the return of the living tiki (notes from the library)

tar 51193491_2



Scan the item you would like to check out. The bar code is located on the outside back cover. Or, scan your library card to finish.



“Sir, why did you take a photo of my license plate?”

“Why were you taking a photo of me?”

“I wasn’t taking a photo of you! I was calling my son because I’m picking him up.”

“Dude, you were totally holding your phone out like this aimed right at me! It freaked me out that some stranger is taking my photo – that’s why I took a photo of your plate.”

“I wasn’t taking a photo of you! I was calling my son! Are you going to delete my plate from your phone?”

“No, I still think you were taking my photo and I’m going to keep it just in case.”

“In case what? Look, I don’t like you having a photo of my plate, OK? Delete it from your phone.”

“No. And I’m going back to working on this computer, alright? I have important stuff to do and you’re disrupting my time – I only have 15 minutes on this.”

“I’m going to report this to the library staff.”

“Fine, go ahead.”

“I will.”

“I don’t care. I’m not listening to you anymore.”


Me: “Good god, I thought I was paranoid.”



Scan the item you would like to check out. The bar code is located on the outside back cover. 



OK, you may have noticed I’ve been MIA for many, many months. And you will probably notice that this posting blog is already a bit different. Notably the absence of images. Most notably the absence of boobs. It has made me very sad. 

You see, all the problems and bad luck I’ve been having for the past couple of years [right when I began this blog…. hmmm] seemed to have kicked into overdrive right at the start of 2014. Case in point: I’m typing this from the public library.

Beginning right off the bat in January, my internet provider suspended my account. I first thought it was because of a late past-due payment, but I was actually paid up. A week later it was back on with the explaination of “administrative error” from my DSL provider. Then my landline went dead.

Two and a half weeks later, and after dealing with two different AT&T repair guys (one went on vacation), my landline was back on with the explaination of either “construction crew down the street cutting the line” or “something wrong with the line outside my apartment”. But I didn’t care. I was finally back online. Then my computer crashed.

Since I don’t have the spare cash to fix my computer (which is close to ten years old and probably riddled with spyware, malware, and all the other wares except tupper), I decided that for the time being, I would disconnect my landline and conduct all my needed computer work at either my job or my local library (which is just two blocks away from my apartment.) Then my job decided they would no longer allow personal internet access at work [Damn all my co-workers and their Facebook addictions!].

OK, fine….

so it’s the library then.

This worked fine for about two weeks (although co-ordinating schedules meant that I could only glean 3 hours of computer time at best per week). Then, for some reason nobody could explain, I was unable to log on to my internet service provider account (even though I was still paying for my year contract – regardless of having a landline or not.) Long story short, I discovered I was prevented from logging on only with the computers at my local library branch [you know, the one two blocks away from my apartment], not with any other library branch computers nor any other computer in the entire universe.

Just the ones that are the easiest access for me.

A week ago that finally changed, and I can now access my account. I think it may have had something to do with my library’s switch of their computers from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome. I didn’t care – I was just happy I could finally read my e-mail after way too long, and finally get back to the business of getting out of my own personal hell and finding a way to live within and without this carnival reality.

I could add that (again, for some reason no one can explain) my only form of phone currently [a pay-for-minutes cell phone] just decided that it would no longer be able to send texts. It can receive them, just not send.

I don’t know about you, but that last little bit of the communication BS I’ve been experiencing for the past few months is really making me think this is not all happening randomly. 



Scan the item you would like to check out. The bar code is located on the outside back cover.



I hope this explains my abscence. I haven’t even been able to listen to, much less simply give a call to the Celtic Rebel. I have no clue what’s going on in the blog-o-sphere. I have four half-finished posts, and am still trying to figure out a way to insert images into my postings using just the library computer.

I am, however, still very aware of this fake theatre reality being shoved up my spinal column. If anybody out there is still wondering what happened to the missing Malaysian airliner, it was knocked out of the air by King Kong [they were flying over the supposed exact location of Skull Island from the movies.] 

I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the kidnapped Nigerian girls, either. When the supposedly distraught family members are looking not so distraught, and when their supposedly hand-made protest placards are looking not so hand-made, and when even Michelle Obama is prompting everyone to hashtag “#bringbackourgirls”….

it has a huge probability of being bullshit.

I don’t care. I’ve got my own problems – one of which is my time is running out on this computer.




Scan the item you would like to check out. The barcode is located on the outside back cover.



I will be back, though. I must – it’s one of the few ways I keep myself sane. Plus, I miss all my readers and fellow bloggers. And I’ve still got original thoughts, insights and other stuff I want to share.

Sometime this year I plan on sending out my remaining mini-posters to my donators and have entertaining posts again. I just need a millionaire out there to decide he wants to invest heavily in my blog by sending me probably what he pays just in car insurance for a year (Seriously – my money struggles wouldn’t be that bad if it weren’t for all the misfortunate things happening… like losing my computer and my car.) 

However, for now I can only recommend doing what you can to be in control of and create your own reality. It’s why I have the tarot cards image as my header (I had it in my blog library of images because I was using it for another post):

We are all fools on a journey to become magicians, learning to understand and master the magic stuff of life and create the reality we desire. 



Thank you for using flashscan.

Don’t forget to take your receipt!



What? An overdue fine?! I turned that book in!




~ by the living tiki on May 8, 2014.

