


Sidebar link at right.


We will be discussing humanity’s predicament.



Stay tuned. The Rebel might sing.





~ by the living tiki on August 19, 2012.

29 Responses to “the live tiki returns”

  1. Hey Tiki,

    Celtic didn’t do you any favors, I thought we were gonna get to listen to where your current work was heading and then blim-blam baby’s off the half tip Celtic basically rambled for 3 hrs and 4o minutes. I heard the resignation in your voice when he asked you to come back. I don’t blame you. Maybe that’s why Alex from down under doesn’t show up any more, you are both waaay more than just color commentary.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with this comment

  3. The living tiki sounded an awful lot like ed chiarini. IMHO.

  4. We must have fallen into some strange parallel universe when I say I agree with the words of iamlonefrog!

    • So far, 1hr 38 minutes of big boob talk, perhaps it is not my words you should be worried about 😉

  5. If you’re looking at the flame-haired, it might be worth looking at the Djinn, who according to the Quran are counterparts of men, but didn’t much like the idea of bowing down to them. Given that they’re fire spirits, one might imagine they had red hair, and where exactly are they now?

  6. I assess a blog’s owner by whether they will retain critical comments.
    I wondered how marginal you and Alex really are, with Alex having his own radio show that brings in advertising. That was it-no name-calling, no unsubstantiated accusations or anything like that.
    Remember how I said Alex doesn’t know what it’s like to be totally ignored? Well you made sure THAT was totally ignored.
    I don’t expect this to stay up for long.
    Your info and analysis is interesting but I wonder what, if anything, is missing.
    You and Alex must be pulling a few punches, perhaps without being aware of it, or your efforts would not have got off the ground even to the relatively small extent they have.
    Very, very disappointing.

  7. Oh yeah, and I’ll be spreading the word about your censorship.

  8. As far as assessing a blog’s owner by whether or not they retain certain comments, how about simply having a blog that someone can comment on in the first place.

    Is something missing here or not? Sounds like you already know that one.

    Plus, how in the good fuck do you pull punches without knowing it? Is that some sort of zen hoodoo doublespeak? Or is Tiki “monarched”?

    Tell you what, quit putting out press releases and set up a blog spot with a few pictures to add substance to the words and perhaps then you won’t feel so ignored.

  9. You’re onto something because you’re attracting the freaks to comment. The tit-talk with Alex is juvenile and misguided, but you’re seeing stuff no-one else is. Keep going man!

  10. I think the age of copyright and personal ideas are just about over. Having wrestled with the mirrors of external imposters .. we should just keep working the inside. Considering this week and the clear signs it delivered .. anything else is rubbish on the woodpile. Errr, my bad, all is already the woodpile. It wont matter any longer now .. the iron in the water is fast hardening.

  11. @ thelivingtiki-the broadcast of ed’s appearence on the Celtic rebels august 5 show and ”the living tiki” appearence on Aug 19 are the same person-DALLASGOLDBUGLIES-ED CHIARINI EXPOSED AS THE LIVING TIKI/on YOUTUBE. BTW-the source files for both broadcasts are posted in the links section of the no one came claim the audio was doctored.

    • That. Is. Awesome! So much so, I provided a link:


      Ugh… I agree, my voice sounds nasally – a result of stress, nerves, caffeine and cigarettes (August was not a good month for me). The thing I don’t understand is why people think that me possibly being Ed is somehow important or relevant. By the way, I did call into the Rebel Path when Ed was on the last time and had a conversation with him – Just trying to make any further vocal comparisons easier.

      My favorite comment to the video:
      “That website is a joke the age of volcanoes. It’s like a Howard Stern show without the charm.”

      Damn, I was trying more for a Benny Hill flavor.

