ABOUT (What the Ongowa?)

What is this reality I am experiencing?

What is this? What is this thing that’s happening around me? Why am I a part of it? Why do I have preferences towards it?

Who am I?

What is the age of volcanoes?

The age of volcanoes began a long, long time ago with the destruction of the mother civilization of Earth, the land from which we all came and spread forth across the globe. A continent known to most as Mu.

An artificial megalithic structure off the coast of Yonaguni, Japan. Researchers estimate it’s age to be over 10,000 years.

The pyramids of the Giza Plateau central China.

But Mu is only significant in knowing that humanity was once better than we are now.

Astronomical observatory at Chichen Itza.

We viewed the reality around us quite differently, with the world being quite different itself.

And humanity being very, very different.

What happened? What caused us to move into this age of darkness?

Why have we lost this knowledge of ourselves and our reality?

And how did this come to replace it?

We live in an artificially constructed and controlled reality. You are not asleep. You have been hypnotized into believing this reality is the true one, and is the current end product of 6000 years of civilized development. You are a spiritual being capable of remarkable creation, knowledge and awareness imprisoned in a petrified cage of your own making, induced by the mind control around you. At best, we all could be considered sleepwalking tikis.

Who is the living tiki?

Who are you? Are you your name? Your race? Your country? Your bank account? Your total yards in one season? These are all illusions created and implanted in your brain from birth to distract you from simply asking the question:

“Who am I?”

What is the purpose of this blog?

It is not only a record and dissection of the reality I am experiencing, it is a log detailing my hopeful escape from this mental and spiritual prison. An escape which begins by simply LIVING LIFE, and no longer sleepwalking the dreams of our controllers. An escape based on the purpose of human life here on planet Earth: To learn to love one another.

In the afterlife, what do you think will be the most important thing you did in this realm of existence? Climbing a mountain? Discovering gravity? Collecting every single Star Wars action figure ever made (including the recalled Boba Fett because small children were choking on the rocket fired from his jet pack)?

Learning to love one another is what the Creator intended the purpose of this reality to be. That’s why the Creator made sex the most powerful human drive after survival: To force two souls to become intimate and learn about loving each other, if only briefly. The Creator even gave (most of) us a love freebie; Our mother’s unconditional love- so that we would know what true love is and how to give it to a complete stranger.

What does ongowa mean?

It is an emotion more than a word, which is only spoken by the living tiki and has no literal meaning. It is meant to convey the primordial passion for living, and can and will be used in different contexts. It is mainly used by me to denote the ridiculousness of this reality around me, and my yearning to rise above it.


2 Responses to “ABOUT (What the Ongowa?)”

  1. Hey Living Tiki – I am just writing here to wish you a Happy New Year. I haven’t read your latest posts but I am planning to shortly. 2011 had been difficult for me so far but I am trying to rise above it all and get back to my normal readings and musings.
    Hope you had a good one!

    • Thanks, Marty!

      The year has started off difficult for me as well, but with some rearrangement I should be able to stroll again through the blogging neighborhood and connect more often.

      All the best to you in this New Year!

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