TALES FROM THE VOLCANO: The One Second Apocalypse [Part 2]



age of volcanoes post note: Again, very very sorry about delay. Will explain with another topical post soon [many changes happening in my life, but yet it still sucks…. how did that happen?] In the meantime, take a break from reality with, um… reality?




I’m here.


I’m here, tiki. 

Haruka. I could barely hear her above the wailing, yet the familiarity in a most unfamiliar environment kept me from screaming as well. Where?

Right beside you, like before.

I thought that was me. What is this? What’s happened? If I currently had a heart, it would’ve been pounding.

I don’t know. I don’t know!

She was still in very close proximity, and I began to feel as if I was absorbing her thoughts and memories. Due to the circumstances, I wasn’t initially focused on her and quickly realized what I was ‘hearing’ was telepathy. I was receiving mental images and thoughts of a life before it was told to me. By focusing my mind I could block out most of the telepathic noise and chatter happening with the billions of minds all clamoring to be heard.

Oh my god! an alarmed thought rang from Haruka’s mind.

I saw it too: One of the lights, far off in the distance, had moved. In a nanosecond it bolted right next to us. It’s light was less bright, and appeared chaotic in it’s streaming. It didn’t feel friendly either – I couldn’t hear it’s thoughts yet sensed it thoroughly examining mine.

Jesus Christ! My mind cried out. The light shot away just as quick as it arrived. There… there it is! I thought to myself as I spied where it had traveled to. It was now extremely far away, repeating what it had done with us with another stationary light. There were hundreds of them as far as I could tell – you couldn’t see them until they moved, and then the movement would seem to be more of a teleportation.

They’re us! The lights are our souls! My mind exclaimed, partly to share with Haruka. Each one of us was a starburst of prismatic white light continuously streaming outward from a center. Whatever the energy generating source was, it’s characteristics did not look physical. Besides, I was seeing it with eyes I didn’t have.  Are we dead?  Why can’t we move? And what the hell are those lights that can? I wondered, again watching them zip back and forth in a game of cosmic pinball.

It was finally then that I was truly able to take in the entire scene around me. I initially looked at the lights as if they were randomly placed, but now could see they took on the slight outline of the continents of the Earth, as if viewing our planet at night from space being illuminated in various areas by outdoor electrical lights. It took me a moment to notice, since I was seeing a concave perspective of the other side of our planet with nothing inside to block the view.

All physical matter seemed to be gone, leaving only that which is not material in the exact place it was when the physical universe disappeared. But why can’t we move? I waited for a possible response from Haruka, but heard none. I focused on her mind and realized her parents were calling out to her, with her answering and likewise calling out to her brother. People were starting to comprehend the nature of our situation, some more than others. I suddenly received a thought from my sister in my mind. Out of the billions of lights I was able to see, I knew exactly which one was her.

I know, I know what’s happened! Haruka thought out. Oh, how could I have been so stupid… I’m an engineer!

Tell me, tell me! I feel like I’m getting stupider by the….. and then I knew too. But the explanation wasn’t given to me, and it didn’t come from Haruka. Some other consciousness had plucked the strings of knowledge in my mind, creating a melody that was the answer. Who? Who was that? I asked …and then I knew that too. My gaze shifted to the center of the empty ‘Earth sphere’ created by all our stationary souls. Oh my god, there She is.

There, at the heart of our currently invisible planet was a singular light, larger and brighter than all the others but not by much, which surprised me. It was the spiritual being which had incarnated into the Earth in order for it to create life. It was Gaia. 

I love you, came an emotional reply rather than a verbal one. The unconditional and automatic love a mother has for all her children, good or bad. But not all Her children were able to hear Her at the moment and most were still unable to understand what was happening, mentally deafened to Her calming thoughts by their fear.

Simplified, the universe experienced a blackout.

All matter is energy, and all energy oscillates, meaning it swings back and forth between two invisible poles. Back and forth, back and forth, a billion times a second. And every time all the energy in the universe reaches one of the poles, it disappears – displaying no light, heat, or any physical properties at all. In layman’s terms, the switchlight of the physical universe gets turned on and off a billion times a second, much like a strobe light. But a strobe light blinking so incredibly fast the light is perceptively seamless and unbroken. 

I laughed in my mind. So did Haruka. We both had fathers who would let us and our siblings know we were being too noisy by turning the lights of whatever room we were in rapidly on and off. I envisioned the Creator yelling “Hey you damn kids, knock it off!” But the Creator wasn’t the one responsible for this power outage – it was humanity.