9 Responses to “the return of the living tiki (notes from the library)”

  1. I’m quite sorry i cant be that millionaire that gets things done in this.. scene. Maybe that’s not the wording i was looking for, because to be fair, i am some very long shots short of really overstanding our reality as it is. A fairly debilitating disease has failed to provide me with life lessons besides ‘this shit requires your attention all day long and puts you on a disadvantage’. I don’t even want to know what kind of a bastard i was in a former life, if that is a real concept. And i am saying that despite the fact im relatively blessed in other ways. All in all im a bit fed up with school. Whether regularly or metaphysically. I used to be a big gamer but nothing pleases me anymore and thats not only cause the Koreans beat me at everything. There seems to be this distinct lag or even void in quality that’s been going on for about 15 years, which doesn’t sharply coincide with 9/11, but does roughly so. It leads me to give credence to one of Icke’s more plausible theories in the far fetched area; that this event went far beyond the easily nominated physical aspects. Yes i am rambling but partly only from happiness to see the tiki back, and also because i must share some ideas whether they be madness or not. Celtic Rebel is on the money when it comes to gender subversion but there is much more then just that happening right now. The transhumanist agenda is firmly on and Ray Kurzweil is now a bit of an icon being a former SF-writer coming into the employ of Google, tasked with making it real. The reality will come in a form of a society split like never seen before im afraid. The rich affording to live to 100-400, you name it, the poor sustaining what is left of our never-truely-capitalistic system. Theres the 99% that matters; ramble over.

    • No worries about not being a bored millionaire – mental support is just as good. I’m just stuck in a transitory limbo – planning to get back on my feet (and the web), but held back by the crap of this society becoming more and more intentionally designed to keep you down once you fall. And when you consider the “falling” (economic loss, debilitating injury/disease, suffering a disaster) appears to be not random, but rather more and more in the control of the evil ones (control of economy, control of health/food, control of weather/earthquakes), you can see how it’s very easy for them to bring entire populations to their knees without any sort of direct link revealing their planning hands.

      Remember the bank bailouts by our government? They gave billions to the banks so the banks would be able to loan money to people again so the people could do stuff to re-invigorate the economy. What?! Why was all this needed? With all the billions given to the banks, they could have instead given each American taxpayer $100,000 of our money. Do you think that would have turned the economy around? That’s the con that’s happening to us 99%.

      Sorry to hear about your disease, especially one that is a constant reminder that it is debilitating. Hopefully my planned recovery from my own personal setbacks with provide hope/inspiration.

  2. Yo Tiki,

    Great to see you again. We missed you. Hope your interface stuff smooths out. I’m poor, but will leave something in your tip jar you can put towards a new ‘puter.


    • Glad to hear I still have fans checking in on me. It’s very frustrating not having the time/money/energy to keep up the blog on a regular basis right now, but donations do help and provide much needed hope. Thank you.

  3. Tiki! So good to see you in print again. So sorry for all your troubles, the good people are hit hard. I can’t send you anything but very best wishes for things to turn around.

    If you ever do a post on the tarot, especially the Rider-Waite deck that you have shown here, I will be glued to my screen. Hopefully that won’t be literal. Did you know the artist for that deck was Pamela Coleman Smith? Woulda thought it was Rider or Waite, right? She died in poverty. I don’t think Rider or Waite did. I use to like the tarot, now I am very suspicious. I think divination in general is a means to let “the evil ones” in ( sorry don’t have orange). I know that sounds very Christian, but so be it.

    I think numbers are VERY important, but it is better for one to let the numbers find you in a syncronistic way. Ex: you go out for pizza, but are actually just wasteing time waiting for the pot man to deliver your weed. You place your order and take your order number to your table. Your number is 33. In the I Ching that is “Retreat”. Your pot delivery is probably going to be late or not happen at all. You could break it down other ways, but that’s gonna be the message.

    Now, what the fuck happened to the Rebels site? I get messages that he is offline and needs to update his domain. Yeah, right.

    Lastly, read the shit aangirfan put up today. Wow, that’s deep shit. The whole worlds gay and God loves it. And Germaine Greer’s book of pictures of adolescent boys is cool feminist shit. Not like it’s an invitation to adult females to rape young boys.

    The worlds gone mad. But you already knew that.

    Sending you good thoughts.

    • Hi Kitty, great to hear from you again.

      I wanted to write a longer reply (and reply to others), but the computers at the library are shutting down in 5 minutes, and I won’t get back til Tuesday…. so until then I apologize, but I will be back and am very grateful for all the responses. ONGOWA!

  4. If you need one, I can probably russle up a computer somehow here. Sad to hear about your troubles; I know that mine have been exponentially horrible since about 2011… however, we (my family) help when we can for those whom we like :).

    Let me know if you would accept such an offer & we can finalize the details.

    • Thanks for your offer – it’s nice to know people are willing to help in any way they can (even when they’re having their own troubles!) Right now I’m still unsure of what way to go in re-establishing a new computer set-up since everything is going haywire at the moment, but I will keep you in mind.

  5. Look into ex-government computers . They’re cheap and obsolete crap , but they are good enough to post on a blog and read your e-mail etc .

    I know of a bloke out here {Aussie} that buys them for less than $100 {and sells them for $300 … He might be Jewish} to give you an idea on price .
    Most governments prefer to sell them off when replaced rather than trash them ; your local paper might have an add for them .

    As for the bad events , keep a hard copy written or typed log of things like that noting in each case exact times and details . This tends to make naughty people that troll in real life through the system nervous .
    There is good reason why police keep and use official note books .

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