      • No not unimpotant but informative. It would say that there is a bit of ”game” going on which would call into question the legitimacy of both ”personas”.IMHO. and a smart ear can tell that the ”tiki” is trying to mask his voice so as to not give the game away. Anyone listening to the tiki’s giggle/sighs/pauses can tell its ed. Having heard him on radio shows it was a pathetic and strange attempt at comic relief. Perhaps a turn at stand up comedy is in

      • I was initially amused at the attention and “intrigue” but yeah, OK… I gotta stop this right now. (You may have noticed a comment from the honorary master-at-arms here at the age of volcanoes, Lone Frog. I would consider that a warning shot… he’s a lot less tolerant of foolishness than I am.)

        EVERYONE please pay attention because you are seriously wasting your time: I’M NOT ED. Have you not read much of my blog? Yes, I sound like him – but that is coincidence. Yes, I’m dissecting and analyzing his work – but that is only because he is a part of the reality I am experiencing, and his work is causing quite a few waves in this reality. It would be unwise of me to ignore that. But it’s even more unwise to waste one’s scant precious time on this beautiful planet trying to prove I’m some MK Ultra split of Ed.

        If my examination of Ed’s work (or ANY topic) helps your own understanding of this reality in some fashion that would be awesome. I use the name “the living tiki” because it helps me comprehend the person I think I am has been extensively programmed by all the artificial BS in this reality since I was born. You’re basically reading the blog of someone with an long background interest in the paranormal/conspiratorial waking up one day and asking “WTF? Is everybody lying to me? Does anybody know what the hell is going on?” – and subsequently I’ve found a few people, and what they’re saying is fitting in very nicely in with what I’ve been suspecting.

        Nonetheless, I will not accept any more “tiki is Ed” comments, regardless of if I examine his work again. Please again pay attention to this next statement:


        Enough. I am the living tiki. ONGOWA!

      • The universe resounds with the joyful cry I Am.

        Now that’s confirmation!

      • Wish I knew Polynesian so I can pay the tiki my proper respects. Maybe a trip to biarritz is in order to learn the language of the tiki. ONGOWA.

    • @vertogg

      I can honestly say that this may be the first subject of Tiki’s that I recall seeing that name of yours materialize up in the comment section. No matter, really.

      For IAm here to plant a seed also.

      It is highly suspect that you show up around the time Tiki refers to Ed in his posts and then proceed to make your thoughts known in a goal specific manner.

      With such clarity of thought I’m sure I would have noticed your beacon of wisdom prior to this. I’m sure I would have! Anyway.

      It also stands to reason, that if you were a frequent flier of The Age of Vanoes, this “IDEA” you have of Ed and Tiki being the same……….would be like saying…………. Alex Robinson is a member of Pussy Riot.

      C’mon man! Put in your time before you hurt yourself .


      • @iamlonefrog-listen to the audio on the 2 source materials provided in the video. Remember the audio provided below the video in the links section IS TAKEN STRAIGHT FROM CELTIC REBEL’S BROADCASTS. no alterations. Listen to the audio. Listen how ”the tiki” is masking or disguising his voice. That’s all I ask.

      • Last approved comment.

        Try working any muscle for four continuous hours for the first time. If it’s your vocal cords, they will become fatigued and you will have to compensate.

        Wait until I am heard on a regular basis, then get back to me.

      • Cowabunga dude.

      • @vertogg

        I HAVE been listening, very closely, and that IS why I noticed the lack of your presence until now.

        Perhaps you have been following the Tiki from some parallel underground tunnel?

        You a hasba-rat?

        I’ve always wanted to sink my teeth into one of you bitches, mindless of any infection that I may recieve in the process. For no matter how YOU try to hide or disguise yourself………..

        you still smell.

        Need another metaphor? Double whammy?

        Turd in a punch bowl, floats straight to the top.

      • @ vertogg – See what I mean about his replies? All the subtlety and etiquette of a machine gun.

        Good having him around, though. His observations usually prove keen and correct, which is why I decided to approve your last comment [so he can have confirmation].

        @ lone frog – Nice to know you’re sleeping with one eye open and the sword arm free.

  12. how about nobody gives a fuck about you or your fuckign website.

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