Already there was a whole gamut of forces affecting linear physical time, but the most powerful of all of them is consciousness. Our Solar System was in a cycle period where time was speeding up, yet we were adding rocket fuel to that turbo charged cosmic pocketwatch with all our artificial human time constructs and demands upon them. If Greenwich Mean Time wasn’t bad enough, all of humanity was experiencing a reality where they were constantly focused on the past or the future, rarely the present. I thought of my bedside alarm clock, set fifteen minutes into the future. Time was like a ball on a string attached to a pole and winding around it. The more it wound, the closer the ball would be to the pole and the faster it would appear to move. Eventually the ball would reach the pole and stop momentarily before it started to lazily unwind. This certainly did explain all the paranormal weirdness humanity had been experiencing lately – the various dimensions could be considered the string, becoming compressed together and allowing a bit of dimensional bleed through. It also answered my question as to why we couldn’t move. We were still alive, just the energy that made our bodies hadn’t oscillated yet – the ball still needed to lazily unwind. We just knocked it around so hard it was temporarily stuck.

For an extremely rare moment in the history of creation, energy decided to take just a little bit longer than a billionth of a second to reappear and swing back to the opposite imaginary pole. 

And since for that fleeting moment the universe didn’t exist, it also meant that time didn’t exist. No wonder I was having trouble grasping if I had been in this state for five minutes or five hours. I wondered if I would even remember this experience, or would it be like a dream – difficult to recall yet right there at the tip of my consciousness. Perhaps I would attempt to remember by writing a fictional short story.

Remember to include me, Haruka thought.

Absolutely, I replied. Although in my story I think I’ll make our souls radiate brighter whenever we talk. It’s sort of bugging me that’s not happening since every episode of Star Trek I’ve seen which had intelligent energy beings always had them glow brighter when…..

And then it hit us again. Not a thunderclap this time, but the sound of a planetary sized freight train – first heard a faint million miles away and then crashing right next to us in a millisecond.



I gasped for air, and was rewarded with it filling my lungs. I felt wet, as well as another human being in my arms breathing heavily too. The lights had come on in the universe. We were back.

Neither of us could immediately recall what had occurred. Since matter didn’t momentarily exist, that particular memory was stored in our spiritual consciousness, not our physical one.  We both just sat there staring, with a stillness and silence around us enough to allow me to hear each and every drop of water from Haruka’s hair hit the water in the tub. The tremors had ceased. I attempted to break the unnerving silence.

“Um…     holy shit!” I reflexively shouted as the power came back on, and myself not aware it had gone out in the first place. Haruka let out an equivalent remark and splash as the restart also included the hot tub’s heat and jets. Our reactions repeated with each additional noise to follow – dogs barking, car alarms blaring, and finally the portable CD player clicking back on into radio mode.

“…..reports are coming in to our sister-station’s newsroom that we possibly experienced a massive solar flare or something called a coronal mass ejection. I don’t know folks, whatever just happened was pretty freaky but at least it looks like it’s over. I’m just glad were back on the air, so let’s get back to some real rockin’ and rollin’, a little Led Zep for ya….” 

The surreal demanded humor. “How are you enjoying your vacation so far?” I asked with a croaked voice.

“I expected more excitement,” she replied sardonically. Her accent was absent.

“Your English sounds better all of a sudden,” I stated.

“No, you’re speaking fluent Japanese… wait, when did you learn Japanese?”

“No I’m not, you’re speaking Engl… holy cow, I am speaking Japanese! Oh man, this is awesome!” I began to talk in a deep guttural voice as if I was a Sumo wrestler then switched to a rapid high pitch, becoming an imaginary witness to a Godzilla sighting.

“I’m serious, tiki, how in the world can you…. hey, I am speaking fluent English!”

“See? And it was one of your worst subjects too!”

“Not as much as your French. Wait a minute, why do we know these things?”

“I can’t think about that right now because I just noticed I’m freezing!”

“Oh my god!” Haruka blurted as she shuddered in the water. “It’s ice cold!”

I quickly stood up and grabbed a nearby towel, putting it around me. “Holy shit, the towel’s freezing too!”

“So’s my robe!” Haruka squealed as she exited the tub as well. When our bare feet hit cold ground we instantly turned into hairless and shriveled kangaroos, comically hopping around to warm up in the frigid air.

“Did the thermostat of the world just get turned off for a second? Everything’s ridiculously freezing!” I stated through chattering teeth. “We need to get inside!”

Both of us grabbed up our belongings and made a quick dash for the gate. As soon as we were through and reached the front sidewalk entrance to my apartment stairs, we were confronted by Pomeranian yapping, and my neighbor Mrs. McCaffery out walking her dog. We both halted, half-naked and dripping water on the sidewalk. Her mini-wookie continued it’s fervent barking.

“Hi, Mrs. McCaffery… um, sorry… uh, freezing…. the apocalypse…. hot tub…. it’s freezing!” I gasped as we carefully walked by then quickly flew up the steps to my door and went inside. Mrs. McCaffery continued to blankly stare at us with the look of disapproval only a grandmother could give. Sheesh, doesn’t anything faze that woman? I thought, closing the door behind me. 

I ran over to my wall heater and turned it on. “C’mon heat, c’mon!” I ordered as the warmed air started flowing. Haruka quickly joined me as we both removed our towel and robes and shivered in front of the heater, waiting to at least dry off. It also finally gave us a moment to pause and reflect on what had just occurred.

I silently stared at her naked delicate body, wondering how I suddenly knew she loves kimchi, her favorite toy as a child was a stuffed-animal octopus, and during senior year of high school she used to sneak behind the gymnasium with Tetsurou and….

I pulled her close. “Let’s warm up a more proper way,” I stated, looking at her eyes and then shifting my gaze to my bedroom door. She returned my look with one which implied I was tardy in my offer.

“You’re speaking English again, but no translation necessary,” she remarked with a smile. “You know, for the apocalypse, it wasn’t that bad. Bizarre, but not that bad.”

“I just wish I could remember it,” I responded.



Um, I mean…

The End.



And a beautiful bit of wisdom from one of the greatest spiritual teachers of our time (click for YouTube video link):


The Real You – Alan Watts





“tiki, pick up! It’s Garth… pick up the phone! I know you can hear me ’cause you still use that 90’s answering machine with the tape of your girlfriend leaving a racy message… pick up, man! Dude, you’re my last hope…. OK, you know that weird thing that happened after the quakes? It made me swerve into a gully along the interstate in the middle of nowhere and my rig fell on it’s side. The truck’s radio is busted, my cell got smashed, and my motorcycle’s front fork is too twisted to ride. I’m stuck, man. What the hell is going on? Nobody seems to be on the highway either to get a ride from and I’m freakin’ out. I managed to find a rest stop with a pay phone, but there’s not much here… just stink beetles and copies of Watchtower. I can’t reach my friends and I need you to come pick me up, man. Dude, pick up the phone! Please! I’ll totally make….”

Beep. Please deposit 25 cents for the next three minutes.”

“Shit… hang on, I know I have some more change…”

Beep. Please deposit 25 cents for the next three minutes.”

“Goddammit, tiki, pick up the damn phone! Where’s that stupid quarter?”

Beep. Please deposit 25 cents for the next three minutes.”

“I know, I know… don’t disconnect! Shoot! I have a quarter… hol-“

Click! Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.



~ by the living tiki on January 23, 2013.

6 Responses to “TALES FROM THE VOLCANO: The One Second Apocalypse [Part 2]”

  1. HaHaHa! That was fun! ……

    Perhaps I would attempt to remember by writing a fictional short story.
    Remember to include me, Haruka thought.

    I have to admit, I was so swept up by that point, I was like….”Don’t forget me!”

    Thank you Tiki!

  2. Ah yes, the speeding up of time. Been noticing that for about 15 years now. Been looking into it, too. At an ever-increasing rate, I might add.

    Try this for size –

    similar to the Mayan Tun and Tzolkien calendars speeding up of time – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iw2JX7IMOas

  3. Amazing. Deliberately or not you touched on so many things in this story, but that is the nature of art, intention uhm.. manifests itself. Big words and all, language is clunky. The shout out to Alan Watts in connection to what you wrote tells me i need to listen to him more (and maybe i havent really been listening?), because i took him for a bit of a polished ‘power of now’ advocate simplifying things a little too much, although with a very pleasant voice.

    Your mention of an ‘oscillating universe’ is intensely interesting, i cant really uhm.. expand on that much but it reminded me immediately of this scene from my favorite TV series of all ‘time’, haha: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CpGGNQ0Irs
    There is so much to be found in B5 otherwise but i digress.
    Im going to re-read this soon and maybe ill have more to say later, but for now, hats off to you for this incredible story!

    P.S: Owari, uhm.. i mean i hope its only the end of THIS story..

  4. i seriously love you

  5. Hi Tiki – Hope you are doing okay. I found a couple of what I can only describe as bizarre Youtube videos claiming you are NOT YOU, so to speak.

    Are you aware of these I wonder?


  6. hello i am creating a comprehensive website of spiritual and uplifting resources for artists and creative types. Its also a place where artists can hang out, talk to each other, vent, yadda yadda. Anyway on the website i want to put a list of blogs and resources that really helped me when i was down and out and all that stuff. just wanted to let you know that i will be listing your website address on the website as a place where visitors to the site can go. Hope thats cool with you! Keep up the Great Work!

    stephanie b.

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